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I have been eating a 80 percent raw food diet fo 4,5 years. 3 years low fat. 6 months 100 percent raw. I feel better than EVER but I am so scared, because by body has become SO sensitive, and I keep becoming more sensitive. Smoke, pollution, radiation, parafume, cosmetics, ect ect. I can't go into an unnatural shop, I can't be in a rome with a smoker or a person wearing unnatural cosmetics. I can't be near cars pollution or in cities. Cause I get so dizzy, headache, sick in every way. The smell of obacco iches on my skin, my tounge, hurts in my tummy, and my breating gets so disturbed. I don't have a job, and I can't imagine what I am capable tollerating. I am so frightened, feel so isolated in my home. Even using a computer or cellphole is hard for me. It hurts in my whole body, the radiation :( I am considering going back to cooked food, though I don't want to, but this world forces me to do so :( I am so sad, lost. This is a terrible situaltion I'm in.... Do any of ypu experience such huge sensitivity as I do???? I am very curious to know!

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I totally agree with you. Look at a plant. Can she grow without fresh air and sunlight? Well maybe she can, but she wont look healthy . You see all living beings  need the proper environment for optimal health and not only fruit , fruit , fruit and everything is fine. That is an illusion to my mind. In addition to that we dont eat only with our mouth, we also eat with our eyes, with our smell, with our ears. There is so much to learn and we dont even know all fruits that exist in nature. So please be free to follow yourself! This is so important. And there are always good plant sources available in order to live in this world( broccoli is for example one of my favourite vegetables and I steam them 3-8 minutes). Know yourself and be yourself:)

Yes, it's a huge dilemma to be in. I know cooked foods they make me sick, they stress my whole body-mind, the heart beats much faster, it's just inflammation of the body-mind - STRESS on a cellular level - the organism working out day and night to handle these dead foods, with another molucar structure than itself (a forign body). The sense of deep rest at night, relaxation, wakefulness, being in the present moment is not possible in the same sense as on a raw food diet.

I tell you, my creativity has bloomed, reached it's top point, cause when the body is so clear, that the energy can go elsewhere. I am a painter, writer and mucisian.  When the body-mind rests in it's natura state, my nervous system is so vulnerable and receptive to life/reality/the creative sourse/the cosmic flow. Colors, shapes, sounds, images, vibrations, tastes, lights ect are continuously flashing within my consciousness, before my forhead in a beautiful colorshow.

As my body has got rid of mucus, my voice has become so clear, strong and expressive whn I sing and perform as a mucisian - that is a sense of so much freedom on a cellular level of existence.

Every cell is joyous and full of PROFITS. It is SO fantastic to be in a state of such receptivity/vulnerability when I am an artist. But I still have to go out in the world with my arts, and I still love people so much, I love meeting new people, and this is such a hug huge question!!

Here's my blog, the paintings reflect this state of clarity   www.imayami.blogspot.dk 

Wow Ayaura, I feel for you. 

I have to say that no, I don't have the same level of sensitivities, though I haven't been raw for as long (1 1/2 years or so), & only just began 80/10/10 a couple of months ago. 

Though I have to agree, that as my mental, physical & spiritual awareness has gone up, so too has my intolerance for chemicals, pollution, smoke, perfumes etc. 

Funnily enough, I find that it is more of a personal or mental / spiritual intolerance, than a physical one. 

Yes, my physical intolerance has increased towards these things, but, I find that I just can't stand to be around so many unnatural things as much as I used to. 

Not only that, but I find television excruciating to bear. I don't like meaningless conversations about nothing much in particular anymore either. 

I think that eating raw really gets you back in touch with the natural way in which we are meant to live once again. All the superfluous stuff that has no real meaning just drops away, & you seem to be left with what is real & important. I find the process of being raw very stripping. It seems to strip away all the B.S. & just leave you with what is real. 

It is a difficult dilemma that you face Ayaura, & only you can really know the answer to that. But maybe you could look at an alternate living situation, such as joining an 80/10/10 community somewhere, or perhaps try introducing a little cooked food to see if that is indeed the issue. It sounds like the case, but it maybe worth experimenting with, just to make sure. 

Tough one though, but there must be an answer. 

Is that really a bad thing Freshtival? 

I mean, look at the alternate... go around life being numbed out all the time - & call that a life experience. In my books, that is akin to walking around whilst sleeping your whole life. What we become sensitive to, is the things that are unnatural, that aren't right. 

Eating raw, & eating 811, seem like barometers to what is right & what is not right. 

We become more like animals in their natural order - we begin to come back in tune with nature, with our sixth sense & spirituality. 

Give me that anyday, over the alternative. 

I think that what Esra says is a very valid point. 

You may become more aware of things, & I think that is what a lot of people refer to, but not necessarily experiencing an increased physical sensitivity reaction to a thing. 

ya.. it kind of grosses you out... same here, but I don't let it overwhelm me.

Now that you can notice all the * stuff * out there, I'm not sure if going back to cooked foods will make you less sensitive.  I think it's more of a discovery thing... now that you know it's there it's hard to ignore

 that  happened  to me too so I moved to Hawaii



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