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I have been eating a 80 percent raw food diet fo 4,5 years. 3 years low fat. 6 months 100 percent raw. I feel better than EVER but I am so scared, because by body has become SO sensitive, and I keep becoming more sensitive. Smoke, pollution, radiation, parafume, cosmetics, ect ect. I can't go into an unnatural shop, I can't be in a rome with a smoker or a person wearing unnatural cosmetics. I can't be near cars pollution or in cities. Cause I get so dizzy, headache, sick in every way. The smell of obacco iches on my skin, my tounge, hurts in my tummy, and my breating gets so disturbed. I don't have a job, and I can't imagine what I am capable tollerating. I am so frightened, feel so isolated in my home. Even using a computer or cellphole is hard for me. It hurts in my whole body, the radiation :( I am considering going back to cooked food, though I don't want to, but this world forces me to do so :( I am so sad, lost. This is a terrible situaltion I'm in.... Do any of ypu experience such huge sensitivity as I do???? I am very curious to know!

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Could it be a sign saying get back to nature and natural surroundings?  Could it be that living a simpler life away from the city is whats right now?

Where do you currently live?

Why don't you have a job?

I live in the countryside already. Because it's hard to find jobs in Denmark at the moment, and I don't have an education

You don't have a conventional school education, perhaps. But you have your own education-- teach yourself what you wan to know!

I am very sorry, it must be so hard for you. I know a man, where I live, who has the same problem, and I have met other people as well, 1,5 years ago. Do you know Megan Elizabeth on youtube? she is a raw foodist, and coach, and also had, (i don´t know if she still has it) chemical sensitivity. Maybe you can check out her videos to find out how she has been dealing with it.

Thank you for your empathy Loane, I aprechiate it so much. I know megan from youtube, know she is sensitive to make up, but I did see her wear nailpolish, which I didn't understand. Is she also allergic to chemicals in the air? 

Ayaura, I am not sure but I think she was very sensitive to a lot of things, yes. I actually thought that her sensitivity got better with raw food. But again, it is better to check her videos or contact her to be sure.

I really feel for you, because I know it´s not in your head, or a psychological problem. Unlike some people here think....It´s really so that some people are so sensitive that they perceive everything that is not natural. I myself have chronic fatigue syndrome and I am super sensitive to noise, pollution and odors, and even if they don´t make me sick like you, they make me very very tired. It´s so hard also to be isolated because you can´t have a normal life. So I completely understand your pain! feel free to contact me if you need some support :-).

I eat some cooked food and still have the issue that I sense too much, negative emotions, pollution, etc. Some people are really high sensitive and this is a gift!:) I sometimes have problems to go the university because there is so much smoke and stress, and it really makes me tired, so I have to isolate myself  in order to think clear. I know this feeling,too. Nevertheless it is a gift and has a lot of advantages. Use it or lose it. Peace and Love

Stefano, I would like to know what do you mean, "it is a gift". What are the advantages for you?? I am a highly sensitive person, as I said, I don´t tolerate noise, pollution, stress, and clothes and bras make me feel so uncomfortable that I don´t know what to wear, because my skin is so sensitive. All that make me feel so exhausted. I wasn´t able to find any advantage yet. When I was young, I played music and love it, but with time I lost the taste for that, because of depression and exhaustion. So, how is it for you? I would be happy to know. thanks

Okay, I have to tell you that I dont have this kind of problems with clothes for example or with noise. Sure I dont like noise and it doesnt feel good but youcan transform energy like an alchemist.The more you worry, the bigger it gets.  Do you know the book of Paulo Coelho-The Alchemist? I highly recommend it. I sense a lot the smell of other persons or their negative emotions for example. But to me this is a gift because you can see through things and you see more life, your horizon gets bigger and brighter. You can cultivate this gift and it can be your advantage at your work for example, or in life generally. I see that you have sensitivities and they stick to you. Ask yourself, what do you want in life? And is there a solution for you to live happy and to live in this matrix(society)? You are the greatest book, you have the answers, and the solution is often nearer than you think. Keep asking and seeking for the solution and do what is necessary in oder to life your life purpose. For me, I have discovered that a lot of fruits and vegetables with some cooked vegan foods work best for me. But believe me, when you are unhappy in your life, you have to change something. You cant keep doing the same things every day and expecting different results, please dont think fruit fruit fruit and everything is fine. This is a dangerous and limited belief from my point of view. Ask yourself what do you really want in life? Ah and when you go through the pollution or when you have stress, dont make more of it, just let it pass , because the more you focus on it, the bigger it gets. I am sure you will find the answers, you already know them, keep searching!!

thanks a lot for your answer. I like your point of view. Yes, I know of course that fruit is not everything. I definitely don´t focus only on the diet. In my case the most difficult is the problem with the clothes, and I know that I should live in the tropics where I need very little clothes.

In the case of Ayaura, it is very difficult though, because she can´t be anywhere in society. I know a man like that and he is suffering a lot. But I hope that there is a solution for those persons. I really do.

I have never taken any medications or vaccines in my life

I have allwais been a very, very sensitive being, since I was born

I've experienced similar things, and I don't know the answer, really - the answer for me, I mean; everyone's different to some degree, in some way.  It is sad living a fd up world where so much toxicity is the norm - for me it's like, do I do what i know is best for my body, and this leaves me in a cleaner state,  but at odds with the city i live in - or do i fit in more and consume more cooked vegan foods that ultimately i'm not physically and mentally stoked about, but that will leave me not so sensitive to pollution, non organic food, cigarettes, etc...?  The way i like to do it, is keeping on the raw, tons of fruit, a huge salad, no oil or salt, very little nut path.  It feels best for my mind, for what i really want in my life, and if that cleans out my body and makes me more succeptable to toxicity, i just am gonna live with it.  Not to sound insensitive, because maybe it's so much worse for you than me, this is just my route. And a part of this is i have very little money and no steady job, so i am often climbing into a grocery store dumpster that throws out bananas, grapes, mangoes, peaches, plums, none of which are organic.  So maybe i am not so "pure" or whatever, ya know?  I'm not giving my body the absolute best.  But to me that's just one piece of the puzzle - becuz to make money, I feel like jobs take my soul, so food is one important part, but just a one part, and unemployment benefits me immensely.  So, for me, it's a balance of what i am always learning is best for me.  And the thrill of free food is unbeatable!  And the thrill that I dont know a single fng person eating this way, it makes it pretty fulfilling to be doing my own thing, despite having no support person, much less a crew!  Ya know?  But, bummer, i really feel for you, and i think about the same thing a lot.



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