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I checked on CRONOMETER, cooked lentils are rich in omega 3, do not have a lot of omega 6 and do not contain a lot of amino acids with sulphur, meaning that they alkalize the body.

So, they are healthy... no? Scare me off lentils. ;) 

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I actually really agree with this. I think its important to have facts for people if we want others to join. People react to proof, to facts. Lee Schmidt - I like your words!! ( I didn't read it in a angry tone so maybe that helped) lol :)

First of all in their raw state lentils are not edible.  So just to be able to eat them cooking is required.  Cooking any food denatures nutritional components rendering portions of it toxic and unusable by the body despite the fact that some of the food can now be ingested.  Within the context of the healthiest human diet, 80/10/10, lentils and other legumes are not suitable due to their high protein content which puts excessive strain on the digestive system when compared to the body's ability to break down and absorb carbohydrate.  Lentils have high quantities of methionine which results in an excess of the acidic mineral sulphur which will negatively affect basic mineral balance in the body.  The almost universal difficulty that humans have digesting lentils and other legumes, namely gas, indicates it is not the most suitable food for humans.  I still eat them sometimes myself and I consider them to be much better than most SAD foods.  Still in terms of ideal lentils don't fit the bill.

Wow, is that overall positive and compassionate attitude one of the many benefits of raw?

Lentils ... they taste good. Out of all the beans, they're one of the easiest to digest. I really don't believe that every food want that is not raw is related to being undercarbed. I mean, there are cultural aspects to consider as well. My family is Sicilian and lentils, as well as other beans were a staple in my childhood. Beans are full of nostalgia, at least for me. Compared to a lot of foods that are out there, they are not so bad. I will agree with the other folks here that there are better things to eat in regards to digestability and ability to eat raw. The main message here, from 30 BaD, is fruit and your tender greens is optimal. Omega 3 ... romaine lettuce has it too.

thats why i said 'compared to what'. there are a lot worse things to eat out there...and better.

if you still really want the lentils, how about eating them raw and sprouted?

Hi Cara! Raw and sprouted... I tried that... CANNOT do that... make me want to vomit!!!! But, thanks for the idea. ;)

marina dali si ti procitala grahamovu knjigu The 80/10/10 diet?

mislim, ako jesi, ova su pitanja nepotrebna i bezsmislena...makar meni

Ha ha!!!!! Someone speaking Serbian? :D 

Odakle si? Aman, svi su me pogrešno shvatili. Razumem da sočivo nije NAJBOLJA hrana, samo sam želela neke argumente koji imaju smisla da mogu da odgovorim ostalim ljudima kada me pitaju zašto ne jedeš sočivo... Ne kažem da treba izabrati sočivo umesto voća i povrća, ali ako je jako hladno, kao što je sada u Srbiji, i voće i povrće su uglavnom ZALEĐENI, onda je sočivo verovatno najbolja opcija... 

As someone who is also still transitioning, I'll give you my experiences with lentils.

So I typically try to have raw fruit for breakfast and lunch and then a cooked dinner with some greens. Now typically I've just had rice and some tomato sauce with the greens, but lately I've been a little fruit sparse so I have been adding in other stuff like lentils in to up the calories. I can tell you for me that adding in the lentils hampers my digestion and sense of well being compared to more fruit and a simpler dinner of just rice. For myself anyway, I know I won't be buying anymore lentils at all during the transition. Don't feel as good nor get as much carbs because of their high protein %.

Everyone in this thread keeps saying "they are not optimal", "greens are better", etc.

Marina is asking WHY these foods might not be "healthy" or "optimal."

So, Marina -- I'm assuming nobody in this thread really knows why any particular raw food is "healthier" than cooked lentils. They are just mindlessly regurgitating basic tenants of the 80/10/10 diet. And I put "healthy" in quotes because it has a very broad meaning.

The only person who added something useful in all the replies is the one who said cooked omega 3's become carcinogenic. I have not read this before, but now I will be looking for some research. Do you have any links explaining this?

Btw guys, if you're going to convince people that this diet is healthy then you're going to need to have a  better answer than "because it's optimal" :)

How about try living it Lee, and BTW we are not here to convince you, we are here living it, there is loads of info out there why cooking is deadly and why the alternative RAW is food and nourishment for humans, that is why we are here!

Have you read the forum Guidelines?

There are soo many perfect and beautiful examples of Healthy, Vital people eating Live Organic, Whole, Fresh, fruit and vegetables, free of disease, pain and full of radiance and love.. Share peace mate and appreciate other peoples time and energy to reply.



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