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Hi all!

I've been on a raw till 4 nutrition for about 4-6 months, don't remember more precisely. BMI is 19. And for several months now i'm experiencing gassiness and a bloated belly which doesn't go away much in the mornings or after 3-4 hrs after meals, just right after the meal it gets even bigger. I didn't do any cal restriction or dieting in the past, nor did i eat as many cals as i do now, 4k+! i never had such a big belly even when i was on a standard diet. I realise it's probably not fat.

What's more surprising is that sometimes (despite the unbelievable amounts of fiber intake), i don't have any bowel movements in a day, then i have 2-3 the next day, but usually it's just once a day, though i feel it's not enough. 

Another fact is that sometimes after mono fruit meal lunch my intestines go berserk and produce so much gas and disturbance that i go to the toilet 2-3 times after that.

Also what i noticed is that when i take a laxative (castor oil), so much is going out of me and after that my belly is nice and small. But even if drink 1l of water or eat 10 bananas my belly is big again.

What i normally eat is: banana green smoothie (breakfast), mono fruit (like tangerines for lunch), cooked starch meal (dinner).

You can see the sample of my daily menu in the attached image. Sometimes total cals go up to 4200.

Can it be because of too much fiber or too much food in general?

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a little update - i have tried no gluten for a month and it had absolutely NO effect on bloating, general state or performance.

Therefore, the problem remains.

I have not been on this diet for a long time but I have noticed a few things that make me bloated:

-any type of processed corn 

-any form of wheat

-any form of oatmeal

-bananas combined with MOST any fruit or veggie other than berries

-most nuts

-some types of mangos

-tomatoes, especially cooked

-not waiting enough time for digestion between meals of different types 


-some herbal teas

Just some ideas for you to think about. I've noticed that these sensitivities can also change over time. Good luck!

Having a look through these links may be helpful

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Cooked starches are what do me over. My cooked meals usually consist of kale, carrots, aubergine etc. I started off eating mounds of potatoes and rice, but the ten foot belly and constant dehydration weren't worth it. Grains can be terrible or digestion; especially those with gluten. Maybe see if a banana island teaches you anything; this is what weened me off heavy starches.

I checked the link. It's quite contraversial actually, it says some weird things about starches like that they cause weight gain or bloating - i wonder what Dr. McDougall has to say about that :) And i just can't wrap my mind around the fact that things like carrots, beets, potatoes, spinach and broccoli can be the cause of bloating, seems strange and unlikely.

What has changed during this time - no more lentils now (no effect), no gluten test for a month (no effect), a fit less food. Sadly, the problem remains... Though the belly doesn't seem to grow more, it seems to have stopped expanding.

Funny thing is that I found out that i struggle to put my rings on now! wtf?! it can't be fat gain - i don't eat overt fats. Or can it??

I'm curious to know this too. I've been doing raw till 4 almost a year now and just in the past couple months I've started to get really puffy. Bloated all the time when my belly used to be flat, and I've gained 5 lbs, gassy/bubble guts way more often. Idk what is causing it. I recently started actually hitting 2500 cals a day with the addition of juice and dried fruit, maybe that wasn't the best idea, but on regular raw till 4 I can only fit in about 1800-2000 cals.

Idk I just want to be not bloated, and comfortable in my body again... :(

Hi Qaty!!

I forgot to mention that my gas and gut bubbles decreased dramatically now after i don't eat citrus anymore (i used to have mono cirtus fruit for lunch), now i do bananas for breakfast and bananas for lunch. Also the bowel movements improved. So i suggest changeing the type of fruit you eat for some time.

Maybe try replacing a fruit meal with apple or orange juice? Some type of high calorie juice.
My guess is you are eating mor fiber and did not gradually increase but jump in?
However, if you can handle the bloat and back up let the body adjust to that much fiber that way :)

hm, i'm enjoying the bananas so much.

No the change was definitely gradual, also considering i was vegetarian for 4 yrs. I can handle the bloating, yes, i like my energy levels and bike performance. I was thinking the same about adjustment of the body with time, we'll see. I know it's impossible to get even a little fat on this diet despite the high calorie intake but man, i'm lost to find any other reason.

Hey, I have the exact same problem, following all the rules and having early dinner. Have you found any solution? Please let me know ... really getting frustrated over my never disappearing buddha belly

buddha belly! that's exactly what it is. a slightly protruding belly but not fat belly and it doesn't seem to grow more so far.

I haven't found a solution yet, will try to make the dinner earlier when in thailand. Though i completely eliminated gas by ditching citrus fruits.

Some food might cause problem but only if you have poor digestion.Honestly I know a lot people who can eat food which for you might cause problem but for them not.Lentils are one of the easiest legumes to eat.
Did you have problem with bloating before rawtill4?
How are you doing after eating starch? You eat dinner too late, try to eat ealier.



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