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I have found colon cleansing with colonics to be one of, if not the most helpful thing I have done to aid my body in the elimination of toxins. In a little over 2 years I have gone from the standard american diet (SAD) eating meat, dairy, fast food, coffee, energy drinks, smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol etc. to a nearly 100% raw fooder fruitarian. Winter tends to throw me off a little in seattle, in the spring and summer I am 100% raw and 100% fruit. I went from a totally exhausted, overweight junk food junkie with all kinds of health issues and totally devoid of any real vision for myself to someone who has discovered his spirit and an ever expanding consciousness and an inner peace I never felt before. I have become a total seeker when not long ago I was totally lost. My health has improved tremendously and frankly I do not think I could have not done it this fast without the extensive amount of colon cleansing I have done along the way. Colonics are a godsend and I highly recommend them to anyone who may feel like they are not progressing as fast as they would like or anyone who is dealing with a lot of cleansing reactions or strong food cravings. The colonics will remove the toxins that are still in the body which are causing the cravings and cleansing/healing reactions. If you have discovered some success with whatever level you are at on raw food diet but have not done any extensive colon cleasing, particularly colonics, you may be shocked at what a difference it will make in your progress.

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Thanks Crabby....no IMPACT is a good word lol...........and I agree Debate and/or discussion is very healthy. How else is there to exchange ideas, experiences, and knowledge to benefit each other??? It's not about competition with each other but cooperation. We are all in this together, Are we not?
definitely...I love this site. Freelea and DR have done a really good job. And we are all in this together. That's something that gives me a lot of reassurance when I'm stumped on something or lacking motivation. I've always stayed away from internet forums because people seemed so rude and condescending, as if it was a contest. But maybe that's just the techy/gamer forums. I was so relieved to find GI2MR and this one:)
That was just an example!...I will be wearing light clothing thank you very much Fruiteus...at least for now that is my plan lol..They better watch out for their fruit tho!
Thats how I feel crabby...this is the only site I have found on a fruit based diet that it seems like the people here are genuinely SHARING for the benefit of everyone involved and not some sort of hidden agenda or ego trip to try to prove one person wrong and another right. It's about time there is a website for people who really want to improve their lives on all levels and at the same time inspiring others to do so as well though example, and sharing. We are all messengers and we all benefit each other through our individual messages and support. Competition is counterproductive.
I hear you Nick...I've noticed a lot more contention the last few days, more along the lines of childish bickering than respectful sharing. I hope it doesn't continue, and if it does, I hope we all do something about it. There's a fine line between sharing and dictating...

I still agree that our community is more like a family than most others, but it can quickly devolve just like the other ones if we don't nip the nastiness in the bud.

When I joined 30 bananas, I didn't know it was an 811 site. I didn't even know exactly what 811 was. I came here from GI2MR thinking it was just another raw site but more intimate (maybe cuz I got in early).

I quickly realized that a lot of things on GI2MR that are accepted and embraced, are not so much over here. Which may be better for our health. It just seems like if I mention something over here, it's always a matter of right or wrong, not preference. That annoys me. It gets really tiresome to have everything turn into a scientific debate of right and wrong. I won't deny that at some point there is a right and wrong, but you can't berate someone into a belief system. Just look at the Catholic church for proof of that.

I'd rather be happy than be right...sometimes it requires experimentation on my part. And I feel like I can't share my experience if I experiment with something and it doesn't fall under the dogma of 811. This is a major issue for me, knowing that people are going to frown upon what I tried and be critical. Experimentation and deviation from 811 (or anything) is what people need guidance with most. Criticism for the sake of preserving dogma will most likely reduce followers, rather than engender them.

The most IRONIC thing about it is that so far, my deviations have been exactly what has confirmed for me that 811 is the right path for me. I truly think people could benefit from it when they have cravings or get curious to experiment outside the fray. I'd love to share, but not at the cost of defending every decision I make. I'm using enough energy with my transition to justify everything I think and do.

I'm grateful for the guidance, truly, but I don't want to see 3BAD turn into a clique, when we should be embracing newcomers with open arms. Jesus maybe I should've made this into a discussion. Maybe I will. If we all have to bicker like children than maybe we should have a dedicated forum, kinda how DR set up his own rant section. Having one of those would be great. LOL.
Crabby...someone once said (not sure who).
...'I would rather be an optimist and a fool, than a pessimist and right!'
I think that kind of relates to what we are all trying to do here and what you are talking about. =)
AND if we focus on helping and sharing and not preaching dogma of one certain 'Guru' I think we will all be the better for it...we all have similar paths and that is why we have found each other but it is not a competition. Leave the competition for the pessimists...I'll just quietly go on my way absorbed in my foolish ideas and silly optimism.
hey there , thanks for your thoughts Crabs....i really feel its inevidable within any community that there will be bickering, I feel this is essentiallly 'life' and what happens when people (especially passionate about others health-types) get together who have different perceptions on life & have gone through very different conditioning in growing into the person they are today.

It can be viewed as a bad thing or a good thing and this observation is ofcourse also subjective....I like to see it as a good thing because if we are questioning eachother this is how we learn ......as long as we aren't mindlessly abusing one another or putting down other innocent sentient beings because thats obviously not learning.....but then again maybe it is? We can learn how we DONT want to be!! I like an anology DR uses....'an objection is a request for more information'. Or an objection can be seen in a totally negative light....

We can only really judge ourselves and if we feel that others are frowning upon us then its something we need to address within. Its like with my singing....I feel like people hear me and go 'Oh My god she can't sing at all'!!! ...but deep down i know thats not true and its just me projecting my inner conflict. The others around me probably are too caught up in the own heads to hear me! (well unless i really squeel!)

Newcomers are always welcome here!! If they don't embrace the content of one forum or feel its inapropriate & doesn't suit their needs then there is always more 'peaceful' or appropriate ones like 'high vibes etc, book club(thx Crabs), travel etc' which were created to support various peoples needs....I sometimes go and retreat there!

Yes we could create another forum if thats what is needed :-)
Oh you guys!! i love the wit floating around here....;-D
Such a funny bunch, these laughs are so vital!!

I'VE been the one following you - and that strange guy on a bike.... can't remember his name..... :)
-Oh was that you?

thats great to hear everyone feels supported here, thanks for making this site possible and for all your brilliant posts and info :-)
oh X u don't wanna hear it !! Not just yet....I was really stoked because my teacher said she heard some nice Vibrato in my voice....i was excited so I googled 'Bravado'!!! Shows how much i know about singing and music! 'Just LET IT OUT!' she keeps saying to me!



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