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Yes, that's true: I have never, never, never eaten a salad in all my life. I have always thought it was a food for cows, not for human beings with a brain which is highly demanding for glucose....

I decided to try to change my mind: I am planning to have my first salad tomorrow night!

But I don't know which vegetables/fruits to choose and how to prepare them, apart from lettuce. Can you help me finding a simple recipe, with few ingredients (very digestible please, I have huge problems with raw zucchini). Finally, everything must be easily available where I live, in Italy.

Thank you! :)


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Start with just lettuce and tomatoes, then with time add more vegetables that please you :) I personally like adding cucumbers and carrots too.

My favorite dressing: blend more tomatoes, a bit of lemon juice, tahini (or skip the tahini, or use a bit of avocado instead), parsley and green onions (just the green top).

Try butter lettuce topped with heirloom tomatoes - easy to find in Italy, the home of good tomatoes.  Try skipping dressings - they interrupt the flavor of the lettuce, which is delicious if you get young lettuce.  Older lettuce is bitter, fyi. 

But Shery's dressing does sound good : ) 

Blend up a mango or an orange for the dressing. If you blend sunflower seeds with the orange it thickens up and has a different taste. Pecans work well with the orange too. Or if all that seems like too much work you could just eat plain romaine like I am now :)  Let us know how it goes!

Didn't you know that salad deficits must be paid back with interest?  Dig in!

Thank you guys! You are very supportive!

I am a bit scared of salads, however. I don't know the true reason... probably I can't simply stand the smell of vinegar that lots of people put in the dressing... or I am just neophobic!

The option with tomatoes is really simple, but I am a big fan of tomatoes (this week I have eaten nearly 2 kg per day) and I think I wouldn't enjoy them mixed with lettuce... prejudices are hard to change!

Lettuce, tomatoes, celery, cucumber, mango, pineapple, strawberries, oranges.  Anything your heart desires.  Do not use bottled dressing.  Take some of your salad ingredients and blend and pour.  Use some herbs in the dressing. YUMM and easy. 



THANK YOU! I am going to the farmer's market within an hour... wish me good luck :)

PS. one head of lettuce is too much to start? (I get bloated easily)

good luck sweetly ! It might be a lot for your first time, but in general it won't be too much. eat for as long as it feels good, and avoid spinach if you have problems digesting (you can incorporate it in smaller quantities if you desire, but keep it at a minimum to start with)
let us all know how your first salad experience has been :)

Until about a year ago I had never really had a salad either & I was 28 at the time. I had had veg before, generally I hated it, all of it! The only things I'd eat from an early age would be potatoes, raw carrots, baked beans & boiled onions in mince. I'd eat things like tomato soup, pizza & tomato based pasta sauces but never tomato, which sucks now because I love tomato & I'm allergic. 

I still generally don't eat enough greens, I find a lot of times it's hard to digest if I eat them. So I juice them instead & I actually love the taste of green juice.  

My problem with greens is that I love them, but only cooked! My "comfort foods" are zucchini and eggplants, but I am also addicted to French beans and spinaches. Unfortunately, the only ones which I eat raw are peppers, tomatoes, peas... am I hopeless?

You are not hopeless, but change requires...change. Experiment, what are you afraid of? This is your choice. Courage friend.

if you have never eaten lettuce you might want to add some avocado. lettuce, tomato avocado is good. the first 20 years of my life i too never ate salad. now i love it however i needed to learn to love it, couple years later i can eat it plain or very simply.



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