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I work in the Mining Industry and have been making some waves of recent over the past 12 months. Little by little and now they are officially looking into introducing a staple vegan food option for their hot dinner menu!! This is a massive achievement if it comes through as everything they have includes, meat, crustaceans, eggs &/or DAIRY; dairy being the main killer they serve in almost all of their dishes (which only leafs poisoned fruit (non- organic), and the cold salad bar / condiment bar for the minority) . They have to cater for all dietary requirements but unfortunately the vegetarian option clouds the consistency of this massively!
The vegan option means that they will replace their inconsistent vegetarian option (which just about always makes almost everything inedible for me/other vegans) with a stapled vegan option at every dinner service tailored into their menu! This will also open up for staple startch options more consistently without the butter on potatoes and/or egg mixed in the rice, etc.  
If it doesn’t pull through the next step will be a petition aiming for 1,000 names from people in the workplace. Ironically enough I was going to start that this week but have heard the news, today, that some of my feedback was read out in a Head of Departments meeting this morning for improvements to be initiated! The reason for no petition sooner is I now feel I have put enough ground work in to avoid receiving unfavourable resistance in the interim.

Next step I am pushing for vegan work boots and push it STRONGLY as a religious belief directly through the Human Recourses department (remember I work for a big Australian mining company people so this will be a big deal!). I can buy vegan work boots myself and claim around tax time anyway but, by doing it this way it means that they reduce their purchasing of non-cruelty-free work wear and introduce the cruelty-free vegan option across the business! This is my next goal anyway!

Kapow!! It’s a great day today for the vegan word!! Let’s just hope it sticks and if not be rest assured that I’ll be giving them numbers & persistence (in the right manner) and it will prevail!

[For the benefit of those who may feel the need: Please kindly do not wrongly presume, judge or onslaught me for the industry of which I work - as I will not expalin myself to such comments. It also takes making changes from the inside/out that makes the changes for the outside to see! You can't just make changes from the outside/in!] :)

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Every Change We Make Flying The Vegan Flag, Whether It Be Physical, Industrial, Revolutionary Or A Small Act Of Kindness, Only Excels The Movement of Which We So Love &, Benefits, The People, The Animals & The Planet! Happy Vegan Day People! ;)

Congratulations for your success in being heard on the vegan diet issue!  I really admire your persistence.  I also understand your feelings about starting the petition.

I hope the work boots issue is easy and effortless for you!

+1 Thank you, Eva!

There are many issues which can make it arduous and as a friend / colleague so artlessly put it “there’s vegetarian which is seen as gay and then there is vegan which is seen as SUPER GAY” (I laugh at is I typed that) so, when it comes to such a simple and obvious suggestion as making the vegetarian option vegan vegetarian to suit all demographics such as, vegetarians, typical health conscious people &/or anyone who may be “allergic” (in the sense of medical term to justify a majority influence of animal products) to an animal derived ingredient, feedback initially received can easily be put down to the weird or annoying vegan minority trying to push their values on others. That is even if they know what vegan is, let alone what food group we eat &/or why. I’ve even heard it be asked “what special foods would have to be ordered in to fulfil vegan dietary requirements”! – Ha! - You have to laugh.

First step on the work boot situation (no pun intended but I’ll take it), is to obviously put my best foot forward (okay, now that one was intentional) and present my case to Human Recourses but, what would transcend this would be a list of names of all those who would wish to represent animal-cruelty-free protective gear in their workplace…. I would ideally do a “shout out” on 30bananasaday, etc., asking for those who also work for my company and submit the names in support of my request but, I do not think I can legally mention my company name on here without authorised written consent otherwise I very well may be in breach of my company contract agreement.

Any suggestions? Maybe a “shout-out” on 30bananasaday asking those who work in the mining industry to post their company name (city corporate-based or on-site) then arrange the companies accordingly and submit my application that way…. Before I do this I will ask if I can send out an approved Communication business wide in support of my request :)

You are the man, FV.  You're obviously conducting yourself in a professional and courteous yet firm and consistent manner to be getting your ideas heard and on the verge of application.  That's the best way to  to make waves!

As far as ideas, try contacting one of our top AR guys here, Pradtf, and ask for his input.  

+1 @Windlord Thanks for the kind words!

I've contacted and had a look at Pradtf's page and asked to be included on his "arissues elist". 

Thank you for the direction on that one :) Always a pleasure!

greetings fnv! and welcome to 30bad!

a fellow borg too i see!

i've just put you on my arissues list.

as windlord says, you certainly are 'making waves' and in such a fine fashion too!

here is a list of some of the items we've sent out in the past:


i think you'll find this link on 30bad useful too:

animal rights on 30bad

if you get into arguments with people who use bizarre approaches to defend the indefensible, you may find this helpful (you are welcome to send me your own encounters to help build on what we already have):

fallacies project

and for factual nutritional content greger's site is the best i've found:

nutrition facts

since you are 'unintentionally' into puns, you may enjoy this thread:

30 bahahas a day

finally, here are 3 'videographers' whose work you may want to utilize as you come in for your vegan win:

rrichie fruitbat

vegan ninja bunny


in friendship,


+1 Thank you so much, Prad! It is extremely appreciated and you have given me an armory of advice and preperaion for any uncertain encounters when they arise! :-)

Thanks again for the shortcut to some great & invaluable advice in the starting of my advances.

To new friendship,


>I am pushing for vegan work boots and push it STRONGLY as a religious belief directly through the Human Recourses department

If this is the direction you want to go, you may be able to edit our religious belief for vaccine exemptions statement to fit your purpose:
My Buddhist religious objection to immunization/vaccines:
ALL childhood vaccinations include animal and/or human products, including:
Human cells from aborted fetal tissue and human albumin.
Pig blood, horse blood, rabbit brain, guinea pig, dog
kidney, cow heart, monkey kidney, chick embryo, chicken
egg, duck egg, calf serum, sheep blood and others. Also,
gelatin produced from selected pieces of calf and cattle
skins, de-mineralized cattle bones and pork skin.

Beyond this, ALL vaccines, without exception, are
tested on animals in corporate pharmaceutical torture
chambers across the globe. Even those vaccines that
predate routine animal testing, and so were not tested on
animals in their development, are today so tested batch by
batch as current supplies roll off the laboratory floor.
Whatever the debatable benefits of our national childhood
immunization program may be, the moral and karmic cost in ongoing,
unrepentant, intentionally-inflicted animal suffering,
mutilation and death is mindbogglingly, exponentially
higher. From my Buddhist perspective,
immunization represents a spiritual abomination of
unimaginable proportions.

+1 ednshell - Hey, thank you for your information and the time you took out of your day to send me this :) It is greatly received and much appreciated! Thank you again. Fnv.



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