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Countries that aren't so hasty and truly value help, honesty and such qualities?

Hi everyone,

hopefully the title of this post is understandable, lol. Nevertheless, I'll try to put it more clearly. This thought has occured to me now and again, but now even more since experiencing distress at my internship (apparently many workers there are complaining that I am too slow). I have every bit of good will and motivation, but I can't help the fact that I am "slower" than other people (that has to do with my autism).

After a long and emotional (but yet understanding and supportive) phone call with a friend (who had the same problems as me with jobs and internships even though she's not autistic), I again realised the hurtful reality about it being hard for me to find a job (as I have no qualifications on a piece of paper and am autistic, though I don't say it often unless I have to) as this capitalistic culture is taking charge in so many countries. That's why I really want to be an entrepeneur as I am sick and tired of this "rush-rush BS" and intolerance and as an entrepeneur I won't have to hear such nastiness.

Out of curiosity I googled looking for countries with a healthy mentality and less to not at all bogged up with capitalism and the only one that I came across so far is Bhutan. I researched the country and am pleased with quite a bit of aspects about it:

- Selling and buying tobacco is illegal. :)

- The people have the reputation of being very peaceful and appreciative of good qualities such as help and honesty.

- It's not capitalistic.

- TV is rare, came to the country in the late 1990s, and has very few channels.

- Buddhism is the state religion. I'm not buddhist or any religion at all, but as far as I know the buddhists don't impose the beliefs on others. I find it definitely better than something like Christianity being the majority in the country.

- The music is cool.

Does anyone know of and/or can anyone testify of other countries that aren't capitalistic and are appreciative of good values such as help and honesty?

Many thanks in advance!

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Bhutan also has one of the highest percentages of protected land areas, if not the highest.

I can believe it. It is definitely the first country who's agriculture has gone 100 % organic.

In my experience "good will and motivation" go a lot farther than you might think.  Don't be insecure about your skills; confidence alone will open a lot of doors.  People who are genuinely conscientious and hard working are hard to find and smart employers will try to hang on to them.  Now whether the job is worth putting your hard work into is another matter...  Be yourself, don't be afraid to give up what you have to try something new if what you're doing isn't working for you, and the right job will find you.

I know very little about Bhutan, though, sorry.

Thank you for your kind words Jeanne. :) *High fives* for being slow, as one can notice more details, rather than rushing and overlooking the details.

I'm so happy for you that you found a place where you feel well. :)


I am not sure if it is not possible to find such people in all of the countries...

but in Spain for example the people are lot more relaxed, good-willed and helpful than in Germany, at least that is what I experienced. The doctor takes his time to play with a child even when it is my turn, and I don't care but smile as I see this. In the supermarket the staff is talking on the phone to the family or friends instead of helping sometimes, and everybody takes a lot more time to chat, to ask how you are, etc.

Are you thinking about leaving and really searching for a place to live?

Thanks for the link Steffi. :)

I am not sure if it is not possible to find such people in all of the countries...

^^ Yes, that's questionable for me too.

Well to be honest I do have such "wishful thinking" to find a place that's more tolerant, as this "super clean fanatasism" and rush-rush BS really bothers me in Germany. But that would be really hard for my boyfriend to do. :/ He has a job and even though it's neither his dream job nor does he earn a lot, he hasn't experienced bullying like I have, as he goes in normal/acceptable tempo. But he's psychologically there for me and completely on my side regarding the unjustified behaviour of others who are obscessed with being fast.

Spain does sound to have a bit of pros, such as what you talk about and spectacular prices for fruits. But he and I would have a problem living there, as animals are treated much more poorly there. :( The province Catallonia has at least made bullfighting illegal, but I think animals are still treated more poorly. Or is Catallonia better in general with the treatment of animals in comparison to the rest of Spain?


well I actually don't know how it is in Catalonia, but in Andalucia the dogs and cats are treated great!



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