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Im concerned my triglyceride levels are going to raise eating all this fruit. Will someone please advice? I know I have to eat something to live lol and I know a high calorie diet of fat, protein and cooked complex carbs is not an option. But, still, Im fearful that, perhaps, I'm creating a diseased state in my body by eating an abundance of fruit. God, just even saying that, sounds kinda crazy....how can eating an abundance of fruit be bad?

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Well, our monkey and primate cousins who share 98-99% of our dna do just fine eating diets high in fruits.  

We need some triglycerides/cholesterol/lipids and body fats in our bodies for many functions from building healthy skin and tissues to regulation and storage of fat soluble vitamins like vitamin d to forming healthy hormones.  So dont be scared of triglycerides.  

As long as we are not eating animal products, dairy, and or a diet high in grains, most people will stay within a healthy limits.  

Good luck and Peace, PK

You write well...beautiful sentences! Please. ..if you would? ...elaborate on the consequences of eating a diet high in grains. Thanks! :)

Objections to grain products as foods suitable to the human system:

1. Deficient in important nutrients.

2. Contain substances poisonous to the system.

3. Cooked in order for digestion,  further depleting nutritional value and increasing pathological effects.

4. Place strain on digestive system causing hypertrophy of the pancreas and unnecessary depletion of enzyme reserves while at the same time resulting in flatulence(gas/farts).   

5. Damage intestinal villi, causing atrophy.  

6. Acid-forming in the body, causing arthritis and cancer.    

7. Causing allergy reactions such as dry skin, subcutaneous cysts, exacerbation of multiple sclerosis and schizophrenia.   

8. Antagonistic to the body's immune system and increases susceptibility to head colds and other infections.    

9. One of the worst causative factor in tooth decay due to their tendency to readily ferment between the teeth, producing the acid that destroys tooth enamel.   

10. Totally unsuitable for infants, causing permanent damage to digestive organs.   

11. Of all foodstuffs, they contain the highest levels of calcareous salts that accumulate in cell tissues, including the arteries, accelerating aging.    

12. Apart from antagonizing the digestive system and providing inadequate nutrition, they taste absolutely tasteless and unappealing to the senses, rendered edible by cooking and artificial flavoring.

13.  Contain opioid peptides influencing endorphin receptors in the brain.  Physically addictive, causing dependence, asthma, obesity, apathy, ignorance and numbness.

Thank you for taking the time to enlighten me, Sunshine. I see that you share a lot here at 30 BaD; we are all lucky to have you, especially us newbies! I had been thinking quinoa was a grain when I had asked the question, but Wikpedia tells me differently. For my transitional state- quinoa, squash, broccoli, sweet potatoes?

well this too has some ideas for transition food: 
(thank you for your positive words )

Optimum Food Chart

Foods eaten optimally by peeps?  Despite modern tendencies to make determinations based upon microscope viewing, better ways to choose food exists.  Senses have kept our species from going extinct over millions of years. Combining those senses with knowledge about which foods exist biochemically more available to the body leads us to a higher level of health, when other health-building practices such as breathing fresh air, sufficient sleep, exercise and positive mood get added as a holistic approach.  Bark, trees leaves, pine cones, deer antler and other such get consideration as food by some.  They contain bio-unavailable nutrients encased in cellulose,  making the body incapable to accessing.  Nutritionists missing this speaking to “cancer-fighting” elements of cruciferous veggies.  They recommend eating them by cooking to break down those cellulose cell walls thus destroying nutrients, losing minerals and killing enzymes.  Cruciferous veggies do not embody the qualities told, maybe huh?  This seems but a few of the ways in witch nutritional pseudo-science leads towards distrust of nature.  Holding onto prior acceptance of modern nutrition challenges readers of this information.  Not “optimal” or non-ideal  foods could help if eaten at first.  Varying rates of detox occur based on the amount and rate of how many “sub-optimal” foods get given up.  Omit unhealthful foods replacing them with healthier options.

 C L A S S  T Y P E E A T ?
FRUIT Most Kinds Amongst thousands of fruits, a mere few harm the body when eaten fresh, raw, whole, unprocessed, and in healthy amounts satisfying genuine hunger.  Allow guidance via taste preferences.
Brazil Nut
Sunflower Seed
Pumpkin Seed
Flax seed
Sesame Seed
In nature, a shell encases nuts making their eating slow & laborious. Early humans with more appealing and expedient food choices of fruit selected them before nuts. From this and digestion difficulty, subsistence on large quantities of nuts and/or seeds nuts could not happen.  Nuts fill desires during transition for a dense, concentrated food, eat them to the extent that they keep you from eating less healthful foods, continually cutting back. Obtain them un-shelled ideally. Preferring almond, filbert, pecan, macadamia and young coconuts (mature coconut harder to digest due to high starch content). Digestibility of nuts and seeds improves by soaking them.  Do not eat peanut, raw or not, as they contain toxins. Cashews get heated to remove from shells therefor not raw.  Chewing Flax and sesame seed difficult, so they remain indigestible.
VEGGIES Despite unqualified approval from mainstream nutrition “experts”,  most veggies not an optimal human food. Palates and senses not perverted by years of abusive eating practices, the ability to discern their lack of suitability by their unappealing taste, smell and appearance would exist. Lacking this skill, the body compensates with knowledge that these foods feel difficult to digest and in cases toxic.  Most feel them fine but as continued improvements get make, taking this information into consideration leads to benefits.
Cruciferous Veggies Broccoli
Brussels sprouts
Bok choy (leaves)
Collard greens
Disqualified as optimal or appropriate due to high cellulose content.  The body has a limited ability to access nutrients encased in cellulose structures, in turn  eating them results in their elimination from the body, which unnecessarily taxes our eliminative processes. These vegetables also contain irritating and indigestible oxalic acid thus bitter, bland or unpleasant to eat raw.  Exception: baby spinach and young kale,  with pleasant flavor and easily digested in moderate quantities since the  low oxalic acid content at this stage in their growth.
Tubers Carrots
Vegetables growing underground come from modified roots. One function of roots in nature - storage of nutrients for the plant above. Starch exists as one of nature’s food storage mechanisms, and it promotes storage on our bodies too - fat.  Excessively high starch and cellulose in these foods causes their considered not optimal,  also their low nutrients. Commonly cooked because of their in-digestibility raw, which seems not an answer because cooking causes harmful oxidation and destruction of the nutrients.  While not optimal, they can help in transition, eaten raw, as with nuts because they provide a "fullness” feeling.
Beans, legumes and peas Lentils
Navy beans
Pinto beans
Cooking required for palatability,  disqualifying them as food.  Low digestibility due to complex make-up of concentrated protein, fat and starch, causing them to putrefy and ferment in our bodies, resulting in gas production.
Non-sweet fruits Tomatoes
Bell peppers
Optimal foods. Water and nutrient rich. Eat as much as you please, especially if you want juicy nutritious foods low in sugar.   “Nightshades” have a negative reputation because the leaves contain poison to humans, not contained in the fruit.  Green bell peppers signify un-ripeness, do not eat them, red yellow and orange - fine.
Squashes Pumpkin
High in cellulose, thus difficult to digest, low in sugar and flavorless. Similar to tubers in digestibility. They get cooked and flavored to make them palatable and digestible.
Lettuces Romaine Optimal food, water and nutrient rich, easily digested when chewed well.
Iceberg An underrated food. Watery, pleasant and sweet tasting, romaine and other lettuces combine well with non-sweet fruits, and easy to digest.
Red and Green leaf Slightly bitter taste suggests less digestibility than romaine or iceberg, not optimal but acceptable, eat baesd on personal preference.
Wild or exotic greens Including: dandelion, frisée, watercress, maché, escarole, mustard greens and many others. Most have slight to moderate bitter taste suggesting less digestibility and toxic constituents.  Wild greens that have a pleasantly mild or nutty flavor are desirable and appropriate, such as Miner’s lettuce.
Sprouts Alfalfa
Wheat grass
Bean sprouts (each type)
Over-rated. As high in cellulose, low in energy value, limited in nutrient value, and contain toxic compounds. Those with a taste for them can eat during transition. Not optimal, however, and do not deserve the favorable reputation they enjoy.
Herbs Basil
Used to “enhance” the flavor of foods or to suppress the symptoms of disease. Not qualified to use as food. Contain irritating alkaloids and other noxious chemicals that the human body cannot digest
Toxic “Foods” Onions
Hot peppers (each type)
Contain toxic aromatic free acids and alkaloids that irritate tissues and harmfully excite nerve endings. These foods get eaten only for the abusive thrill reaction they force upon the body, reactions are easily mistaken as “energizing”, in reality the body loses energy stores and creates metabolic waste as it eliminates the offending substances. Completely avoid, even in transition.
Miscellaneous Vegetables Corn Too starchy, not optimal but acceptable transition food when eaten fresh.  Sweet fresh corn off the stalk, indicating easy digestion of the high sugar content, but soon turning starchy and less digestible within hours of picking.
Celery Optimal food.  Water and mineral rich,  highly digestible, highly alkaline combining well with other than melon.
Bok choy (stalks) Similar to celery, more cellulose, slight bitterness but rich in water - acceptable.
Rhubarb Acidic stalk vegetable, unpalatable raw.
Mushrooms (all varieties) Difficult to digest, low in water and nutrients, low in energy value, sometimes poisonous.  Acceptable in transition for entertainment or variety purposes.
Avocado Excellent but high fat content requires to eaten in small to moderate amounts.
Olives High in fat, eaten tree-ripened and sun-dried.  Bitter, if not fully ripened.
Artichokes High in starch, bitter, bland, unpalatable raw.  Do not use useless  no alternatives available.
Okra Not optimal, high in cellulose, starchy, difficult to digest, low energy value.  Edible in transition to meet caloric needs.
Eggplant High in cellulose, similar to zucchini, unpalatable and bland raw.
It appears that there's only one way out-811. Thanks, again, Sunshine.
I want to hold onto my potatoes! :(

low nutrient and very addictive .  i mean if that is more affordable for you do your thang  but after being 100% so long i remb the experiments and they made my mouth taste metal i could tell it was acid.  

i think some like david klein say 80 % alkaline 20 % acid
but i have had only alkaline and feel fine

Sunshine, how long have you been 100%.raw?
Potatoes- addictive? I know it's just a matter of time before I drop starch. My living arrangements are quite challenging right now, but on Jan 19th I relocate to Costa Rica. I think there it will be much easier for me to let go of starch.

I just posted a video with my blood tests. Check out all my levels and if you want message me and I can give you a run down of what my daily meals look like! I know it's strange to eat the amounts of fruit that are recommended coming from a normal western diet but trust me as long as you keep your fat intake LOW and the FRUIT HIGH you will become the best version of yourself! 


Thank you Lien. I'd love too see a run down of your daily meals...message you?

Just sent you a message with the run down :)



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