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I'm 5 ft 5 and last September, I weighed 126 lbs. Shortly afterward, I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. After I came home, I ate lots of fruit and exercised. I gained the weight back, but then a few extra pounds as well. At this time, the doctors were encouraging lots of nuts, seeds & peanut butter. My weight wasn't going anywhere and I still had flubber all over me. So about 2 months in, I cut down drastically  on fat & amped up my carbs. I was eating lots and lots of cooked brown rice and oatmeal, potatoes, and as much fruit as I could, being under my parents' roof (who won't let me go fruitarian). But all those grains and potatoes were requiring me to take a LOT of insulin in order to process. Probably about 20-30 units per bowl of rice.

Well. Since then, my weight SKYROCKETED to 162 lbs. Just to put that into perspective, that's on the brink of obesity for my height. And no, it was absolutely not muscle. It was definitely fat. You could see it all over my body. I was starting to get a hint of a second chin.

When I went to my last endocrinologist appointment and saw that number, I burst into tears. I don't understand how this could've happened. Why are all you people getting lean as @#$$ eating this way, but everything I eat turns me into a gigantic big fat walrus???? I'm so tired of battling my weight. I've tried eating healthier and healthier for YEARS, and I had been eating tons of carbs and next to no fat for months, hoping, believing that this weight gain was only initial/temporary, that my body was balancing, etc, but it never came back down! With every endo visit, I'd find out I'd gained at least 10 more pounds.

So, terrified of gaining even more fat, I've been starving myself for a month and have lost 16.4 pounds so far. I'm just hoping someone can give me a decent explanation and save me from this hell of being fat. Nothing else is working. This is the first time I've seen the number on the scale go down so much in my entire life.

Just so you know, I had emailed Dr. McDougall earlier, and his advice was everything I had been doing, which is obviously not helping. Also, I've had 2 gluten allergy tests, and both came back negative. Lastly, I don't know if it's the insane amount of insulin I have to take in order to process them, but grains make me feel REALLY sick after I eat them. I can't focus, I have the worst mind fog, and I feel really heavy and downright awful.

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Since you had to amp up your dose of insulin, doesn't that tell you something?  Replace the potatoes, rice with raw or cooked vegies and stick with as much watery fruit as possible.  Be mindful of food combining.

With all due respect for some of the folks here who can eat copious amounts of cooked starch with no weight gain, that is just not the experience of all of us. 

I gain on cooked starches.

I didn't know what to think at that time. Unfortunately, my parents do not believe that fruit and veggies alone can make up a meal. They'll never let me give up oils or grains. I've tried multiple times. I feel trapped, and I am TERRIFIED of gaining weight back. I need to keep losing weight, or I'm going to go insane.

have you used cronometer to show your nutrient intake to the parents?  fruits and veggies are the best source of nutrition. let them show you what you get from the other stuff that are not in fruit and veggies.  use objective reasoning to win with parents.

I read a giant book on raw food nutrition the other year and highlighted all the nutrient parts and basically mapped it out for them how I'd be getting all my nutrients. But it always comes down to money and what my diabetes doctors think. And the 3 nutritionists we went through.

Could it be oil. See this video.

one can gain weight on raw or cooked 811, health history is a good indicator if you will gain at first.  when one goes from raw to cooked it is a step down in health so gaining weight can happen there too at first.  but long term, eating all the carbs you want and sticking with 10% or less of fat will not make you fat. initial weight loss is usually water weight and/or from under eating.  get consistent calories day in and day out, 2500 minimum for women.  How do i know im not eating enough calories from fruit? 

water intake (pee at least 10times daily with vigor), sleep schedule and amount of sleep, are also huge factors in digestion and metabolism and general health.

great example here of eating cooked carbs if you do not have enough fruit...


Uh starving yourself is the worst thing you can do.  I don't even know where to start with advice here.  What do you mean by starving yourself?  How much are you eating?

The weight gain was probably necessary and healthy.  It takes time to balance out and you do start loosing gradually over time.  It can take a long time over a year sometimes a few years for the weight to come off again but it will do it when your body is ready.  All you are accomplishing by restricting your calories is you are getting unhealthy and damaging your metabolism leading to a life time of sub par health and a broken metabolism where you always have to stress and worry about your weight and calories and lead a life of restriction and depleting health.

Read this great advice from Peter Csere:

This is not black and white. Excess carbs certainly CAN get stored as fat. However, if you are eating 2500 calories a day, and you start eating 3000 a day and gaining weight, you are not quite the "picture of health" - and restricting further is not the answer. You must live with the healthy weight gain so that your metabolism can heal to the point where IT self-regulates your weight; not your consciousness, a bunch of numbers, and some silly woo-woo ideas about 'true hunger' or 'eating based on the entirely subjective feelings of your body that has been destroyed by SAD for a decade or 3.' Some raw-fooders calorie restrict for years, then try to eat 500-1000 more calories per day. When they gain weight, they say "Hah! I TOLD you so! Carbs make you fat!" Well, duh, of course they gained weight, and carbs did "make them fat," but in this realization they have missed the entire point which is to achieve health and homeostasis, not a certain number on the scale. (The number on the scale will eventually be reached, as a pleasant side effect of health, but we should hope that this number maintains itself, rather than trying to intentionally modify this number by quantifying and limiting our food intake.)

I am fortunate enough to have a fairly healthy metabolism which I have not destroyed through the years by various means. I am very grateful for this. What this means is that if I take my regular intake (roughly 3500 per day) and increase it by 500 or 1,000 calories, even for months, (I have done this) I will not gain a pound. I will have more energy, sure. Would I exercise a little more? I won't have a choice, I will be absolutely propelled to - but I'm still relatively sedentary by most standards. And my mind will be sharper, sure. And I might spend a little more time eating, sure. But I will not gain weight. Where do the carbs go? I don't really care. I could blab on all day about which scientific processes explain its whereabouts but in the end, I don't care, because I am seeing results, true health, and true homeostasis - a stable condition which maintains itself regardless of reasonably fluctuating external factors. ANYONE can achieve this. Not just people who exercise 10 hours a day or people with certain genetics. The requirement is that you be human and alive. Got both? Good, now carb the f*** up and you'll succeed.

If I had been eating close to maintenance - "too close to comfort," or below it, for years, I would most certainly gain weight the second I threw on an extra 200 or 500 calories, let alone one thousand. Is that homeostasis? Doesn't sound like it to me!

I tell people to take their BMR, add on a properly calculated estimate for daily exercise, and a conservative estimate for daily activity (school, work, etc) as well as stress (constantly tense muscles are a constant burn, as is overactive brain) and a conservative coefficient for the general state of the body (an unhealthy, inefficient body will burn more calories). Most of this is not readily quantifiable but whether you or your favorite raw guru or a random online calculator come up with the numbers, you are all just estimating. If they are eating close to that amount chances are they are "too close for comfort" and their body will GLADLY convert any excess carbs to fat - for months, or even a year, because this is a healing process, not an "I WANT MY BODY TO BE THIS SHAPE AND THIS WEIGHT, NAO!" process.

So no, that part of the book does not 'go against' thermogenesis. Thermogenesis is just one bodily process. Urinary spillover is another, irrelevant in most cases. Glucose being converted to glycogen and then glycogen to fat is another 2 processes, and the percentage of inefficiency in each of those conversions is yet another consideration. The liver producing triglycerides from sugar is another process, and so is the inherent conversion inefficiency. Fat burned during exercise? Glycogen stores used during exercise? The weight of the glycogen stores themselves? Who said this was simple... The question is not "does the body do this" but "how much does the body do this, and what competing processes and conditions affect the final outcome?" We must be careful not to understate or overstate any one of these processes, and certainly not pit them against each other. Nor should we consider them as static processes - they are always changing, always responding to external conditions. Even genetic expression changes - the epigenome. You aren't REALLY stuck with the genes you were born with. The body can do this one day but then do that a month later or a year later. Rather, we can simply observe what the body is doing. The body will self-regulate its weight given a plentiful food supply and a low-stress environment. Depending on the current state of the body, some folks are at that point already, whereas some will take months or years to get there. It took Tarah Shannon over 2 years to approach success in this process and she didn't stop at any point and say "Hah! See? Carbs DO make you fat!"

You should listen to his advice, he is very knowledgeable and smart. 

You can read the whole thread here:



This is another valuable thread to read



I wouldn't worry about the gain but I would worry about the damage I was doing to my body and health by starving my body


Starving as in having on average 500 calories per day & never going over 1000.

I know for a fact it was not healthy weight gain or my body "balancing". I was taking 20-30 per ONE bowl of rice. I was needing well over 50 units of insulin per day, and you're not even supposed to have that much. Also, I was feeling rotten after every meal. Whenever I ate cooked starches, I'd get terrible brain fog, complete inability to focus, and I'd literally be hunched over in pain with a stomach ache for hours after eating them. I am not exaggerating. I'd get that stomach ache almost every day. It would make me cry, because I felt so terrible.

I didn't even begin starving myself with the intention of losing weight. I just gradually shifted into not eating breakfast or lunch and barely eating much for dinner, because it was so painful to eat. But after I saw my weight, I shifted my focus to weight loss. I would honestly rather starve than ever eat all those cooked starches like that again. The pain alone makes it not worth it, but the incredible weight gain makes it unbearable.

were you doing the cooking?  could your parents have added oils to the rice?  what was your daily fat percentage?

I've been doing all my own cooking ever since I went vegan. I'm always in front of, or at least in the same room as, the grains when I'm cooking them. She wouldn't slip oil in them, anyway, though. She just won't let me refuse it or turn down recipes that contain it. She thinks olive oil is suuuper healthy. I couldn't have gone over 20g after I eliminated overt fats and avoided oils as much as I could.

You said you "avoided oils as much as I could". Not only is the oil causing insulin resistance, it is likely making you gain weight... You can't eat oil and expect to control your diabetes or lose weight.

I did not eat enough oil to gain weight. It was a fairly rare occurence.



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