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Ok so I've been raw for 2 weeks or so now.. and was wondering, other then digestion (as long as I stick to the 80/10/10 formula) are grains really that bad?

I guess my main question here is: Will grains (sticking 80/10/10) somehow make me fat? Is it really unhealthy?

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Last year I was researching why I was not only gluten sensitive, but also sensitive to rice.  I found some excellent articles on foods that have what are called "chitin binding lectins."  Google that term and you will see how several grains (and some of the nightshade vegetables) can cause similar bad reactions inside our bodies.


@Little Mango,

Well, this is absolutely correct.  

Beside not having much vitamin content and 0 vitamin C (conducive to scurvy if eaten as a staple of diet), rice is also high in oxalate which can cause asthma and breathing difficulties.

30BaD FADs: Oxalate Health Impact

In Japan, where rice is a staple of diet and grain of choice, (along with high soy and salt consumption) they have higher rates of degenerative lung problems like bronchitis, emphysema, and asthma than the United States.  While some of this may be because of smoking, smoking happens in both countries, and many people who do not smoke get asthma and bronchitis.  

Also, Japan still has high rates of cancers of the lung, trachea, and bronchus.  


I am actually putting together a blog that will address some of the hype, fact, or fiction behind comparing diets, diseases, and causes of death between Japan-media hyped healthy country, and USA, media hyped obese and sick country.  

I may publish this tonight or tomorrow pending some fact and or spell checking.

Peace, PK

That sounds awesome (the blog)! I will definitely be reading THAT. :)

You've really expressed what I've been feeling.  So much to figure out.  I can't help but wonder at all of these highly trained nutritionists who are so out of touch.  When I eat fruits it "feels" right but I know such expressions infuriate the more science-minded among us.  They want to figure it all out beforehand but I think the theoretical debate is potentially endless.

For a "Super Species" we do seem a little clueless.......

Hey everyone:

To answer everyone's questions and concerns about Japan, the Okinawa, and their consumption of rice, life spans, health, and other things too, I ended up writing a blog:D  

Sorry this is a bit late.  What I thought was going to take a few hours to put thoughts to words to blog took days in part because of some personal distractions and in part because of research.  

Diet and Health in Japan and USA

Peace, PK

I wouldn't say that.. look at the olympics.. didn't someone from china just beat michael phelps (I'm guessing they eat similar)

Manny Pacquiao is said to eat TONS of rice... all he eats is rice and soup (upwards of 7000 calories a day from it). lol maybe some sauce in there too though (arguable)


If I remember that race though, they were still very close.  And I believe this time Michael Phelps was also focusing more on fruit in his diet and still won other medals:D  

Because rice is calorie and carb dense, many athletes may choose to supplement their diets with it short term.  (I believe DR and Freelee might use fruit juice when extra energy is required)

I believe The Fruitarian Michael Arnstein will eat potatoes (sorry if I am wrong) before a big race too.  

This is the typical traditional concept of carbo loading that many athletes do before the big event.  

However, this is not how most of them eat when they are not training.  

We are looking for long term health and benefits not just short term here.  

If we look back at the (British) sailors during the 1500s-1800s and beyond, they would typically try to survive on grains mostly in the form of wheat and bread products. Because of lack of vitamin C in the diet, many of them contracted scurvy and or died from scurvy. 

Short term, the starchy grains probably did provide energy in calories and carbs to allow them to carry out the heavy tasks associated with sailing.  Long term, a diet focused on grains only proved fatal.  

So what is the compromise here.  For most of us living an average life, and doing average training, a diet of raw fruit and lettuce greens suffices.  As competitive athletes get closer to their events, and training becomes more intense, then supplementing short term with calorie and carb dense things like rice might be of short term benefit.  

My blog explains some of the long term health problems though of making rice and grains a staple of the diet and I personally do not recommend it. 

Peace, PK


The example in the discussion given is that the Japanese eat rice and fish and high oxalate foods like kale and spinach and some fruits.

However, in spite of living about 5 years longer than their USA counterparts, they still contract the same degenerative diseases, die from those same disease, and have higher rates of some disease like stomach cancers.  So much for eating rice.  

Diet and Health in Japan and USA

We are here to assist people in finding and maintaining ultimate health and healing, not follow some grain eating culture in suboptimal health, or to eat grains and meat because people have been doing so for thousands of years.


Scurvy is alive and well in various clinical and subclinial forms, and in fact, in many cases it might be underdiagnosed.  The reason is that in some Western cultures, medicine is become very specialized.  When the classic scurvy symptom of gum swelling, bleeding, and disease manifests itself, we go to a dentist for palliative care, but not necessarily a cure.  

Scurvy is a disease that occurs when you have a severe lack of vitamin C (ascorbic acid) in your diet. It causes general weakness, anemia, gum disease, and skin hemorrhages.

Scurvy is also seen in cases of malnutrition that can happen even on a high calorie diet lacking in Vitamin C, in eating disorders, in people with disease, and the elderly.  

Many people get unexplained skin lesions, eruptions, and symptoms like 

corkscrew hair that might even be overlooked by a doctor or dermatologist.  

Other classical symptoms of scurvy can happen around the nail areas with brittle nails and or bleeding around the nails.  

Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) is still prescribed in the USA.  If diets high in grains and meat were all that, then these supplements would not be necessary.  

Peace, PK

good points interesting though vit.c is super high in potato yet we do not know what happens when cooked how much is lost. cronmeter has it with large amounts of C and id presume they presume people cook potato ?  

additionally POW in WW2 lived on potato alone . so the rule if you can make meal out of it seems to work with potato , yet its clear they did not THRIVE .  : )

for me fruit is best and my cooked carbs is going down to 600 or so calories....

better to get vit C from oranges and they make me happy potato/rice is flat food

fruit make me high    rock on everyone here ! VEGAN


The poor Irish also lived on a potato diet - which is why so many starved to death during the potato famine in the 1800s.

They survived on such a diet but as you said, did they thrive?

no way  ! it was truly i think a survival diet--thriving was just staying alive even the idea of thriving may not exist then

i always heard it was a blight that caused many 1 million many many to perish . also heard that many stayed alive with only potato stored under ground....

if i was alive back then up in northern climates id be eating potato! 

we are evolving species  getting better and better

the growing of a single crop of potato that became blighted was how i learned it   i am by no means a historian    i was not there  : )

rock on !

Glad I could keep you busy ;)



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Rock replied to Victoria's discussion Info on the death of my fellow faster?? anyone know any details?
Rock replied to Victoria's discussion Info on the death of my fellow faster?? anyone know any details?
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