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I have found colon cleansing with colonics to be one of, if not the most helpful thing I have done to aid my body in the elimination of toxins. In a little over 2 years I have gone from the standard american diet (SAD) eating meat, dairy, fast food, coffee, energy drinks, smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol etc. to a nearly 100% raw fooder fruitarian. Winter tends to throw me off a little in seattle, in the spring and summer I am 100% raw and 100% fruit. I went from a totally exhausted, overweight junk food junkie with all kinds of health issues and totally devoid of any real vision for myself to someone who has discovered his spirit and an ever expanding consciousness and an inner peace I never felt before. I have become a total seeker when not long ago I was totally lost. My health has improved tremendously and frankly I do not think I could have not done it this fast without the extensive amount of colon cleansing I have done along the way. Colonics are a godsend and I highly recommend them to anyone who may feel like they are not progressing as fast as they would like or anyone who is dealing with a lot of cleansing reactions or strong food cravings. The colonics will remove the toxins that are still in the body which are causing the cravings and cleansing/healing reactions. If you have discovered some success with whatever level you are at on raw food diet but have not done any extensive colon cleasing, particularly colonics, you may be shocked at what a difference it will make in your progress.

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................................................... bet there be lots of anti colonic comments soon :)
Really??? Why do you think that? Crontroversial subject?
Oh ok well that definitely sounds like it is plausable and a good theory. Everyone has to find thier own way on thier journey to better health. I think colonics have helped me quite significantly but I could be wrong about that. One's own interpretations of his/her experience of health improvement or loss and what exactly caused it can easily get confused. I try to keep my mind open and that is the main reason I got this far in the first place. There is a lot of information out there with opposing view points, and a lot of them are quite convincing. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this, that was the point of my post to find out others' thoughts on this topic...and to share my experience. I definitely agree that many if not most therapies/treatments are in fact enervating to the body, especially medical therapies and treatments. I will check out those links thank you.
They really helped me ALOT too - before i went raw though when i was just vegan -
I dont think i could have detoxed without them

I dont feel i need them anymore, now that i take good care of myself with diet and yoga etc..
Thats exactly how I feel...I feel they got me through the rough times easier...I just got done reading Fruiteus Maximus's first link there though: http://www.rawschool.com/colonics.htm and it is extremely interesting...It's a view of colonics I haven't read about until now its very very interesting...you should check it out too FruitaliciousFi
I'm going to read the second link now...
Thanks Nick, nice to see you posting :-)

Yeh i did them too for a while and found them very uncomfortable and odd, at the time I thought they were marvelous no wonder.....because after the 'crap' was removed that was sitting in my colon I, not suprisingly felt better.....the foods I was eating were making me feel toxic and once they were out..... my body was relieved of the energy-draining 'load'.
Unfortunately Its still treating a symptom as far as im concerned and not addressing the cause. Remove the cause and the symptom will disappear. Now that I eat a lowfat raw vegan diet there is no need to interfere. I get my very own fruit-induced 'colonic' daily, sorry for the details ;-DD
Colonics push matter back up there as well when its ment to be exiting which defies logic and natures design.
Thanks for the link Fruity.

Yep Fi diet, yoga they work for me too. See u tomorrow babe x
Ok well thank you everyone for your comments it certainly got me thinking about what might have really been going on with my body. I do still believe colonics have helped me during the beginning stages when I went from eating meat all my life to a vegetarian which is where I experience some of the most intense detoxing. I also think it helped me during the other transitioning periods to vegan and finally a raw vegan to fruitarian. I actually did all that in the space of 1 year, so I think that was pretty fast...I have however gone back and forth a lot between the fruitarian, other raw vegan diets, and eaten some vegan cooked food here in there since that first year. I think the winter continues to mess me up, which is why I am moving to Maui soon =) I will no long have to deal with the change of seasons there and I will have LOCAL organic fruit yearround! Not to mention much more variety!
I was very very unhealthy a couple of years ago, which motivated me to try everything I could afford to improve my health. So I pushed myself very hard to change my diet as fast as I could because I believed in what I was doing (Mostly anyway). Perhaps I should have been working with my body more and pushing less. But since I have been doing colonics all along during this time its hard to say what my progress would have been without the colonics. Or if the progress had anything to do with the colonics themselves. So I have to digress and say that perhaps I would have progressed just as fast without them or maybe faster even. I dunno honestly. Colonics do however seem to be very helpful if you are experiencing intense healing reactions or healing crisis and need to flush the toxins out ASAP. So maybe colonics should NOT be used on a regular basis with the goal of speeding up transition time if someone is having trouble with changing their diet. Instead, if one decides to use them, maybe they should be only used as a temporary "therapy" or "treatment" if one feels the need to "help" the body with its overloaded toxic burden. Certainly when one gets to the "ideal" human diet, especially if one believes that is a high water content, fruit based diet as I do, the need for colonics or other "treatments" may no longer be necessary (and may not have even been necessary to begin with). Thanks everyone!
Cool! Maui should be awesome! SOunds warm :-))
There are a lot of 'maybes' in life but there is also many definites....like the 'blueprint' created for us by nature, that if honoured will deliver vibrant health everytime....even if we have a history of abuse I feel that if we stick to this design then in time it will all come together....I find colonics are trying to 'speed' up something that can't really be sped up, as healing takes time....but i too have pondered your thoughts and felt as though it was necessary at the time. Go with your gut i say (no pun intended )...
Well I got around the costs by getting myself a 'home colonic system' and doing them myself. I had an initial series of 4 done at a clinic, then decided to find a cheaper way. So I have done A LOT of them...not as much as some I'm sure but certainly my fair share. The things you guys are saying are definitely things I have thought about as well and to be honest I have always clung to the arguement you are talking about: 'our lifestyles are no longer natural, toxic food isn't natural, so therefore we can justify - and in fact need - unnatural therapies to return to health.' Then again... I don't think the cliff diving example of a how to achieve a colonic in nature would work too well either lol.
I think that one of the reasons I have done them all along is because I have easy and cheap access to doing them. So if I ever think I 'need' one, its right there for me. If I had to always go to a clinic to get one done perhaps I would have stopped by now...I'm sure I would have. And maybe then I would believe as you two do about them. But I have been doing them all along like I said so the only way to know for sure is to stop doing them and wait and see.
And I am happy to say thats what I have decided to do based on the information you sent me Fruiteus Maximus. That info about colonics has some how eluded me during all my reasearch on colonics, and a lot of it is compelling and explains certain things I have had doubts about with my experience of doing colonics. Unfortunately I land in that category of people who are 'particularly susceptible to colonics propaganda' as someone who suffers from digestive disorders, as it talks about in that article you sent. I have a pretty strong feeling that you guys are right, so I will go with my 'gut' Freelea and see how my 'gut' responds lol
NO I don't think I suffer from a 'colonic deficiency' lol!! And I understand where you are coming from (both of you). I do however believe I suffer from a 'natural living' deficiency! haha...Which is why I am moving to the tropics...the weather here is not 'natural' not to humans anyway. We are the only 'animals' that wear clothes, cook our food, and one of the few who spend most of thier time in permanent structures indoors with artificial heat, light, and cooling.
AND if we didn't? Where would be forced to live? If we didn't cook our food what food are we most attracted to in its raw unadulterated state? If we didn't wear clothes what climate would we be best designed to live in? If we didn't build permanent housing and instead lived outside with the rest of the animals where would be?
The tropics maybe? where its warm yearround plentiful fruit/vegetables yearround and if you took off your clothing and lived outside like the rest of the animals...well...I'm ready! lol

(These are just MY thoughts lol....not trying to put anyone down either and frankly Fruiteus I kind of enjoy how you express yourself! It reminds me of myself when I try to explain things to people...its a kind of an aggitated/irritated but coming from a good caring place (with good info) type of response...with a little anger and sarcasim mixed in at times lol...it's funny because I'm like that too, a lot people on this site I think get like that, its hard not to! lol... I've seen that first hand in some of Durianriders videos...it's funny...and I don't mind that at all....I read your response to Freelea's post: 'My Rant-Is our Death, sickness & lack of awareness bringing in the big $$...?' yesterday on television: 'Television, the drug of a nation, breeding ignorance and feeding radiation.' That was awesome! (Good topic and post Freelea as well, you guys are great!)
Ahh thanks Nick! I love receiving your thoughts! Its so nice to read an honest post, from the heart. I like your description - irritated/aggitated coming from a good place :-D

That was an awesome post Fruiteus, Nick I have been following Fruiteus & absorbing his wisdom for years, I really enjoy the way U express yourself too Fruiteus.....

Here's an example of that wisdom....:-DD
Jump off a cliff into water with cheeks spread wide?"
Well thanx Freelea! yeah agitated/irritated with a little humor mixed in as well...that's important! Forgot that part of it....as in the cliff diving example lol...you gotta have the humor in there lol... Wisdom, it is!
LOL. Freelea: "I found them very uncomfortable and...ODD". Yeah...having foreign objects in your bum is not ideal under the best of circumstances. Unless, you know, AHEM...nevermind.

Anyway I think you're supposed to kind of look past that and focus on the benefits. They didn't work too well for me but I'd like to try them again down the road, after I do raw healing/cleansing. And for the record, only for the health benefits, not because I enjoy that sort of thing.

Cheers Nick...I'm glad colonics had such an impact (wrong word sorry). A lot of people have had success with them. And you shouldn't be afraid to stir the waters;) Debate is healthy. It's not like you're posting pics of yourself eating tons of red meat and acting like a douche...good on ya;)



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