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Hi everyone I'm sort of stuck in a dilemma and I was wondering if you guys could offer me some advice.

To begin with, I'll tell you a bit about myself so that you can get to know me better. I am currently 17 years old and in my last semester of high school and i live in southern california. I've been on this lifestyle for about 1 month now and I plan on sticking with it. I come from a traditional Chinese family so my past diet was not full of proccessed unhealthy S.A.D. foods. However, I've had my fair share of calorie restriction(about 1400-1500 per day) and disordered eating thoughts(not severe). I decided to pursue this lifestyle because I was so fed up with calorie restricting and falling into binge cycles. I also wanted to do it for my long term health. I'm considered a "normal" weight since i am currently 120(subject to change) and 5"4. I am fairly active since I am the captain of my high school swim team. During the off season though i usually do about 1 hour of exercise (pilates and/or strength training daily) so I believe i'm a bit sedentary since I'm currently in school.

Anyhow, enough rambling about myself. My main concern is college and future career options. I originally intended on attending U.C. Davis and studying Nutrition and Dietetics to become a registered dietitian and consult with others about weight management and health because i used to be overweight as a child and after my own personal weight loss journey, I discovered my passion for health and fitness. however, now that I am a HCLF Vegan, i'm uncomfortable with the fact that whatever i'll be learning in school will completely contradict and go against everything I believe in and learned from this community/lifestyle. I don't want to tell others to go consume animal products because i know that i certainly would not do so myself.

As a backup plan though, I could also change my major to Plant Science/Horticulture because i've always loved plants/gardening and farming ever since I was a child and I love to work outdoors caring for plants. I dream of working in a greenhouse/ nursery or farm and being outside with nature. However, i did some research and it turns out that I don't need a college education for this career path so i'm kinda confused.

I'm also interested in becoming a Fitness Instructor, specifically a Pilates instructor at a Gym(like Cassey Ho from Blogilates) and i also found out that i don't need a college degree for this, only certification. I could also become a lifeguard and some of my swim friends are lifeguards and they always try to convince me to become one since they say i'm such a good swimmer.

I'm just completely frazzled and confused at this point because there are so many options and i don't know what to choose. I have many passions and hobbies that i'm interested in such as gardening, swimming, health, fitness, etc, but i'm not sure of any careers or jobs i could find in those fields. It's sort of daunting and initimidating because all the adults at school are pressuring us to start figuring out what we want to do with our lives and choose something that we'll stick to.

Coming from a strict asian family i'm pretty much expected, if not required to get a college education becaue my parents have extremely high expectations. I come from a low inocme family so if i do attend college, financial aid/grants will cover a majority, if not all of my tuition and fees. I've already applied to 4 U.C Campuses and 4 C.S.U.'s and i don't really think i'll have a problem with getting accepted since my SAT/ACT scores were decent and I'm Rank #3 in my graduating class with a current weighted High school G.P.A. of 4.12 (4.26 U.C. GPA)

I just want to find a career/job that i'll enjoy doing and look forward to going to work everyday. I'm not materilistic and i do not obsess over money like my parents do. As long as i can make enough money to provide myself with enough fruit/carbs and shelter, I'm fine. Money isn't a focal point here. I really just want to live a simple life and enjoy it.

Long story short, should i continue with my original plan of studying nutrition science in college? I've read some threads here how it's not worth it because what you learn will completely go against everything we believe in.And i know college and further education is important but what if my dream job doesn't require extensive college education like becoming a fitness instructor/lifeguard/ or working with plants/crops?

I don't know what to do at this point, I tend to live in the moment rather than thinking to far ahead, but i don't want to make a decision that i'll regret later on. I thank you guys for taking time to read through this and I'll appreciate any advice that you guys have.

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I'm also 17 and feeling overwelmed by all the posebilities and feeling like I need to figure out my whole life now! I totaly know what you meen. But everyone keeps telling me that you don't need to . My mom says most people don't even know what they want to do for there first couple years of collage, or they change their mind and change their major.
Highschools really push going to collage right out of highschool, but for a lot of people thats not really the best option. like my sister spent a year studieing abroad in Spain befor collage, and now she's going to spend a semester in Scotland. I'm thinking about doing the Washington Conservation Corps ( its like peace corps, only with maintaining wildlife and environmental stuff), for a year or two, I would learn a ton and get real job experiance in a subject i'm interested in. Experiences like these can be more valubale than siting in a classroom reading about the subject from a text book.
Just because you don't go to collage strait out of highschool dosn't mean its too late, i think tthe best thing to do is follow things that interest you and bring you joy, It's ok not to know at this point, hardly anybody does. take the time to figure out what you really want before you commite yourself to any one carrrier path.
Good luck!

Oh my gosh, I know right, like everyone always expects me to go to college because they see me as the "overacheiver" or "the smart-kid" but in reality, i believe i just have good work ethic. Like i know i should be takeing advantage of the resources offered to me like what i'm trying to say is that since i come from a low income family college would be little to no cost, and i'm a first generation Asian-American child, my parents didn't have the luxury of going to college and now they struggle financially and i understand that it's in thier best interest to have us go to college and secure better futures for ourselves but living all these years in a low income household, i've learned to be contempt with basics and i do not long and yearn for material possessions,money, and luxurious lives like my father does. he's one of those people who are never satisfied with all the blessings they have in thier lives and believes money is happiness and always wants more.

I'm interested in a job/career where i'm active and moving around, out and about rather than being confined within a closed building. I'm also very passionate about health and fitness, that's why i wanted to study nutrition but i'm second-guessing that now since all they'll be teaching me is how to follow a S.A.D. At this point, i'm leaning more towards becoming a fitness instructor, maybe a lifeguard becausethrough my experiences as the swim team captain, i've discovered that i enjoy helping and teaching others specifically when it comes to exercise.

I mean, the colleges haven't began sending out notices of acceptance yet, but if i do get accepted into U.C. Davis, i'll probably switch my major back to plant science/horticulture and find a career in agriculture where i work with plants and farming because that's also one of my passions/interests.

I thank you for taking the time to respond and I hope all goes well for you too.

going to a community collage beforee four year is a really good idea, the first 2 years are pretty much just prerequisits, so it dosn't matter where you are, then after that you can transfer to a four year
What I would have told myself (I'm 24 yrs old now)...
1. You dont have to rush into it (even if you are traditional asian). If you arent sure, keep asking questions. I'm sure your grant money would be there the following year too if you took a year off.
2. Find out what is "a day in the life" of a nutritionist, fitness trainer, horticulturist. Go to the gym and ask. Call a nutritionist and ask about his/her job. Go to the greenhouse and work this spring/summer.
4. Earning a college degree will NOT hurt you (Unless you just really hate school). Yeah, you might be an overqualified lifeguard with a degree in Fitness. BUT with a degree you can eventually be manager or the Rec department or work in a college campus. Lifeguarding might sound fun for a little while, but eventually you will want a job that's more challenging, that encourages you to grow and learn new skills. You will have more options with a degree.
5. Try not to think about it as choosing 1 choice for your entire life. You might work at an elephant sanctuary for 2 years, then become a fitness instructor at a kids' camp, then you model for a vegan apparel company, and so on..

I graduated from college with a sociology degree 3 years ago, then traveled the US and latin america, trying many different jobs. and I'm still trying to figure out what I'm doing with my life!! so enjoy where you are at, live it up each day, do your best, and you will succeed in whatever you choose to do :)

Yea, like i don't know if i want to jump straight into a 4-year university straight out of high school since i don't want to waste money on pursueing something that i wouldn't be happy with. I know a college degree would be more beneficial than detrimental but I just don't know if i want to try and study nutrition science anymore due to the whole bias against veganism and our lifestyle.

And i know that lifeguarding won't be a long term career for me if i do plan on getting certified, it could just be like a temporary position to help save up funds and give me time to think/explore. I'm really leaning towards a fitness instructor/pilates instructor because i can kinda see myself doing that for a long term career since i don't really want to be sitting down inside an office all day.

I don't know, i'll try and do more research but for now i thank you for taking the time to listen and help.

@point 4.. how about debt or am i missing something? why do you need the college degree, will the government bully you if you become a dietitian without it? (more worthless paper getting "value" by government violence)

Just study something that will help you make money. You can always learn how to grow a garden in your free time watching youtube videos.

Do biology, accounting, engineering...nursing..whatever. If you are going into debt, make sure there is a well paying job waiting for you on the other side.

I did "Business Management" which basically teaches you how to use Microsoft Word...complete waste of time. A friend of mine did "Plant Science" again..total waste of time.

Rather than trying to "focus on what you love"...become the type of person who can enjoy to do a wide variety of jobs. Learn to love hard work. Learn to love actual normal jobs...and not just "loving to play guitar, play videos games and smoke weed all day".

I can't emphasize enough the importance of JOB SPECIFIC SKILLS. If you are doing a job where you are easily replace by a craigslist add, and your main skills are "good communication" "good attitude" "working a cash register", then you are wasting your time, because people who are easily replaced do not get paid very well, and never will.

Learn to build computer systems. Learn to manage a team. Learn to design buildings. Learn to build engines and aircrafts. 

I work an office job during the day...I learned to love it. I get great work experience. I am super passionate about film making and for years I worked editing and creating videos for companies. I loved that line of work...but THE PAY SUCKED...so I got into a field where I can enjoy a better quality of life and do filmmaking on the side as a super passionate hobby. ONE OF THE BEST DECISIONS I EVER MADE.

In my free time I make films, record music, and write books..and I'm super passionate about fitness, ultra marathons and about 100 other things. Your job does not define you.

I will always be a musicion, artist, world traveler, and filmmaker, regardless of what my resume says.

If you aren't sure what to do...just pick something challenging and try different things. Volunteer in your free time to get real world experience. Its that simply. Don't let opportunity weigh you down..liberate yourself and enjoy the process of exploration and getting to know yourself.

I used to travel the world as a poor backpacker hippy bum. But I was always broke. I came back into society to work a 9-5...now my plan is to save money, start my own business, and retire young, and live overseas. Think long term.

Sometimes its good to drop everything and go backpacking in Italy...sometimes its good to go the other extreme and work as a school teacher for 10 years to save up a huge amount of money. Just make sure whatever you are doing fits in with your long term goals. 

If you have no idea what you are doing..volunteer at local hospitals, volunteer with the homeless, try different jobs to get work experience, go backpacking in asia, travel...push yourself outside of your comfort zone to get to know yourself better. 

The only way to mess up is to be paralyzed by fear and to sit around doing nothing. Sadly a lot of people fall into this trap.

Well you see, throughout my years in high school i've joined various community service clubs on campus and completed over 300 hours of service at various events and i also used to be an unpaid assistant for my friend's mom who had 3 autistic children  and i helped her with babysitting and we would volunteer at garage sales and consignment sales. So i can kinda say that i've had some experience with volunteer work.

I just don't want you guys to perceive me as some carefree hippy with my head in the clouds. I don't want to stay home unemployed, i actually want to get a job and work and i honestly appreciate the joys of hard work and simple jobs like working in a grocery shop. As long as i'm on my feet and moving rather than sedentary and glued to a chair, i'm happy. And like i know that my other interests were just hobbies which made me want to go into nutrition science because that degree could actually help me get a job but now i don't know if it's really worth it to pursue that degree because aren't they just going to teach me how to follow a S.A.D. diet?

Also, i'm not really worried and focused solely on money, as long as i can make enough to support myself and buy enough fruit to eat and a place to live, then i'm satisfied with a simple life.

So, in the end, i guess my main question is do you believe it would be worth it for me to study nutrition and dietetics if the concepts they'll be teaching completely goes against my beliefs?

And if not, what career fields do you think might suit me? I just want to be up on my feet and active at work rather than sitting down sedentary( after years of being a student in school, i'm pretty much sick and tired of sitting all the time).

Sorry if i'm rambling and being repetitive, i'm just very conflicted right now but i do appreciate your guidance and advice. Thank you.

A degree in nutrition is a total waste of time. I didn't even bother mentioning this in my post because its so obvious. Eating a SAD diet I was overweight and suffering from dozens of "health conditions". I adopted a raw vegan diet and now I'm the healthiest, most energetic, and vibrant person. My "A Race" is coming up, its the ironman in May. In the last month I completed a 100 mile run, and also got a PR in the 1/2 marathon last weekend.

Between now and may I'll complete at least 2 or 3 full marathons as part of my training and probably ride my bike over 1000 miles. I'm not fast at all I just go a long time, and my energy levels and general health and endurance are significantly higher than 99.9% of the general population. The crazy thing is that I don't even train much at all during the week because I don't have time, so I'm not even in "good shape", the majority of my training is just me eating loads of bananas and praying hard every day.

I used to read nutrition textbooks cover to cover as a hobby. If you put me in a classroom of nutrition class, you would be having overweight unhealthy people trying to tell me to eat milk, cheese, and "high protein" "not too much fruit", and you would see me inviting my classmates to go on 30 mile runs every weekend and no one excepting. My energy and health levels are 10X the "normal person". They would probably have to shut the class down. People who meet me in person and saw me smiling and thriving everyday would be dropping out of "nutrition major" left and right, watching me come to class everyday eating entire watermelons dumping SAD eating people off the side of the road running down the street.

You should watch bananiac's videos. He is a vegan studying nutrition and it was a total waste of time for him. He basically listens to people telling him lies and bad information all day. On top of all that nutrition doesn't even lead to a decent paying job or leave you with any real world skills. That's literally the stupidest thing you could major in. And don't bother with majoring in "fitness" or whatever...you don't even need a degree to go to a local gym and make minimum wage as a personal trainer. 

If your family is rich, major in whatever you want, who cares. But if you are going to be in debt when you finish college, major in something that will leave you with real world skills so you can do work that other people can't do (engineering, lab tech, trade work such as electrician, nursing, accounting, finance, etc). If you are going to college to get into debt to study "fitness" you are better off not going to college. Just go teach english overseas somewhere, travel, when you come back get  a job at a local gym. You won't make any money doing that, but at least you won't be in 25,000 of debt for no reason.



Yeah, i've seen Bananiac's videos about him talking about his classes and stuff which is one of the reasons why i began having second thoughts about studying nutrition.

Also, my family is very low income so grants from financial aid will cover a large portion, if not all the tuition and fees for college which is why my parents are urging me to go to college since it's almost free of charge for me.

It's just that now i'm not sure if i should jump straight into a four year university because my sister is at U.C. San Diego right now studying for environmental chemistry/biochemistry and she also began questioning if  she really wants to pursue that major because of the difficulty of the courses and stress she has to deal with.

Now i sort of have to re-think which college to go to but i've already sent out applications to 8 colleges based on if they had nutrition majors available. Well i guess i've gotta do some more research and soul searching and find out the answer to my question.

Thank you for your time and advice, i really appreciate it.

When you go looking for a job, no one cares anymore "if you have a degree". The days of getting $40k a year jobs with an art degree working in an unrelated field are over (unless you just get lucky or know someone who owns a business who will hire you). Employers only care what skills you have, and what you can do that other people can't do. For many people, college degrees are just useless pieces of paper that cost them 30,000$. You have to decide whether you want to be one of those people or not. Again, if you are rich, or you are on a full scholarship and don't care about your future, it doesn't matter. And yeah of course their are some exceptions to what I'm saying, but this is all generally true. 

If you feel so conflicted, then just start training endurance sports, so you can feel the difference. I did a 100 mile ultra marathon a month ago. The aid station offered hot dogs and hot pizza LOL. Other runners were doubled up on the side of the course throwing up and clutching their stomachs in sheer pain...IT WAS DISGUSTING. My stomach and body felt great the whole way.

I plan to do marathons and triathlons into my 60s. By then most SAD eaters will be either dead, or waking up each morning going to their "medicine drawer" to stuff their mouths with fists full of prescription medications. 

The only thing it would make sense for me to be doing in a nutrition class is lecturing the students about how eating a raw vegan diet will increase their longevity and quality of life. Even sitting in one for an hour would be a total waste of time and totally absurd. But yeah, if you are really so conflicted, just go sign up for a marathon and learn about how your body works. It will be the best 100 bucks you ever spend and will silence all internal doubt.



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