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Competitive athlete & spiritual gangsta based in England - a few remaining concerns

Long time reader first time poster... time to vomit my 'about me' all over the forum.

22 years old, in the UK (plotting my escape), competitive runner but I swim and cycle also as cross training. In a really privileged position where I have much of the day to train.

Migrated towards 811RV for a couple of reasons, firstly being the spiritual journey that i've been on since I was around 14 has lead me to the point of feeling so connected to the earth and all of it's inhabitants that I want to reduce my contribution to suffering to as great an extent as possible. Secondly, as an athlete, I will do what it takes to maximise my performance, and increasingly I feel that this could be the next step. My goals are elite performance; mediocrity will not suffice.

Currently my diet is all raw fruit and vegetables, occasional cooked starch (potatoes), a little meat and fish and quite large amounts of nuts including coconut - diet has been this way for ~7years with occasional experiments. I do all fruit meals sometimes, but have not committed to this 100% because of the few remaining doubts that I have (see end of post).

I'm 6ft 2 and weigh 156lbs, not looking to lose any weight particularly as i'm already at somewhere close to race weight and I feel that I may become too weak if I were to lose any more. Performance is the goal (but not as the expense of diabetes)

Alongside all of this i'm on the look out for a way out of this country to somewhere warmer, where I can work in return for lodging and fresh fruit. I feel blessed to have found a community that has similar views on this sort of thing; living free from financial constraints and material possessions and being as free as possible. I'm scouring the various WWOOF websites and welcome any advice from anyone out there. Of course, I would also want to continue with my athletic journey alongside this lifestyle change.

I'm particularly keen to hear from other athletes, but feel free to chime in on any of my concerns that i've listed below. As someone that already lives in a way that most would view as strange I'm not concerned about the reaction from others.

1. I'm concerned about becoming too reliant on carbohydrates which might increase the likelihood of me bonking during training/racing. Currently I can complete long workouts without fuel and I don't experience any problems going for longer periods between meals. I would be disappointed if I lost this ability through a diet change and had to start using lots of sugar to get through runs/cycle rides/swim sessions.

2. I can already see that getting enough calories will be more challenging. My reliance on fats from nuts is largely to help me meet my calorie goals (4-5000kcals). I know there are ways of meeting these goals on an 811RV diet, but I don't relish the thought of eating with great frequency through the day because I find it inconvenient.

3. From my experience most 'extremes' have caused problems. Avoiding carbs several years ago, for example, was a very bad experiment. I do not want to did myself into some disease/hormonal/metabolic issue that will then take me months or years to recover from.

All comments and welcomes will be appreciated; I look forward to asking more questions and contributing wherever I can.

Peace out.

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My simple advice would be to try it for a month 100% raw. Get your calorie dense fruits bananas, dates ect whatever you like. If you don't like it go back to what you have doing. Bonking during training because of increased carbs not going to happen!!!! You will be able to train harder, your strength won't be affected at all, and above all you will be healthier.

Ive personally done every diet plan under the sun in the name of athletic performance and am just settling into this lifestyle now. Try it for a month and you wont go back because to do so is to sacrifice performance.

Give us your best certified race results this year TT. 

No 'on the treadmill at the gym times' either. ;)

Maybe someone should write the kenyans and chris froome and tell them they eat too many carbs and will have better times eating 80% calories from fat diet instead of 80% calories from carbs. Every time I go riding/running I get passed by people drinking coconut oil. Oh hang on, that would NEVER happen lol!

Great to get some replies, thanks guys.
The only the way to know is to try. First day yesterday - highlight being persimmon which are super delicious. Went to bed seriously full though, and had to get up to urinate 6 times through the night which was not cool. Normal?
What do you compete in Raw Man?

DR, been a little while since I raced due to an injury but 10k of 34:23 has been my best to date on a verified course. The races I've done on the track are nothing to write home about as I prefer longer stuff. Most of my races are on the cross country circuit so the times vary - much prefer these over the road.
Currently doing a lot of cycling, aquajogging and swimming until the last of this injury clears up and then on with the five year plan towards kicking ass and taking names.
Have to agree on the high fat diet thing; it's actually starting to get quite frustrating to hear that style of diet being encouraged when NO top athletes in the whole world do it. Kind of like going to the start line of the Tour de France and trying to convince the teams that they'd be far superior if they ditched their team bikes and started racing a unicycle "studies show that only having one wheel leads to a significant improvement..."

Well, cycling to the pool now; let's see how yesterday's fruit fest impacts my session.

Peace out!

On the plus side, due to your age, you can pretty much go anywhere. A lot of countries have a 1-2 yr work-holiday visa program and you can just country hop as the visa's expire. Then, you can find where you want to settle, as you visa hop. 

I love Australia/NZ a great deal, I also like northern Europe (i.e., Scandinavian countries -- though finding fruit there might be more difficult in the long winter). I enjoyed Spain, the south of france, Tanzania is awesome, as is Kenya (but there are a bit more problems in Kenya). There are lots of good places to go in Africa. 

Thailand, Vietnam and Laos are awesome (and inexpensive). 

I have my eye on central america, currently -- ecuador and honduras have a big draw for me, but I'd love to visit chile and peru, too. Brazil not so much, don't know why. 

Anyway, WWOOFing is excellent, btu it might be difficult to maintain your unique diet -- they usually provide food in terms of whatever they are eating. But, you can do a lot of migrant farm work (paid) in these different countries and get enough money to buy fruit/etc.

If you have a degree -- particularly one on a skills shortage list of a given country (check their immigration web sites), you'll be able to get all kinds of 'normal' work in offices which pays higher and helps you with housing and purchasing the food you need. 

So, on day 3 now and so far things feel good for the most part. Mood is calmer and energy has certainly improved. Whilst I don't have weight to lose through this change I have definitely shed stored water over the last couple of days which is great. Didn't really feel that I was retaining much but seems that I was wrong.
Few 'problems' have been urinating multiple times through the night, and although I go straight back to sleep I'm used to sleeping without any interruption. This also concerns me because of the whole diabetes/sugar thing.
Secondly, my mouth feels a little sore after eating which I assume is from the sugar in the fruits.
Finally, I've had some pretty bad cramps the last couple of nights; this is not new to me but if anyone has suggestions to things I may be lacking and can add to my diet to resolve the issue then that'd be great. I already use a topical magnesium oil and I'm not adding any salt to anything I'm eating.

Thanks for your reply BeeBee; have you any good links for any of the other options you suggest (migrant working especially)? I like the idea of Bulgaria based on their strict organic farming laws and the fact that it's less developed than many European countries. I've found the WWOOF site useful but the issue of food availability has, as you mentioned, stopped me pursuing the opportunity at this time (though I'm sure with the many different hosts and locations there would be some suitable).
The thread on this forum regarding an opportunity in Costa Rica is pretty awesome too. As I said before, I'm really pleased to have found a forum full of people with similar ambitions/beliefs.

Just go to the different country's immigration web sites, to see about the visas. Most people will find work once they arrive. 

With WWOOFing, you'll just need to contact the farm to see if they can accommodate you. In our case, we have a child, and most farms won't let us bring him until he is 8, and even then, most farms won't allow him at all (even though we would be supervising, etc). So, you know, there are times when it's not for you, and times when it is.

A friend of mine WWOOFed at a farm/retreat in Australia -- she was raw and high-fruit (not 811, though) -- and she was just fine. I think she stayed there for 4 months or something. :D



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