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Hi guys..

Recently I've been fighting a bug, and conveniently right after the holidays by body finally gave in. I woke up this morning with the works... sore throat, stuffed up nose, loss of taste, etc. 

Thing is, this is exactly what happens to me in the initial stages of a detox, accompanied by a major headache. 

I ate a bit of cooked food over the holidays, like roasted potatoes and steamed asparagus. My stomach felt a bit upset and my heartbeat increased for an hour or so, but nothing major. That's why I don't think I'm detoxing, because my diet hasn't been pure. But could eating the cooked food have led to a cold? 

I'm just wondering what everyone else's opinions are..


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Yes, some of us are still susceptible to colds, viruses, and bacterial infections.  While going fruity reduces our risks, it does not make us impervious.  There are other things that happen during holidays like not getting enough sleep, stress from family disputes, yes, eating cooked foods and or high oxalate foods, and or losing track of our caloric and or water counts.  

Take a few days off to rest, heal, and or detox as even having a legit cold, you body still has to detox.  Drink your 2-4 or more quarts of water a day, and load up on the vitamin C rich foods like oranges.  Oranges are also great antihistamine,  anti inflammatory, and have natural pain relievers too.  

Peace, PK

Great reply, thanks!



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