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What would be better? Since I'm not really loaded with money right now most of my stuff is conventional. Everything I buy is from a produce shop I'm working at.

Should I go all organic with limited variety(Bananas as a main staple) or an awesome variety of fruits like I have been but they're conventional? Some stuff we get isn't sprayed at all but technically isn't "organically grown" but I'm pretty sure most stuff especially everything not local will be sprayed/waxed/treated.

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great tool here to make decisions: http://www.whatsonmyfood.org/

mike arnstein made a video with his opinion:

i like to no where its from :)

I've been thinking about this a lot.  It's really hard to afford all organic if you aren't growing your own or buying in bulk.  My rule is, if I'm eating the skin or the skin is thin, only organic.  I feel like it's the best way to make sure you aren't eating too many pesticides.



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