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 If you're complaining about someone else, you're probably not doing much yourself.

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I wouldn't say he's complaining.
Sometimes complaints are justified, ie. bp oil spill and the murder of lots of animals. But I agree complainers should spend less time complaining more time doing, but we're human and not perfect so it's not always that simple!

In a zen sort of way this is sort of true. The way I see it is that if your gonna point a finger, offer a better solution with the other hand. Offer help with the other hand. Anyone can be a stone thrower with no real solution but its rare where people can actually objectively point out something is wrong and offer a real solution that benefits everyone involved.


I mean I give these guys a lot of crap but I dont hate em personally. They say that you gotta go hunting in the woods and kill wild animal species and that bananas are bad cos they are farmed and then they say drink farmed dairy products anyway. They say the solution is to eat grass fed carcass but we know we would need 5 extra planets due to the extra land that grass fed animals need. (Just look at the problems we have in Australia from grazing). They say dont eat fruit for energy cos its got too much sugar but honey is ok and cacao, magic mushrooms and psychedelic cactus is really good for you. They say fat people need to eat more fat if they want to lose fat. They say that glycogen doesnt really exist and the body needs lots of cholesterol and saturated fat for a healthy heart.


They say you will get fat on fruit but dont ask them why they are getting fatter every year. They say vegans in cyberspace are aggressive and voilent but shooting bambi's in the woods and netting fish is peaceful. 


They say that the body needs lots of fat to be fit but none of these guys can even run around the block at pace. I mean have you seen an avocado run? Gianni, Mercola, Fielder, Fallon, Sisson USED to be fit. Pump enough LSD into Vitalis and I guess he could probably run down an injured deer caught in a fence. Doesnt make em bad people but it makes em bad examples of health & fitness.


Its easier for me to sit around and pretend I dont judge people and say "hey, no judgement here, just do what works for you and if you cut down all the forrest, empty the oceans, make people fatter, dumber, sicker and more drug fcuked then who am I to judge? Its all just an illusion anyway isnt it? I mean thats what Terrance McKenna said right?"

It takes A LOT OF GLYCOGEN for me to stand up and say "NO, this is crazy, this is insane, we gotta go forward, we cant afford to keep doing what we are doing so we keep getting what we are getting. Im not gonna say whats convenient, Im gonna stand up and speak the truth. Its not dogma, religion or cult crap, its carbed up frick'n common sense! Just look around at the world today! More murder aint gonna make things more peaceful. Less fruit trees aint gonna make life sweeter. More fat aint gonna make people fitter"


Does that make sense? Its like me walking past a building site and giving everyone crap and saying they are doing it wrong but Im also prepared to commit as long as it takes to show everyone how it will be more fun and effective if we do it this way.


Efficient people get things done.

Effective people get things done right.

Its never wrong to do the right thing.

I wouldn't call what you're doing complaining. You're putting out a message that is tagged and seen by people about to pay to get some refined sugar and you're giving them the whole foods for free.

We would do a lot better to be focused on organizing our money and seeing that we live a life of paradise proportions than focus on the MLM marketers who are making it happen for themselves.


A $1 monthly cost to this site with the interest of getting a fund for LFRV purposes. That would collect more than $50k per year - that's enough to get a beautiful Headquarters going.


Show the beautiful headquarters to the world. Make a tv show that has a bunch of super healthy happy sexy people LOVING LIFE and people will jump on the bandwagon a lot faster than hearing Atkins, Wolfe, Cousens, Clement, Kieth, whomever is fat and drugged up or dead or skinny etc..

Show the healthy people that have beaten the system and make no animals victim.


But perhaps I should just ask you what you're seeing 3-5 years down the road?

This money trap is EXACTLY what has enticed Wolfe, etc. into their current state. It's hard to be objective when your pay check is dependent on saying a particular thing.
I like the way you write.

Therefore  .  . . how can either know for certain of what's best for us ?


Garth, we know that animal products are invariably high in protein and/or fat. We know that high protein diets (animal protein in particular) lead to bone loss, hypercholesterolemia, increased obesity risk, raised levels of growth hormones like IGF-1 which are associated with aging and increased risk for reproductive and hormonal cancers. We know that high fat diets lead to insulin resistance, which is again associated with increased risk for CVD (including not only heart disease, but stroke, dementia and senility) and the terrible complications of uncontrolled diabetes. animal fat in particular significantly increases risk for MS. We know according to the EPA that animal products are the most significant source of dioxin and other carcinogenic persistent environmental contaminants in the human diet. We know that free range eggs in Europe actually have higher levels of dioxin than factory farmed eggs, often exceeding the safety threshold. We know that cooking animal products produces known and probable carcinogens such as nitrosamines and HCAs and PAHs. We know that raw animal products increase our risk for pathogens like ecoli, salmonella, trichinosis, and toxoplasmosis to name a few. We know that red and processed meats are associated with increased risk for virtually every form of cancer that can be named, and that all types of animal products increase our risk for one form of cancer and/or major chronic disease or another. We know that if the human body were designed to thrive on animal-based diets, heart disease, diabetes, and many forms of cancer would not exist.. yet these are among the top 4 killers in the developed world (the other being modern medicine). We know that 56 billion land animals are killed every year to be put on the plates of the wealthiest, making us sicker, fatter, and more miserable with every meal. we know that world fish populations are depleted to the point were human cultures around the world who used to subsist and rely on fish for a living can barely do so now, if at all. we know that livestock consume 5-6x the amount of grain that humans do, and over a billion humans in the 3rd world suffer from chronic hunger. We know that factory farms are an abomination to our ethical sensibilities, our environment, and human health. we know that grass fed cattle require twice as much land as do factory fed animals, and already fertilizer runoff from excess conventional agriculture into the sea is causing excess growth and die-off of algae, leading to coastal O2 dead zones in our oceans where no aquatic life can survive. these have increased nearly 10 fold in the past 4 decades. we know that one hamburger means 50 sq feet of rainforest is gone, likely forever. we know that even small amounts of meat and dairy increase our risk for arthritis and one meal high in saturated animal fat causes measurable damage to our arteries. we know that diets low in fat, high in fiber and whole plant foods including fruits and vegetables are associated with decreased risk for virtually every major chronic disease I can think of. I don't know of any compelling and reliable evidence establishing that even the smallest amounts of animal products are necessary in human diets, whereas we know that virtually all the vitamins, amino acids, and other nutrients that our body needs are derived firstly if not exclusively from plants.


although we can never be 100% certain about virtually anything, given everything I think it can be safely concluded that exploiting animals for our economic advancement and sensory pleasure is not in our best interest as a species, and we need to start eating more whole plant foods and less animal products if we want to be around on this planet much longer. if anything i think it is our obligation to speak out against those who argue otherwise.


if you look at all the evidence and come to a different conclusion, fine, but if this information comes at a shock to someone, I think it would be their obligation to educate themselves before concluding that animal products might be good for us, or that we don't really know.


as far as I know fruit is the best fuel for humans, but I'm not trying to convert everyone to frugivorism. if the world went plant-based we'd have so much fewer problems, and would at least have a chance of resolving the many other issues we face that changing our diet alone won't address. I applaud DR for speaking up about what he believes to be true, and calling out prominent figures in the natural health movement on their BS. I hope many others on this path will follow suit.

Perfect, B. !
God I love you. Yes I mean God, I love you. I read what you expressed here as God speaking through you and I totally get it. Thank you God. I love you and I love me and I love thee. Let it be!



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