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Cold Hands and Feet - Who has noticed this since becoming LFRV?

Hey Guys, I find my hands and feet are strangley always cold during the day - summer time and winter time. I find in winter when I juice up a raw vegetable and fruit shake, my instinct sometimes is not to want to put it into me as the actual juice can be quite cold - in fact when I do I notice that the cold liquid going into my core body area definitely seems to make me colder, which seems to make sense. Obviously in summer when its really hot, this is a good way to cool down, cool juice going into one's core, but in winter I am not so sure.


I am interested to know if anyone else has found that going Low Fat Raw Vegan has made their hands and feet colder?


I checked out a few other threads on here about this, but they were not focused on whether the LFRV diet was the cause - so I'd like to know people's opinions on whether they noticed the cold hands and feet when starting the LFRV diet.


The other threads I read covered some interesting stuff like..


Raynaud's syndrome


Not eating enough calories - therefore not enough fuel for the body to burn to keep us warm

Yoga - tension constricts blood flow to hands and feet


I think I also read somewhere that diabetics somehow get poor circulation to their extremities (cold hands and feets) which eventually leads to gangrene in the feet, which then leads to amputation. I don't know for sure and I am being a bit lazy not researching this again for myself, but if anyone knows about this, can they tell me the physiological reasons behind this?


If anyone has any other ideas as to why someone would have cold hands and feet and what the possible solutions are I would be very interested?


Thanks guys



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Thanks Chris,


As I mentioned on the other thread about frequent urination, I have been close to 90% fruitarian for nearly 2 years - been cold hands and feet the whole time.


Strangely, I have to say that as soon as the sun goes down and I lie in a horizontal position, my hands and feet become really warm. So first thing in the morning my hands and feet are really warm just before I get out of bed, but as soon as I stand up (in the morning) within about 20 minutes of getting up my  hands and feet become cold and remain cold the whole day until the sun goes down and I get into to bed to watch videos and stuff (basiclly become horiszontal). I don't have to be horizontal in the evening for my hands and feet to become warm, as something about the evening (biorythm) causes vasodilation in my body allowing warm blood to my hands and feet, but lying down definitely quickens the process (activating the parasympathetic nervous system no doubt!).


Actually I have to add that I noticed that when I get up out of bed, my hands and feet go colder quicker if I have a fruit juice straight away. So I experimented and discovered the sooner I have a fruit juice in the morning the quicker my hands and feet become cold. The hands and feet will eventually become cold with or without a fruit juice but definitely quicker after the fruit juice.


I have not heard any one else mention the cold hands during the day, warm hands at night thing??? Maybe its just me? The feet can become so warm at night that I have to put them outside the bed?

Oh, I forgot to mention, I don't do the calory thing, as I prefer to eat when I am hungry. The idea of eating food when I am not hungry goes against my better instinct - which probably means I am not getting the calories spoken about??? Don't know for sure, but I would suspect so, as I am already eating massive amounts of oranges and watermelon a day but I suspect they don't really have the calories?? I think I am eating - juicing 4 kilos of oranges and eating about 3 kilos of water melon?


So I am open to the idea that I do not have enough calories to burn enough fuel to generate enough heat. Unfortunately, I know I will not be eating when I am not hungry just to get calories so if this is the reason I have cold hands and feet - it looks like I am stuck with cold hands and feet.


I am still hoping it may be due to something else. Personally I am leaning towards the thyroid issues. I intend to do some more research on it.

Thanks awareness

so you reckon I am getting around 2700 calories. And think I need to get around


5000-7000 calories. Interesting!!


I surf for about 2 hours straight two times a week - other than that I don't do any other exercise. I work two days a week - each shift is 12 hours and I am walking the whole 12 hours - I guess it is kind of like exercise - the more exercise I do the less I feel hungry!!


I personally do not have any lack of energy ever since I became fruitarian - just the frequent urination and cold hands and feet.


Thanks again I may experiment with the calorie thing - but I will have to force myself to eat when I am not hungry which does not "go with the flow" of my natural instincts. I have no history of anorexia, and eat massive amounts when I am hungry - but if I am not hungry I don't feel like eating - it makes sense does it not? Anyway I have never had a weight problem my whole life, I have had high metabolism, can eat as much as I like and never put on weight.

The main reason I exercise is for "endorphins" - I like the high feeling - but personally I would rather not have to put my body through the stress - I am a do nothing observer/meditator mostly.

I can see how more eating leads to more energy and more restlessness. I seek stillness - contentment with the least amount of activity. I try to meditate when I am bored, rather than exercise. Its a personal choice (maybe?). I have noticed that it looks like to succeed in this sites version of LFRV one has to become an exercise junky, as there is no contentment with sitting still, one's happy hormones are not provided by the food maybe, and the individual has to keeping exercise desperately seeking "endorphins" to make then feel ok. Possibly, just suggestions?


As soon as I am content - I remain still, and enjoy e.g. if my body says enough you are content, I stop eating. When my body says you need food I eat. I tend to listen to my body. I am in awe of the fact that your body when it is content you continue to put more food in to it - you must have a very forgiving body.


I can see your lion kills and binges analogy. I guess if it works for you then good. Maybe I am fundamentally different - I am about balance - I follow the yoga philosophy of only filling the stomach to 3/4 full - somehow that works for me and my body thanks me for it. Althoug it does not provide me with warm hands and a feet!


Overeating makes me want to vomit! Maybe its just me?? Am I alone on this site with this feeling? Wow!


I sleep 8 hours a day.


I eat mainly oranges and watermelons. I don't eat calorie dense items. I am allergic to bananas, avocadoes, and nuts (they give me boils on the back of my neck) - so I don't eat them.


I do eat dates and dried raisons.


I eat the same stuff everyday. sample day


4 kg of oranges (before juicing) - goes to 1.5 litres of juice of orange

1 large watermelon the size of a basket ball.

1 cup full of dates

1 cup full of raisons

1 litre of sugar cane juice


But lately I have added 1 litre of raw cold pressed vegie juice using carrot, beet, celery, and cos lettuce.


Hey thanks awareness for you suggestions, I can feel your passion and I am genuinely happy that you are thriving - its awesome. I probably have some psychological blocks to overeating - maybe a good hypnotherapist is what I need.


I am contemplating your suggestions. Many thanks!

Sounds like the flexible stomach thing works for you. It is interesting and worth pondering the chimpanzee stomach stuffing pheneomena. Exercise is good and yes it should not be a chore. I guess I would like to do more exercise as I was a junky when I was younger too - but hurt my knee and discovered I could not run more than 20 minutes without getting a pain in it - had an arthroscope done on it but the doctors could see nothing wrong with the knee - what a bummer when you know there is a pain in your knee and the doctor implies you are hallucinating the pain cos he can't see anything in his scans. Exercise is indeed a source - and to be honest I get my best sitting still fully intoxicated with endorphins - one could poke a stick at me and I would just smile with bliss back at them after doing exercise! Peace brother, enjoy whats working for you, thanks for the food for thought!

1.5 litre of OJ is around 750cals.

I dont even count cals of watermelon as its so light. Same with sugar cane juice unless its the hyper sugar syrup stuff in Thailand. Then its around 500 per litre.


Id say that your body is not getting enough carbs to produce enough warmth. Id also do a course of b12 injections and if your surfing improves, thats a good thing.


If you undereat, you flop. You dont need a hypno dude, you just need to man up and calorie up. ;)

i have Raynauds syndrome but ever since eating this way it has not been a problem :)  its winter now and i dont need gloves :)
Interesting. The plot thickens. I have met one other LFRV and they have been 2 years on the diet and they have cold hands and feet as well. It must be a constitutional thing? Great to hear you have overcome the Raynauds syndrome with this diet - its inspiring.
perhaps get a blood test if you are worried about it :)
Maybe, I will see what my research uncovers.

when I first went raw I was cold all the time but that was high fat raw vegan. since going high carb I'm never cold because I finally eat enough and the right things :-)


I don't eat overt fats either, never really have, always saw them as carcinogenic or something - since they don't grow abundantly in nature...fat that is, I kinda suspected they were not to be eaten in huge quantities. I am allergic to Avocadoes and nuts - so I don't eat them! But thats just me, I respect other peoples views.



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