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I've been on the high carb life style lately for 4 months now, raw till 4 to be exact, and potatoes and rice have been making me feel sick. I am not full blow nauseous and throwing up, but I just don't feel 100% like I do after a fruit meal.  Ideally I would like to be fully raw , but when 4 pm rolls around I want something savory. So lately I have been in a vicious cycle of craving cooked carbs, then eating them only to feel sick later. 

How can I break this cycle?!

P.s. I am eating around 3400 calories a day so I am getting enough calories/sugars in the am

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How did you determine that the rice or potatoes are making you sick?

Have you tried eating rice or potatoes plain?

How much do you have at one meal?

Have you tried other cooked carbs i.e. sweet potato, winter squash, buckwheat?

Do you have such reactions when only consuming raw fruits and veg at dinner?

I would try to identify if these foods are actually causing the symptoms you state by eliminating a food for a while and then re-introducing it.

I would cook them and just feel terrible after, slightly nauseous, and feeling like I shouldn't have eaten that. I usually have four cups of rice with is about 890 calories and 1000g  of  potatoes. Mmy favorite dish used to be roastes potatoes and butternut squash. I use veggie stock rather than olive oil to keep it low fat of course.

When I have smoothies for dinner I feel fine, great actually, but still crave savory dishes after which is mixed signals. 

Do you have a heath history of digestive issues or ED?  If so you may benefit from going 100% raw for a while.

Different foods act differently for different people.  Some are sensitive to the solanine on potatoes, some do not digest grains well, some are gluten sensitive.  You might try sweet potatoes or yams or a different rice.  if it is just the savory you want then you could eat cantaloupe which is high in sodium or celery or add a pinch of salt (for taste) to your salad at night.  It takes about 3 weeks to kick the salt habit so you could just use will power to kick the habit to stay raw. And take this time to splurge on some extra quality fruits to help distract you.

This article from 30BaD's welcome wagon may be helpful: 30BaD FADs: Starchy Foods vs Fruit n Lettuce

You may like more info. on rice too: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GTNpf2A2wvA

No I never had any digestive issues other than dairy when I was younger but that's a given. Hmm, I didn't realize cantaloupe was high in sodium. It's not my first choice when it comes to fruit, but I will certainly give it a shot thanks!

I agree in part with ednshell - potatoes started giving me really bad indigestion early on, as did white rice (I'm hoping some body work might release possible tension in my stomach to cut it out completely but that's off topic). Plain pasta is my go to but rice and potatoes do me fine so long as I'm well hydrated before I start eating them and combine them with some extra fibre/nutrients/water i.e. vegetables. And make sure you'e not eating too fast - chew the hell out of them, more than you think is necessary.
I'm all for mono-mealing but I enjoy alternating between it and getting the starch more flavourful: making it more like fruit.

Hope you get it figured out and you can enjoy all your meals

You might try sweet potatoes or winter squashes, most people do well on those.

I get the savory food craving, very common in the beginning until your body/taste buds adjusts to the subtle flavors in celery and tomatoes that do taste salty/savory, but unless you do transition to fully raw it might take longer.

Is fully raw even a possibility for maybe a week, just white-knuckle it to see if you can break through to the other side?

Sounds delicious :)



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