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Hello everyone,

So about a month ago I started a raw cleanse, and about a week into the cleanse I went through an awful detox (couldn't get out of bed, feverish, bad acne, etc.) However, it was a very high fat cleanse, and it was not until after the cleanse that I learned about 811. Now I have been eating 811 for 10 days, and I have AWFUL acne (I usually don't have any acne, but right now my entire face is covered), and I also feel very bloated and a bit low on energy. Now these all seem like detox symptoms to me, but I just went through a detox less than a month ago. How many times can your body really detox? I am just worried that these are going to be permanent side effects of the diet, so I am looking for a bit of reassurance. 

Thanks!! :)

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I am going through the same thing right now.  This is Day7 for me.  I was eating pretty cleanly before that (vegan, gluten free, high raw) but just started 811.  A couple of days ago I noticed that my face was covered with fine red bumps.  I generally do not have acne.  I am hoping that this is a detox symptom and I am hoping that it goes away soon.  I notice that you posted this about 5 months ago.  Have you noticed an improvement?

I've heard of people having severe detox episodes years down the road. To the point where they had no.choice but to water fast or re-tox (NO!). I doubt you are deficient in anything, you probably need to eat more, but get a blood test and follow PK's advice. eat a rainbow of fruit and lots of tender green leaves.

Thank you.  Who is PK?

Oh heis a super helpful member here. his avatar is a lovely ginger cat. i think it stands for peace keeper. PK, WHERE ARE YOU!!!! lol

fruit, water, leafy greens, and rest! you'll be fine :)



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