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Cold - What Should I do? - Brazilian getting into LFRV lifestyle

Hi! I'm new here! I was "stalking" here since long time and waiting to get a better english before signing in - didn't work. Now I'm here desperated to get answers and recover from my disease/detox quickly.


At first I want to apologize if u can't understand sth I say (still improving my English). In second place I must apologize again ('cause I feel that there are enourmous lists of topics like this, but I got the flu and I couldn't enjoy my weekend or search for more topics here in 30b and solve my problem by myself. I need help!).


I got the flu or something like that since friday. Yesterday I was really sick, having symptons like: fever, a little congestion, feeling cold and sleepy, eating few fruits more times a day (when I got hungry or I supposed I should be). I've gone completely raw since 3 weeks ago but I tried to start LFRV Diet since 5 weeks ago. Actually, before those 5 weeks I was 100% LFRV during the week, eating "normal"/toxic! food only at weekends and all this routine for about almost 1 year. Yesterday I found a topic here, read one page about colds and hoped it would help me (still hoping). Reading http://www.rawfoodexplained.com/colds-flus/the-common-cold.html was very difficult with fever and all symptons, but I think I understood the principles: 1 or 2 days fasting, drinking water when I feel thirsty and resting all these days till those symptons get away.

Anyway, I'm very concerned today. Despite the improvement (I don't feel fever anymore and even the idea of fasting for the first time of my life doesn't make me too much anxious/concerned), I'm trying to reforce the LFRV concept in my head, while my parents keep always saying that I'll be week/Must consume what "normal people" eat/Got the flu 'cause of my diet/etc.

I'm hoping this flu will leave quickly (it could stay more time to "detox" - or smth I guess u keep calling here in this forum - but it's not a good idea 'cause I have a lot of college works and things to do).


Untill I've read on that "cold article", I guess I should do at least more one day of fasting/water/resting. Instead of it, I promised myself tomorrow I'll be back to the daily routine (luckily I only have college classes tomorrow. I'll only leave my house at night and will try to eat normally during the day).


I guess I shouldn't be here right now. I must rest more. I took almost 30 minutes to write this article, correcting mistakes and trying to see if it's unlogical somehow.


I'll rest some more and later I'll come back. I appreciate any help! :) I'm very anxious to know what I should do.


I'm getting confident. I know I'll be helped and soon everything will be fine. So... just thank you!

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