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You'd think they'd be easy to find down here but i've had no luck with anything but the young thai ones which I'm not a fan of because of the fungicides. I know there's a coconut farm somewhere in plantation but that's a 45 minute drive from my house and i'm not able to get down there. Does anyone know of any sources for buying coconuts in bulk? I'm not looking to get them shipped because it's so insanely expensive. 

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honestly ive never bought them in florida. they're already growing on trees everywhere for free. just stroll through the residential neighborhoods in west palm beach slightly south of ocheechobee blvd. some mago and starfruit trees there as well. also google paul nison and john kohler coconuts, I think they've done videos on finding them in FL


they sell this 100% raw coconut water at whole foods. Its amazing

thank you both. @rawbenny, they're just up so high in the trees I don't really know how i'd go about getting them down and whenever I see them on the floor and bring them home they're not good anymore. 

I get them at whole foods sometimes.

yeah u gotta get a fruit picker thing from home depot. i don't know what theyre called but the good ones don't just have the basket, you can also use them to knock the coconuts down. some people make ones specifically for coconuts that have a knife at the end.



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