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Hey guys! I'm following a 100% raw vegan diet since 2 months, and I eat everyday 1500 calories (maybe sometimes I eat more, but I usually don't eat more than 2000). Yeah, I know that Freelee and others recommend to eat at least 2500 calories everyday but I think this would be too much for me because I'm quite sedentary (I'm a student and I spend most of the time at the computer or doing my homework and I workout just 40-60 minutes 4-5 times every week). 
Since I started this diet I try to keep my fat intake low but I'm always craving for fatty foods, especially avocados and coconut meat! Most of the time I find really difficult to resist and I eat more fats than I should. The result is that I feel bad and guilty. Honestly I can't figure out why I have these cravings. It's really frustrating. I'd be glad to have some help :)

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Based on your post, I would like to offer you my take on your situation....

You are not eating enough carbs. Eat more vegan carbs and cravings for crap go bye bye. Very simple. Also, working out 50 - 60 minutes 4-5 times per week is not even close to sedentary. It's a lot of exercise actually. You are under-eating big time and likely headed for a crash and burn. You def need at least 2,500 carb calories to fuel all that regular exercise.  You're not "craving fats" you'r craving calories, and being new to the RV lifestyle, your body's memory of high-calorie foods likely = fat. You seriously need to up the carb intake big time if you plan to stay low-fat vegan/lfrv long term, and if you want to continue your workout regimen.

If your goal is 100% raw.... Try upping your calories to +2,500 from sweet fruits every day. Sounds to me like you really need to eat more. Heck, try 30 bananas a day ;)

Best Wishes,


Great reply and agree fully :)

I wouldn't say that avocados and coconut meat is crap though.. 

I would agree Victoria. I'm just being real in asserting that someone who is only 2 months raw, and undereating, likely isn't specifically craving avocados and coco's , but is likely resorting to them instead of cooked, or unhealthy, dense calorie options... probably in the interest of "staying raw".  We've all been there.


the 2500 minimum recommendation is for sedentary people if you didn't move at all, if you were laying in a locked in syndrome situation you use more calories then you are eating.

You seriously call yourself sedentary?  what am i then? a plant? i don't exercise anywhere near what you are doing.

Carb up!

because you're not eating enough you're craving denser calorie sources (fat).

Also there's never a reason to feel guilty when you're not harming anyone but yourself..

I also craved fat (avocados) when I went raw 1 month ago. The cravings are gone now. 

Thank you everyone for the answers! :3 I think you're right, I have to eat more calories, because I've noticed that I'm not craving just fats, but also dates, which are very high in calories...

I surely had the not enough calories issue, 2800-3000 is my average anymore. 1500-2000, I'd probably be craving a lot more than an avocado.

You can't figure out why you're craving fats but your calorie intake is sub 2000? Oh my. You are only going to slow down your metabolism, or binge out on unhealthy fats. I am a student who does some light exercise and I eat 3000 calories. Haven't gained any weight on this diet so far. 

EAT AS MUCH AS YOU CAN. Literally stuff yourself with fruit and I swear you won't crave a single thing. Thats the best advice I can give. Also, if you are a freelee follower, watch this:  


Good luck:)

How long have you been eating this way?

5 months

Hi sweetie,

You need to eat more calories, or else your hair will likely fall out like mine had. Going below 2500 is flirting with many a health problem.



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