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Lately I have been very susceptible to clod sore (herpes virus) breakouts. Anytime I have a little irritation around my nose or mouth, a cold sore seems to follow. I am hoping that in the long-term with this lifestyle, my outbreaks may be eliminated. Anyone have some experience with this? I have had this my whole life, and always been pretty sensitive to it. As a kid, the acidity of concentrated OJ alone could do it. I have a good program for treating them now, with frequency Zapping which kills the virus instantly, but still they take time to heal and make a mess of my pretty face!

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Try tea tree essential oil, put directly on sores, every 2-3 hours to stop them from forming. When the blister appears it's too late, damage is done.

Lots of vitamin c will support your immune system.

Hope it helps your pretty face ;)

Okay, so I know every trick in the book for treating cold sores when they erupt, but I am really hoping to see some account of other's experiences with the virus and this lifestyle. Has anyone out there seen improvements in this area with 8-1-1? I know there must be a few other sufferers out there!  



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