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Hey everyone. I desperately want to move to California. I currently live in Wisconsin with my family who eats NOTHING in the vegan department. Living with them has caused me to break being raw LOADS of times. CA has a whole ton of raw vegans and open-minded people. I have spent 1.5 years in college already...and I am just annoyed with the cost and the possibility that I probably won't even use what I will probably major in (Japanese). I am a VERY hard worker and I have always just wanted to work and earn money for living. I don't mind part-time jobs at all. Most of the time you can meet a lot of people! Since I aspired to be raw, I have changed so much with the way that I think. I don't want to live the life that SOCIETY has recreated. I just want to be happy and eat fruit. That's a really life for me. 

I was wondering if there is anyone with an opinion/advice? Anyone who has dropped out of college to pursue their dreams. 

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I dropped out of college after my 2nd year because I didn't know what I wanted to do when I grew up. I've always had full-time jobs in the US but I'm definitely not an office/day-shift type.  I've been self-employed for 17 years and have been doing my own thing in Australia.  There have been times where lots of money has come in and there have been times when it's Saturday night & I have $5 in the house.  If you can handle the stress of not having a secure paycheck and happy to pick up jobs where you can, you should try it.  For me, it was more stressful fitting into a corporate or work-force mindset than the occasional broke times.  Freedom trumps all for me.

A nice thing about our world today is that we can create whole new industries just by being creative so don't think your education is wasted.  I stumbled across this video about doing college on $11 a day a few months ago and am delighted that it's still in my history. Only works in the US, though.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=evJeAAJedbY

Also, give tiny houses a look.  This is a recent 2 hour documentary offered by Kirsten about her family living on the road .  Be sure to check out her other marvelous videos that are short and sweet with all sorts of examples of how people are making frugality enjoyable.  Making your home mobile (and if you can figure out how to make it solar powered!) allows you the luxury of following your favourite fruit through the seasons.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Iti4JU5ObU

Wow thank you so much for the advice! I'm looking to stay national. I have ALWAYS been WAY too independent. Thanks so much for the videos :D I'll look into it more.

Many job opportunities along the west coast from BC down to CA for bilingual English-Japanese speakers. Many Japanese come to the qest coast on visitor visas, study permits, or immigrate. There are obviously many opportunities within Japan as well. You're 1.5 years into it already. Also there's nothing to say you can do that and still lead a happy vegan lifestyle. If your heart's really not in it anymore though, then quit.

It's not about being a vegan, it's about being to be outside all day instead of being behind a desk

Hm that's not a bad idea. Is there a large raw vegan community out there? :) I found lots of raw vegans in Cali when I visited for a week! I have NO support in my hometown!

get a job trimming weed or somethin

Hi Maria, i have , from the first time of going to school, i did not like the schooling system, when i was 6-7 i thought that everyone is a liar, i have been dropping out from college and then joined college again to learn Art, but i allways knew that a piece of paper wont make my life,  im living on a farm now and i grow my own food and i breath my own air, i dont get complicated with people anymore, life is easier this way for  me,  this is my story,  but there are lots of options in life Maria, if you want to be happy, follow what you allways wanted to do , your passione, im sure you have one.

Wow that's amazing Simon! would you mind sharing more about your process? Like dealing with your parents, getting out of the house, and saving up money? :)

 with parents i could not stand the noise etc, but being alone taught me that whatever and whoever there is we need to respect their presence, because it does not last for-ever.  even if we have bad experiences with others, its not for a lifetime,

telling stories would be pointless from my part

everything will come in life if you let go of everything in your mind


Nobody has to be anybody

If you are going to get a degree that you won't use...dropping out makes sense. 

I'd recommend either getting a degree in something you can use: doctor, nurse, computer programmer, accountant, etc

Before you move...if possible...get a 2nd, 3rd or 4th job..work lots of hours, and save some $. Try to be safe and responsible....feel free to message me with any questions or post below if its helps...if from LA but also lived in San Francisco...two very vegan friendly places...

Or get skills from work experience...solar panel traineing, electrician, trade school, carpentry...etc

As long as you stay out of debt, you'll be good. Its the new slavery :)

I'm from CALI, have fun...you'll love Venice Beach...be warned...lots of homeless people (I was homeless at one point so not knocking them, just saying it ain't a movie set)...hollywood is totally run down. Before moving out to CALI..if you haven't already, go out there on vacation...check it out...see where you might fit in...and if you like it.

I have already made the choice to take the semester off and I do feel a university-free type of life coming on!
I have been there once already working the farmers market and it felt so right! I lived everything!
I have no debt so that won't be a problem :) I was looking into nannying lol.

I dropped out of college after my first year because financially it was really hurting my family (I went to Berklee in Boston it's like 52 grand a year) and my mom had taken out loans that we knew we'd struggle to pay off...I don't regret it honestly. Nobody can tell you what to do but the cool thing about college is you can always go back if you think it's best or find something better! Maybe moving to Cali will not only make your lifestyle easier but maybe you'll find a different career path or college that interests you! Everyone is different. All i can say is go with your gut cause when i dropped out everyone tried to covince me otherwise ("you worked so hard* yada yadda yadda) and though i took all that into consideration my heart told me it was what was best for me and it was in the end! Sounds cheesy but sometimes i think we know what's best for us we just have to believe ourselves :)



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