30 Bananas a Day!

I've been on this lifestyle for 10 months, my family buys my food + SAD food for them. so some days we have enough fruit for raw till four but majority of my days are raw breakfast with cooked lunch and cooked dinner. 

I'm only 19 years old and before this I was only calorie restricting for 8 months, followed by nonstop binging for 4 months(in which I gained back all the weight i lost & more), before that though I ate a pretty healthy normal,animal included :( diet. but now that i'm on this lifestyle I have not had any of the benefits that I hear so many people talk about that keeps them on this lifestyle when the weightless doesn't happen right away. I feel like I don't have anything pushing me to keep me on this lifestyle (even though I will continue of course) 

I believe in this lifestyle so much because of how many people I've seen it work for & I want so badly for it to work for me.

Usually in a day I eat:


9-10 bananas

2-3 cups of spinach

1 cup of almond milk


orange juice or grapes

sometimes nothing


1000g potatoes

½ head of iceberg lettuce

Dinner: 1000g potatoes

3-4L of water every day along with at LEAST 8 hours of sleep every night.

I work out an average of 2-3 hours a week.

I'm just not sure if I'm doing something wrong because I'm not feeling any better and i've stayed the exact same weight (over 60 pounds overweight:( )

If you have any tips or thoughts on what I'm doing wrong PLEASE let me know. 

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Wow i couldnt eat 1 kg Potatoes for Lunch and another kg for Dinner.

Way too many Starches for me.
I haven't gained any weight, the weight I'm trying to lose came from the 4 months of binging.
In the post I said I workout 2-3 hours a week.
Potatoes are my back up when I don't have ripe fruit, again I'm 19 & in college so my parents are who pays for my food.
I see you live in Las Vegas! I lived there for about 5 years :) I know it's tough when you have to rely on your family to buy your food, but bananas are usually pretty cheap. Maybe just try to get more of those in? Maybe at least 10 more a day would cover your lunch so that you wouldn't have to eat cooked. Im new to this too and I feel like most of my calories will have to come from bananas too.

Great advice from summer

Thank you :)!!



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