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Wow. I think I finally did it. After literally YEARS of stimulant abuse, from anything imaginable... literally years non-stop, I finally kicked my last addiction... I think.... it's still a daily commitment, but I'm "feine free" so far!!

My question is how long on this way of eating do you find it took before you started to experience natural energy? I honestly slept for nearly a week straight, only getting up to teach a class once a day and back to bed . . . . one week. And even now, I have no motivation to do anything. I'm generally very active and outgoing. I feel like my entire personality has shifted from being so "up and positive" to not caring about anything.

I'm wondering if I never knew who I was in the first place....

can anyone share any inspiration?


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i share your experience 2 weeks of sleeping/ day napping /low energy /healing /coffee withdraw 

30 years of 2 cups a day

to 30 banana a day 

my energy surged after two weeks 

takes time to heal a burned out nervous system 

embrace the rest love the rest 

rest and heal and eat more fruit then you think to tame this beast for good

Banana Boy...how much fruit is more fruit than you think??? I know it's like a "no-no" to say anything against fruit on this forum, but seriously.... after too many grapes, oranges, or grapefuirts (and too many is NOT by 811 standards) my teeth truly did really start aching.... 

romaine or celery  after every fruit meal for the teeth

get up earlier so there is more time in your life to get the water  and get the fruit in  and sunshine in 

continue with gusto all day 

it is a war against these drugs and you need to carb up beyond your max to win to absolutely win and laugh about it as it happens detox and all 

if you cannot get 2500 on fruit go on the rice at night  calories are key it took me 9 months to build my digestion to eat 3300 fruit calories  

at the beginning i could get down 2200  so at night id make bland as can be rice no salt or oil for 800 calories  to hit my target of 3000

this place it right on calories hit your 2500 calorie target for the win fruit or starch  calories are more vital then 100% fruit ....

build your digestion it happens quick several months to change a lifetime of poor habits

rawk on

Well Douglas Graham and some other rawbies here say sleep until your body wakes you up.... what does the romaine and celery do???

greens  stop the ache in teeth not sure why maybe someone else can give details 

i say get up early ! do not miss sunrise

then going to sleep at 9pm is natural and easy so  easy rise at 6am fully rested ready to rawk & roll

early sleep is key  how? wake up early and set new habit

seems air is lots better in the early am great for walking running biking anything 

early wake has been a break through for me as much as fruit ...early to bed early rise  how? by getting at 6am every day and never missing the beauty of sunrise

No doubt my adrenals have been affected by that and many other stimulants

Congrats on kicking that stimulant addiction!

When I first went off prescription stimulants (Ritalin) after about 18 months of continuous use, I too felt totally lethargic and not at all like my usual self. If I recall right, it took a good month before I started to feel somewhat normal again, but it did happen eventually :-)

Best of luck,


Thanks Sheepmobile!!! I really appreciate this . . hearing that there is a light at the end of the tunnel!! One month... I can do this.

Congrats! I still sneak a small cup in every other day. I've been drinking coffee since I was 16 and am 38 now. I could not quit all at once. Since eating 80 10 10 rv I am much more sensitive to caffeine and know that it will soon be out of my life for good.

Me too . . I started from the age of ten if you can believe it..... grandma's treat! With lots of sugar and cream lol

well i noticed some energy about 6 weeks in..  and like you, i was a coffee person.. i needed it to start my day, in the middle of my day, at the end of the day, thinking the caffeine was a source of energy.

i started raw on March 13, 2013, but was vegetarian for about 2 months before. 

My experience wasn't that a huge deluge of energy just suddenly dropped on me and  took me over, but rather that when i went to play soccer/basketball one day ( haha- for fun)  i didnt get tired when i thought i should.  

Funny how after a certain time i thought i should be tired.. but i wasnt.. and i didnt get tired.. and it was.. weird  lol, but in a good way.

my body surprised me. it wanted to play, my mind was like: shouldnt you be tired now?

Now im off holidays and back at work, and i have a crazy schedule, very short lunches, and .. the energy is still there . 

Its not like something i feel is there in abundance and i have to use it, its just there, and i dont get tired ( if that makes sense)

of course i havent been into this for a long time, so maybe there does come a point where you feel the energy in huge amounts. 

One thing i do notice is this feeling of  happiness. I'm an optimistic person. I  was never a pessimist or bitter . but now im unusually happy .. 

things take time,  whenever we change the foods we eat or dont eat, our body heals, cleanses, and then gives us what we need :)

Thank you SO much for this everyone. It's still a daily obsession, not to go get my 'fix'!!! I keep thinking I NEED it just to find that vive for life that has suddenly left. ....I read your replies on my way home from class, and I swear, if I didn't have you all hooked up to my email on blackberry, I would have gotten the coffee. Your support means everything to me and is  a key element of my 811 success.





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