30 Bananas a Day!

A lot of people have asked me why the F&^* I'm doing this, since I'm "already so clean." A lot of people have even been concerned!

Well, I've lived 18 years with truly filthy eating habits and no one ever said a word. lived constipated for weeks at a time and stood proud of my ability to 'hold it in'. had a face full of acne and a back full of zits and no one knew the fix. was deathly allergic to the sting of a bee sting and lived in fear because of it. stunk of gnarly body odor like everyone else, and slept with greasy hair and even greasier skin. dealt with daily bouts of depression, contemplated suicide at times and felt hatred towards many, many things...even writing out lists of what I hated... seriously! What's up kid?!

...THEN I FOUND RAW FOOD! And EVERYTHING, I repeat: EVERYTHING. Changed for the better.

4.5 years into fruitarianism now and I've got people talking. poops are scentless and frequent, constipation is a joke. skin went clear within the first month and now zits just don't exist! hands are baby smooth. i'm un-phased by bees and have been safely stung a handful of times with no swelling. body odor is completely gone and i never use deodorant. smell terrific as is. seriously, smell me. i now live in a state of consistent optimism, fantasize about immortality and the longevity of this life experience, and have completely detoxed the feeling of anger. I cannot get mad! Try me.

SO, I figured: If I've experienced all this from going "raw" then imagine what I can experience on coconut island...

Here's what happened: I have experienced more moments of bliss and pure happiness on this island than ever before in my life. I've had moments where I just have to stand still and hold back my tears because of the beauty I'm looking at... there is so much beauty it can make you cry! Imagine! Ahhhh!  This world is SUCH a special place and I want to make sure my I keep my lense clear so I can see the world for what it is... heaven on Earth! Paradise found. Hello fruitarianism :)

I'll resume eating tomorrow sometime, and then break every speed/strength/stamina record I've ever set shortly after.

For my journal of this experience, visit my site.

Force is with you. Keep with the carbs up! This low cal livin' is no damn good if you wanna PUSH YOURSELF to new heights physically.

Just the thought of eating some dates right now is making me salivate mega!

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Ahh, so those 17 boxes were just the tip of the iceberg ;) Nice!

wowie. I am going to start my berry island tonight after I get off work. Only way to clean out my system. I did this in 1996 and it was amazingly successful. Until I was under the bad influenceo of others and did not realize how great that was for my body. Now am struggling with cravings for cooked food. If I can get through the week or two with berries I will only I will lose my taste for salty fatty cooked foods and crave produce. I just have to get over that hard first week. I have not tried the coconut water yet and I really need to.

i bet you're amazing at opening coconuts by now. . .  wow, seriously impressive. it takes me forever to open one and you're opening a ton everyday.

did you eat the coconut meat too, or did you just let it go to waste. i wish i could have helped eat it ;o)



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