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Come live in friendly fruitarian house by California beach (or Asheville, NC) :)


The post below was about some of us trying to start a new home in Santa Cruz, California, with a fruit-and-veggie and yogi/healer vibe.  I'm still into that idea especially after April/May 2013, but we're now considering Asheville, North Carolina, as an option too (similar vibe as Santa Cruz but much cheaper rent - $275-500/month per room).  Just wrote a post on the Asheville idea here:

Please contact me ASAP if interested in the Santa Cruz or Asheville home idea!  Hoping to move our first group in January or February 2013.  One or more of the rooms may come available then for you after March 2013.


Here's my original post:


Some fellow fruit-loving friends and I are talking about starting a new home here in Santa Cruz, California, in 2013 a.s.a.p.  I'm thinking a total of probably 3-5 people, maybe more.  So far there are 7 or 8 of us maybe interested, but most are just "maybes" or "probably nots/can'ts."  Hopefully under $600/month per person, but may have to be more like $750.

Santa Cruz is a very special, very friendly, progressive, hippie-sorta town by both beach and redwood forests 2 or 3 hours from San Francisco/Berkeley/Oakland.  Lots of happy ions and vibes here.  Beautiful hiking and relaxing beach both within easy bike ride or car ride.  Easy to live here without a car... practically everyone has a bike and there are buses and walking paths too.  Since I don't have a car, we'd live in an especially bikeable section of Santa Cruz, pretty near the beach and downtown.

It's not as hectic and concretey as say San Francisco, but not so small that there aren't plenty of things to do.  Perfect size, in my opinion. 

Stuff to do in Santa Cruz:
Ecstatic dances, kirtans, big farmer's markets, natural food stores, fruit trees to forage, restaurants (easy to find vegan options), bike co-op, rockclimbing gym, meetup groups for any interest (biking, hiking, Buddhism, whatever you want), beach volleyball, dog beach, yoga studios, dance studios, basketball courts, skateboarding park, community gardens, rollerskating rink, massage schools, acupuncture schools, affordable community college, not-as-affordable-yet-great university (University of Santa Cruz), bars/nightclubs/venues, movie theaters, holistic healers, etc., etc., are all here.  There's an important history of surfing here too, so you can easily get into surfing or at least watch surf competitions too. 

If you want more options you can just drive over the hill to Silicon Valley or a bit further to San Fran/Oakland/Berkeley.  California has so many music festivals through the year too, and there are amazing places to drive to within the state like Big Sur, Harbin Hot Springs, Yosemite, etc.  Hawaii isn't too too far away.

Some of those things are things I do so you'd be welcome to tag along with me if you wanted.  We could be friends or just acquaintances...

Weather is Mediterranean climate mild.  Nice warm, comfy spring/summer/fall and rain (no snow) in fall/winter. 

So yep, it's a great place (I've lived here about a year and a half).  It'd be fun to live with people who are into eating low-fat raw vegan (we could buy bulk fruit, forage and garden together!) and just generally are into health, like being outside and not super into drugs or alcohol, into exercise, tidy, communicative, pretty positive mindset.  Santa Cruz is a great city for interests like that - very nature-loving, spiritual, liberal, crunchy place, near where most of the United States' fruits and veggies come from! 

One of my friends likes the idea of a 100% raw kitchen, but others are into the idea of cooked food being okay, so still sorting out those details.  We could have some potlucks, healing workshops, etc., in the house maybe?  But I'm not looking for 24/7 party atmosphere really... enough privacy/downtime would be cool too... definitely friendly, chill, relaxed, warm, low-drama, comfy, awesome home, with friends and loved ones totally welcome.  (And hopefully foster dogs and couchsurfers!)

Also, at least one of us would do massages/Reiki in a massage room or area in the house.  If you're a bodyworker or energyworker you could use it too.

Ok, that's more than enough details for now I guess... please comment or private message me a.s.a.p. if you're interested please :)

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Still seeking housemate(s) for a Santa Cruz or Asheville home... :)

(Or Ashland or Arcata or similar.  Santa Cruz is my top choice, but these other 3 I've listed are cheaper rent with a similar vibe.)

Ashland, OR is quite expensive and can feel limited, fruit and event-wise. I'm from there :)  I live in Eugene, but I'd consider moving for a fruit house somewhere else. I would want an all-raw kitchen though, as it's too easy for me to jump back into cooked foods if it isn't. Thanks for posting!

Hi Lolita.  Pretty name!  Ashland does sound tiny and I'm wondering if the winter is colder than Santa Cruz's.  Looks like massage laws are more strict in Oregon than Cali too.  So it's not as appealing to me now other than maybe just a few months.  I could get down with an all-raw kitchen.  You interested in Santa Cruz? 

Thanks :) Ashland gets snow a few times in winter, and can get below 30 degrees as well. Summers are in the 90s. (Part of the reason I live in Eugene - it's like a giant Ashland, but doesn't have as extreme weather.) Oregon requires updated license and CE credits for massage, but there are some people who do unlicensed massage....

I love Santa Cruz, although I wish it was a bit warmer there. I also have a 7 month old baby, and I understand that most raw-fruity roommates are young people and not interested in families, which won't hurt my feelings if I'm not invited, just letting everyone know :)

Lolita... hmm.  I wonder how risky and common unlicensed massage is there.  I have 250 hour certification so far and don't wanna pay for more schooling right now.  Have been to Eugene and didn't love the rainy grayness but sounds like it has wonderfully hot summers which I love.  Santa Cruz has rainy gray winter too and nice summers...maybe not as hot as Eugene/Ashland. 

I love babies and kids, just don't know what the reality is of how loud they'd be...as for now I'm seeing some of my massage clients at home so it can't be constantly loud.

Reality is cause of massage laws and having friends here, etc., I'll probably stick to California (say Santa Cruz or a few months in Arcata).  Though living somewhere else for 3 or 4 months wouldn't disrupt my massage practice and friendships too much and would save $.  So that's where I'm at.  Feel free to stay in touch :)

aaah this sounds absolutely amazing, I would be totally into it if I had the funds right now for cost of living. California is my next place to travel! Goodluck on your fruity housemate search, this is a great idea :)

Thanks, Katie!  Look me up when you visit here.  Expensive is relative...Santa Cruz feels cheap compared other places I've lived...

Ashland is about $650-850 for a 1 bdrm, $700-$1000 for a 2 bdrm, etc for anything decent. And it's limited, because it's a small (30K?) college town with SOU students and wealthy retirees. There is a lot to do in nature, it's near the Pacific Crest Trail and there are mountains, lakes, rivers, rockclimbing, camping, winter and water skiing, cycling, mountain biking opportunities. Lots of outdoorsy people. Bananas are $26.50 for a Grow brand organic case, much less if you don't buy organic. There is a Trader Joes in Medford, and a Co-op in Ashland, as well as 3 other big natural-ish stores. Lots of u-pick and farm fresh opportunities for berries, apples, veggies, maybe figs and persimmons (same local produce that grows in Eugene, except with a longer summer season.) I can talk about Oregon all day la la la...

Hey again, Lolita.  Oh wow!  Thanks for that extra Ashland info!  How bike-friendly is it in your opinion as in for someone with no car who's used to bicycling 15 minutes at a time almost every day and doesn't mind 10 min. walks or sometimes using the bus?  Have you checked out Ashland's ecstatic dance and contact improv and acroyoga scenes?

Not sure quite what your situation is like. It sounds like you have other people in the mix already, but if you (or anyone) is looking for a fruit household, we have one in Austin. The stove is unplugged haha :) Message me if you're interested. We have rooms available now and there will likely be at least one still open in February!

This sounds awesome! How much is rent? Are they sublets or are they available long term?



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