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Ninja Master seems to have a good rating, is this good enough? It’s 40 dollars. I think that is an affordable price.


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I'm still getting a ton of milage out of my Waring Raptor after about a year and a half of heavy use.

Blender Porn

Is it this one? http://www.amazon.com/Waring-Commercial-MX1200XTX-Variable-Speed-Co...

I see it is over $300. 

What would be the difference between these over $300 ones vs. the ones that are like $40?

Similar, although mine doesn't have the variable speed. As these are designed for commercial use, they can take (and give) much more of a beating than a cheapo blender.

Another thing that I see recommended often is the Vitamix. One review says:

"You can eat a healthy raw food diet with nothing but a good knife, but when you can consume produce in delicious smoothies, slaws, dressings, soups, and even "ice cream", this diet gets a whole lot tastier."

"I put up with a ratty $30 Osterizer blender for years. It produced lumpy smoothies and constantly jammed when making slaws, soups, and blended salads. When I made my sports drink of bananas and celery, the celery would be left in chunks, and I'd find myself coughing up strands of the stuff when out on a run with the mixture in my water bottle.

If you are not interested in slaws, dressings, or soups, or ice cream, and if you only want to blend a combination of bananas, apples, and lettuce, are these $300+ blenders really necessary?

What I did notice in my cheap blender that was lost is, that whenever I tried to blend cucumbers, the cucumber juice would have the taste of motor in it. Does that ever happen with one of those $300+ blenders?

I had a ninja. it doesnt even compare to the vitamix. there smaller ones like for example if i put the small cup on my ninja base it could make a smoothie comparable to the vitamix but the compacity was way to small for me. 

That waring raptor looks good I've never used it. People like the oster beehive here I've never used that either.

The new ninja's have a slightly diff blade design it has a blade in the bottom and the ones that are higher up it looks promising but I couldnt say how well it works.

I've used others IE black and decker total garbage. 

If you can cough up the cash for a vitamix you wont be disappointed. I learned the hard way trying other things first. 

I figured some people pay 5-600 dollars or more for the stove in there house. I dont use that thing so whats the big deal if i spend that on a vitamix instead?

agreed. i have the ninja does not compare to vitamix but its decent if you cant afford a better one.

Also I found when I tried to figure this out lots of things blend but only a few will blend anything and blend it very smooth. If you just want stuff blended anything will do. But if you want dates blended to oblivian and then some. you need something better. For example with a vitamix theres no trace of gee whats in this smoothie. I cant find a seed from a strawberry or a bit of date or a chunk of this or that or a flake of tomato skin or lingering leaf from some lettuce. Its smooth all you can do is taste various things. It basicly liquifies everything.

I've heard that Vitamixes do better with dates.  I have a Blendtec and dates are one of the few things it cannot liquify - there are still small specks of skin floating around in the mix, no matter how much I blend them or pre-soak them, even on fresh (not dried or hydrated) dates.  It's not a huge deal since it's still very drinkable, but I've read some reviews that said that the Vitamixes do a pretty good job pulverizing the dates completely.

I will say that they are both extremely close; my buddy's Vitamix seems to do a better job with smoothies in terms of making them thick - my Blendtec does a better job liquifying things into a "juice", but then your smoothie is more liquidy rather than thick.  Very minor difference in reality, but something to consider.

yeah not a trace of a date left int he vitamix the biggest issue is adding more ice so it doesnt get warm on you. 

I would recommend either a Vitamix or Blendtec.  I had a friend just return her Ninja because it didn't perform as advertised.  The downside of a Vitamix or Blendtec is that they are in the $400 range.  However, my Blendtec has been going strong for over 6 years now without a hiccup & can crush ice & liquify solid foods.  Kale-banana smoothies come out like water or broth - zero chunks in it.

It's quite an investment, but if you're doing fruitarian, it's pretty much the only appliance you need to own.  A knife & a cutting board for fruit you're going to eat like watermelon & mango, and a blender for bananas & green smoothies.

If you want to blend bananas with lettuce, is lettuce still hard enough that it would need liquifying? I think I might not mind a few larger than a molecule piece of lettuce throughout the smoothies.



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