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COMMENT on his VIDEO, he is asking for help, SHOW HIM THE WAY!

Everyone on here needs to send comments or messages to this guy, he is asking for help sincerely, i see a lot about bill barlow and dave the raw food trucker, dan mcdonald already made a video for him, everyone spread the raw vegan message to him before he gets roped in to some other scary form of weight loss scheme! <3


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I agree, make a vid for this dude Harley, As lorra says, besides helping this guy out  the publicity would be positively huge. Thanks for letting us know Jennelle, I chucked a few comments on there for him.

@lorra i hope harley makes him a vid too, i feel for this guy as well, i cant believe some of the hateful things people are saying to him when hes asking for help, he needs FRUIT VEGGIES AND LOVE! <3

doug send him a signed copyyyy haha

Praying we can get him here. And yeah, 15k comments, mostly hate comments...People of this world are so weak they have to kick dying dogs to feel man.

Aye, hears another link for an article and CBS vid, looks like he's got Chris Powel to help out.Not to sure about his methods, but he has helped a lot of really obese people lose weight. I reckon this guy will be sorted now. However I will stay subscribed to his channel, and in a year or so, once he's lost weight and got his diabetes under control ill give him a reminder about 30bad and 80/10/10 so he can keep it of.

I sent him a private message on YouTube. I really hope he responds. :)
Any help is great though.

I sent him a message also, though I don't really expect him to respond if he already has a lot of well known people helping. Still, it's always nice to give some encouraging words regardless. :)



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