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Hi everyone! I will start with my history as brief as possible -
Had candida , did candida diet (zero sugar) for 10 months, found this lifestyle, went raw till 4!
Was vegetarian and dairy free for 4 years before hand.
Been on this lifestyle now for 9 months, at first it was the usual problems most people have when starting.. About 2 months in everything was perfect, weight loss started (never been fat anyway however), regular and healthy bowel movements (after breakfast and lunch every day) and therefore my skin was the best it has ever been!
I had a couple slip ups (eating out at vegan resturaunts that had added oil) and for a couple months candida rashes slightly came back despite me going back to eating well. When I had these slip ups, I also stopped the regular BMs and became constipated. My skin broke out terribly. I fixed this by upping my water intake (was already having 3-4 L but it helped having more)...
Anyway, since then it's been better but never has it gone back to the bowel movements of every day after breakfast and lunch, consequently, my skin is terrible again. This has been going on for months and I keep telling myself it will get better and to keep doing what I'm doing because I know it's worked for me in the past. But this is just ridiculous. I eat everything according to raw till 4 and some days a fully raw day. Food combining included. I drink enough water, aside from meals. I even made the effort to make sure (started this about 3 weeks ago) to chew every mouth full till it's fully liquefied (because I came to the conclusion it was impossible it was something from my diet causing this). I also did a banana island and eased off with watermelons and greens.... I didn't do a poo till day 5!!! And even then, it was only every couple of days !! So these days, I'm eating normal again, for example, mono meal of fruit for breakfast and lunch and either a massive raw salad or potato and lettuce for dinner. Water - 1 L before breakfast 1L before lunch 1L before dinner and 1L before bed. WHATTTT is going on ?! I'm lucky to poo once every 3 days !! And my skin is consequently terrible :(

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what is your past health history?  menu examples for a few days? how much do you pee daily?  what is your caloric intake?  your activity level?  daily sleep schedule?

Past health, not bad.. What exactly do you mean?
Breakfast - watermelon or papaya or banana
Lunch - again, any fruit, usually mono meal .. Sometimes with greens (lettuce)
Snack sometimes dates
Dinner - if raw- lettuce tomatoes zucchini cucumber OR cooked - lettuce sweet potato, or just a variety of baked veggies

Most of my days look like that.
Pee daily? Probably 10 times, clear.

Caloric intake - anywhere from 2300-2600 (I am 21yr female)
Activity level, moderate- most mornings I'll walk for 45 mins.. Weight training 3 times a week, and activity such as snorkelling here and there

Sleep - most nights 10pm, wake up around 6:30... Deep sleep

When is the last time you used laxatives, enemas or colonics?

What meds are you on or have been on in the last 5 years?

What is your current height and weight?

Id do more cardio than that. 45 min a day of light walking is good for an 80 year old but for a 21 year old its pretty lame ass!

Get on your bike and explore the mountains. Ease into it.

Laxatives - only ever had senna tea, before I started this lifestyle, so about 10 months ago maybe, and probably only ever 2-3 cups ... I used it when I had terrible constipation from candida and hated the effects and didn't have them again... So as for lax use, hardly..
Enemas and colonics I have never had..
Meds, also never had. I've always been into the natural lifestyle so even things like Panadol I rarely took.
Height 162cm weight 58kg - I was 65 kg when I started this lifestyle, originally put on a bit but now I've lost.
Okay, thanks :) I'll up my cardio! Do you think that it would be the only problem? I just am so confused because in the first few months it was SO good! And then after a couple of resturaunt feeds... Never has it gone back to good!
Wow! Okay... So I remembered that when I was doing candida diet for roughly 8-10 months, my naturopath had also prescribed a herbal tincture. I thought I'd double check the herbs used (when you asked about laxative use) and surely enough - cascara sagrada!!! :( this is suchhhh a let down to know that this could be the cause ?! A "medicine" from a naturopath?! :( ... Well yeah, I was taking that morning and night (it was mixed with other herbs) for several months. But even so, I'm confused now as to how when I began this diet after the cascara my bowels were working SO WELL!? And then all of a sudden it just got bad and ever since the problems just keep coming. That's why I dismissed the thought of the herbal tincture and if it were a laxative, because I figured since taking it, I had been at my best.. Hmm ... So what should I do for "laxative dependance" if that's what you would call it? :( thanks

so it's been 6 months of constipation?  poor girl!  upping cardio, increasing your caloric intake, doing an elimination diet to find if there are foods triggering poor digestion, increasing sleep, lowering stress...these are all things to try and that have worked for others with similar problems.  a mega dose of vitamin C can give you a loose bowel to get things going if needed but it's not the long term solution obviously, however it does not have any bad side effects like herbs and such.  there is no way to say for sure what's causing it, someone else may eat the same as you and not have any problems.  if it were me, I'd do a few things first.  skip the greens and/or any harder to digest stuff, juice it if you want, stick with fruit mono meals that I know digest well for me.  I'd also add an hour of sleep.  I would add one food a day and see how it does.  This is where I would start. Sleep alone can make a huge difference in digestion!  Keep us posted! 

Sounds like a long road ahead of you. I've had similar problems, all I've learned is that healing takes time. I've been 100% fruitarian lately (including cooked squashes, zucchini and okra)... going to see a Gastroenterologist soon.

I just want to add that stimulant laxatives have definitely set me back significantly. Avoid them at all costs.

Rehydrated figs have been my main staple source of calories lately. I advise sticking to the high water content stuff. Gelatinous foods are the bomb!

Thanks for this advice! What do you mean by rehydrated figs and gelatinous foods? Rather than fresh figs do you just mean dried figs that you've soaked in water?
How long do you think it could take to recover from laxative use? And do you think it mattered that even after the laxative use I was going to the toilet really well when I first began? That makes me feel like it might not be the lax use ... But I guess it's the only factor that could even be possible! For months I've accounted for so many factors, changed up the diet, the excercise, the sleep, even the stress ... So if it's from lax use , at the same time as being such a heart throb, is also a sigh of relief if that's an answer!



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