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Hi guys,

I'm about to end my 22nd 811rv day! I'm happy about how I feel in general aside from the constant crap food cravings I have on the back of my head. I am fearing I'm probably going to give in one of these days, but what worries me more than that doing it once it wanting to do it more and more. 

Another problem maybe related to this one is that I'm feeling really bored of my salad. I used to be passionate about salads before 811, but just the withdrawal of salt and oil makes it rather difficult to really enjoy it. I kind of did the first days since I tried many different salad dressings recipes and was fun, but I got bored of the ingredients. And I am having a really hard time to finish the whole head of lettuce. Today I made a spinach soup thinking that blended greens would be much easier to eat than having to chew for ages, but I just couldn't finish it. 

Coming back to the cravings, if I eat more fruit before dinner to beat them, then I guess it will be even more difficult to eat my greens...

Don't know what to do... Suggestions?

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personally im not 811 in some peoples eyes because i dont eat enough greens, but i enjoy mainly fruit. Hold out on the cravings for as long as you can and if u do eat something bad, don't beat yourself up just notice how shitty it prolly makes u feel minutes to hours after eating it, and how much it affects your digestion. I really don't get cravings unless im hungry.

So ctfu :p and have fun with the food or don't make it such a big deal, It's just food :D. Try to find new fruits if your getting bored. I know i'll never get bored of jackfruit, durian, mangoes, or anything thats really ripe and grown well. if it's low quality im sick of it before i even try it.

Thanks for the support! So how many greens do you have? I also thought that if I'm not able to eat one pound a day I can supplement it with green juices for the minerals (I know they're not encouraged here but they always worked really well for me and I digest them really well. 

Same here :D

After a few weeks, I got kind of bored from my salad and zucchini dinners, and I didn't even crave veggies or greens. So most days I have a fruit meal for dinner :)

In order to get enough greens, I have green smoothies or oj with wheatgrass as breakfast though !

Hi 5 and thanks for your .02!

Hi Myra,

I too thought of the green smoothie option, but Dr. Graham makes such an emphasis on eating your greens that makes me think it wouldn't really replace them. I may ask him in vegsource. And as for the non-green salads, sounds good but then I'm not eating my greens... Zucchini noodles are on my menu already, but I wouldn't fancy them more than twice a week. Thanks :-)

Aren't you technically eating everything you put in your mouth?  Seems like whether you physically chew the greens yourself or have the blender partially chew them for you first, the object of the exercise is to get them in your body.  I thought it was odd that you felt like mixing the greens into a green smoothie wouldn't count in your daily green consumption tally.  Regardless of how you get them in, they all count.

I'm glad to hear that. I just heard that blending might destroy more nutrients than chewing.

Ok, I get now and sounds like a good strategy. Cheers :-)

experiment with different nuts as a base... I eat 4-6k cal a day and can almost always have 1/2 cup of nuts or seeds per night and still be well under 10% fat, more like 7-8% if just the 1/2 cup.

a fatty dressing makes my salad different and super tasty every time... you can mimic ranch, caesar, potato salad, all by just using different seeds and nuts as a base..

This is DonkeyKong on my girlfriends computer typing this accidentally on her account, but she eats 4k cal a day now too and is able to have the 1/2 cup of nuts\seed dressing base every night too.

whole foods has fresh raw nuts and seeds here in LA .  my salad tonight was a super creamy caesar !

super creamy caesar=

1/2 cup chopped walnuts

1 bunch (roughly 8) of the lower half green onions

juice 1 lemon

4-6 celery stalks

***Cheat Item=1/2 clove of garlic

blend until super creamy in the vitamix, this tastes like authentic caesar.

Potato Salad Dressing

1/2 Cup Pine Nuts

1 bunch (roughly 8) of the lower half green onions

4-6 celery stalks

Blend until creamy.

Toss your chopped salad with celery bits as well with this one for a delicious potato salad imitation!

Thank you so much for these recipes, I'll try them for sure! Though I can't have that many nuts if I want to stay under 10% fat since I'm not so active and I'm currently eating around 2000 calories. I guessed you must be very active and get many calories...

DonkeyKong, thank you so much for your great explanation. I though wonder why doesn't Dr. Graham state those calories requirements in 811? How did you find out that you had to eat so much? I'm not sure. I see your point but I just don't wanna eat more if I don't need it, and I don't feel that I need it. It gets a bit confusing, just arrived to this lifestyle and see there's a controversy on this calories issue.

good advice, and those dressings sound good!

i do tahini with grapefruit juice, which is wonderful just like that.

also tahini (like 2 tablespoons) with some lemon juice, a little water, and some curry powder. obviously, the curry can be left out, and it really is good without it too.



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