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Photos of the brains of 30bad members? :P

Haven't read the links…but even if people eating cooked food DO have bigger brains, it doesn't necessary follow that they will use them effectively...

people are thinking -----about all the wrong things!

beyondveg is baloney. Most of the arguments on that site are too. Read up what people say on Tom Billings here on 30BAD, the author.

I have to agree.  I have read some stuff from beyondveg and it is pretty wacky.  Even when I ate a low carb meat diet I would have thought this site was BS.

Haha. Quoting from the book "left in the dark" humanoid brains remained consistent in size for about 1.8 million years. BUT about 600,000 years to 150,000 before present day, fossils show that brain mass peaked at 1,440 grams. Since then (now) our brains have declined to 1,300 grams. That's because humanoids began eating cereal grains. Lack of fruit=no more big brain. And yes cooking does set us apart from all other animals, in all the bad ways! Lol I'd rather be a lean gazelle eating grass and thriving then eating cheese burgers and so called "living" like that. You ever notice how it seems everyone who shifts to raw vegan experiences wonderful clarity of mind. I sure as hell did! 

Thank you!

Cooked food causing bigger brains does in no shape or form make any sense, as we know that nutrients decrease quite substantially once foods get cooked.

However, the reason why the practice of cooking (and hunting) ones food might be connected to progression and brain growth is quite simple... Our brains got bigger when the useage of tools got introduced.

Only when the fruits and the plants of the land were not providing enough to feed us, did we start hunting and heating things we now call food... out of NECESSITY. The introduction of tools caused us to expand our brains, because we were thinking up plans/tools, this is part of the evolution... this may be one of the reasons why many people seem dumber these days, because we live in a culture of convenience where we no longer have to invent things, because things are done for us by others/machines.


+100000  :)

I agree. Our brains expanded during this time because it was necessary for survival. During the paleolithic era, resources like food, warmth and shelter became scarce, so only the most intelligent people were able to think of creative ways to access these resources (such as cooking, hunting, using clothes, tools, etc.). Over the years, as natural selection favored intelligence, future generations became smarter. According to this theory then, cooked food is the result of bigger brains, not the cause. 

And regardless of what caused brain development throughout our evolution, that says nothing about what is healthiest for humans today.

Look up Left in the Dark by Tony Wright.  I haven't read it yet, but I just ordered it in online a few days ago and it should be coming in the mail soon.  It should provide all the information you need.

Omg ur gonna luv the book. I'm only stating on it but it gives great reason to the "theory" that we evolved in the jungles eating fruit that biochemicaly spawned our big brains. Giving facts that fossils nearly never form in humid tropical areas which is why we don't have "the missing link" humonoids that would prove one theory or another. The fossils found are of those humonoids forced out of their ideal habitat due to environmental pressures further forcing them to survive with anything they could find to sustain them. It's silly that we base all evidence on these fosils that were in dier need to survive and not in those in an optimal environment. We can't find fossils of any great apes in the jungles either but no body questions where they spawned from. Just some food for thought. 



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