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But seriously, I really hate cooked food. Some of it tastes good but, It always ends up making me feel disgusting. The crazy thing is that I actually have the most trouble with high carb, low fat cooked meals. Whenever I eat a good quantity of rice or potatoes (no oil, no salt), for example, I feel REALLY tired, my vision blurs, and, even though I feel full, I'm NOT SATISFIED. It's quite the opposite when I eat raw, even high(er) fat raw. (In fact, whenever I eat avocado, which is somewhat rare, I get a kind of high from it!). If I ever didn't have access to fruit for whatever reason, I think I'd go for a salad and overts before I would cooked carbs any day because of what I've described above.    

Anyone have similar experiences? 

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I was just going to make a thread. Cooked food makes my nose run.  I wish I could give it up.  I don't know what to eat for dinner.  I'm not craving anything sweet for dinner.  I end up eating potatoes bread a pound of tomatoes and some orange juice.  what's a good raw meal that's not sweet but will leave me satisfied?  i eat 2 heads of romaine on the way to work every morning.  is that enough greens???

Lil help??

Ew, I hate potatoes...I used to like them before going raw but, now I find them bland, unsatisfying and gross . If you're not craving sweet then have a big savory stew or a big salad (if you choose to add overts it can make these more satiating).

I love zucchini pasta! Just spiralize zucchinis, cut up cherry tomatoes for on top, and blend zucchini with bell pepper and maybe some herbs to put on top! So good :D

Cooked food makes my nose run too. Weird. Like right after eating potatoes or rice or something.

i am never craving anything sweet for dinner as well, but i figured out a huge meal that satisfies my salty side.  I juice 4.5 cups of grape or cherry tomatoes, then save the pulp in a bowl.  I then juice 2 pounds of carrots, and 10 stalks of celery.  I mix all the juices together and the tomato pulp, mix it with chopped spinach, chopped peppers, zucchini noodles, and spices such as basil or green onion, dill, etc.  Sometimes i will add corn.  Its a delicious  raw soup!  I love it, i personally don't use any spices however because they are irritating to me.  I also buy organic because it always tastes so much better anyway and its more nutritious.  P.S:  You should never cook tomatoes, they become very acid forming in the body.

on rare occasions i will add small amounts of avocado but i do much better without overt fats.

i'm not at 10% body fat so im tryring to avoid the overts for now if possible

Figtato, so no joining us on the 5 day bananaboy raw food challenge starting on Monday?

Although, not optimal, i am thankful for a cooked high carb, low fat alternative to fruit when i have none ready to eat. I know where i stand on eating high fruit and fully raw when i can.

Id rather eat rice and potatoes than animal products or junk foods.

yeah i feel ya. i enjoy a nice high-fat meal from a raw restaurant when i can find one.

cooked food makes me feel really bad too, but when i eat it consistently, every day or a few times a week, it doesn't make me feel nearly as bad.

I'm also pretty sensitive to cooked foods now, but I have a problem with bingeing out on them after school and having more than I think I should.

It causes terrible indigestion and cotton mouth with a bad sore throat which I think is dehyrdation for me.

It's definitely better than falling off the entire vegan wagon but I need to up my fruit and veggies.

If I eat any cooked starches I get cold-like symptoms that last for days. I feel best when I am eating all-raw.



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