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Could I die if i change overnight(serious question lol)

Hi everyone.  I went LFRV for 3 weeks a while ago and i felt terrible. Sick all the time, dizzy, couldnt concentrate, irritable ect ect ect ect.  

After watching a lot of freelee's videos on youtube (nearly all of them lol) I understand that i didnt go in with a game plan and was sort of destined for failure before i even begun.

Im 25 and since Ive been 15 or 16.... well forever actually even when i was a kid.... Ive been eating like, chippy food a few times a week.  Mcdonalds sometimes, when shopping buying burgers and chips nearly every night.  I know people are gonna want to kill me for posting this on here but I thought as part of the game plan i will be honest with fellow fruit bats so i can get the best advice.  I also smoke 20 a day and drink alcohol on friday nights. 

I frequently have headaches, am not fit, doubt im healthy (although nothing serious that i know of).  From this crazy diet i have now of always eating fast food or when i do cook its a pizza or pastie or something processed, if i just change tomorrow, QUIT animal-based foods, QUIT smoking, QUIT drinking on weekends... Will my body not be like WHAT THE FLIPPP??? and go into shock or something?

What way should i approach the new me.  I know it sounds like im only doing this for ME but its honestly not that.  Its not just for me and the animals ethier I want to change for the whole planet sake, 1 extra person who wants to try and make a difference. 

If you see this freelee could you please reply as I know how smart you are in this sort of subject + your very inspirational.  Although I would also like to here everyones advice. thanks :):)

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Just some extra info I forgot to mention... I think im addicted to diet coke, Drink around 1.5 litre of the stuff a day, usually have a bottle of lucozade before work too.  Also snack on crisps and chocolate on my breaks for energy.  Believe it or not im actually a skinny guy and have recently joined the gym to try and get some muscle lol... thanks again if anyone will reply

do 80-10-10 perfectly  for breakfast  then work it up to lunch & dinner if you are not ready to jump in all the way

go for   huge calorie breakfast 10+ banana smoothie

be sure to  drink 3 4 quarts of water a day 

thanks for the reply... thought id be the most hated person on the site after my honestly :(

Is the 80-10-10 book free?  Also, if i stop smoking and cut out all the s#@t do you think that could be bad for a body... instead of qutting 1 thing at a time over a year or so.. I really dont know, but dont want to fail again, or to get ill from shocking my body so much

Alcohol and tobacco are drugs and you will go through withdrawals when you cut them out.  It's pretty much the same thing for the other stuff too (the processed foods and animal foods).  It's up to you whether you want to do it gradually or jump in all at once.  :)  How long do withdrawals last?  Maybe 2 weeks?

The 801010 book is not free, but you could probably borrow it from a public library if you have one in your area.

Best wishes!

Dr. Doug says he sees the most success in folks who jump right in 100%, so no you will not be harming yourself getting off of everything harmful in one swoop.  But as you say you need to have a plan, that is you need to know what you are doing before you jump right in! :D  Take a few hours to read carefully through Aloha to 30BaD's Welcome Wagon! including all the links.  Order The 80/10/10 Book, your library may need to do an inter-library loan but it is in the U.S. national library system so you can get it.  Read up on withdrawal symptoms from caffeine, cigarettes, etc. to see what you can expect.

So happy to have you here!!! :D  Thanks for posting! :)

thanks everyone for the brilliant replys.  Glad to feel accepted and im gonna make sure I do well on this.  I found the book online so gonna have a read through it now hopefully it makes things easier


is the book by douglas graham?  if so thats the one i have got?  the first chapter is: Determining Our True Dietary Nature

Yes! :)

You really should watch the documentary Forks Over Knives first. You can get it cheap on Amazon.

if you start eating just watermelons or juicefasting - your body will be happy but you will feel major detox symptoms! but if you take it slow you will be fine!  

so definitely eliminate all junk food and coke, other sodas, alcohol, smoking, animal-based foods! 

go for wholesome plantbased vegan foods! if possible organic and if you do consume processed foods - read the ingredients! you will have stronger detox due to your previous  lifestyle, but better start changing now! when your body is still able to clean itself! if the detox is too strong steam some veggies or eat some soaked, sprouted , cooked quinoa, and add greens to alkalize the body! have raw vegan kale chips go for healthier alternatives if you are craving the unhealthy stuff

i went from eating sticks of butter and like 8 chicken breasts a day, to going cold turkey one night and eating nothing but bananas. i almost didnt sleep that night because of how much energy i had after. but that was about the only side effect:]

Please be honest! Too many people (including the 80-10-10 book) are pretending it's easy and that people should change overnight. Fats, animal products, and salt are shown to be powerfully addictive in scientific studies. But the thing is, once you start to hydrate with water and consume more fruit, you get more sensitive to dense foods. My husband (who was a lifelong meat-eater who now wants to go toward lfrv) literally can no longer eat beef. Try cutting things out down the food chain once a week remove beef/pork/lamb, then chicken/turkey, and then fish. As you eat fish instead of beef you will already be feeling better. Then stop eating meat altogether and only eat eggs and dairy.  Then quit all animal products and eat soy alternatives. Then stop eating fatty processed food (like the crisps), and eat wholesome carbohydrates ~ just like 'banana - boy 75% raw' said. The advice I offered is slow, because I've seen too many people crash and burn and get discouraged....and it sounds like you want to be in the healthy high carb raw vegan wagon for life =)



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