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I will admit, i put it in my smoothies sometimes, especially if im low on fruit.  I've heard some people say its raw, but i assure you it's not.  Here's the DL on coconut sugar:

Coconut sugar is not produced from coconuts. It is a product of the coconut tree, or more specifically the sap obtained from coconut tree's flower buds. It is sometimes called coco sap sugar or coconut palm sugar. The blossoms are cut and the nectar is collected into bamboo containers.
The resulting nectar is about 80% water and is heated to evaporate the liquid. The remaining solid is granulated. The granules are brownish and larger than those you would find in standard table sugar. The taste is very similar to regular brown sugar.
Chemically speaking, 70% of coconut sugar is identical to table sugar. It is a disaccharide called sucrose, made up of 2 monosaccharides: glucose and fructose. The rest of coconut sugar is composed of the individual molecules of fructose and glucose, as well as trace minerals.
From a caloric perspective, coconut sugar is identical to table sugar, 4 calories per gram. But despite being so similar, the glycemic index of coconut sugar (36) is substantially lower than that of table sugar (60). Glycemic index (GI) is a measure of how a food affects blood glucose after being consumed. The higher the GI, the more of a spike you will experience in your blood glucose. These spikes are not good. The lower GI of coconut sugar has made it popular is the diabetes circles.

Do you use it? For or against it?


In my opinion, its great in moderation. 

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nah just organic cane sugar sometimes

i haven't tried coconut sugar yet though

Peter Csere, may I ask why you were having a hard time digesting large amounts of sugar? That seems to be my only problem. I eat, feel good, have plenty of energy, but often feel so full from a fruit-meal regardless if it's juice, dates, what have you. The discomfort keeps me from being able to move my body the way I want to when exercising, even though I have the energy, doh!

I added some coconut sugar once to a banana smoothie, but felt kinda weird. I attributed it to being that I wasn't used to the level of concentrated sugar. Though, I'm not sure? I had a ziiiiiinnngg feeling. Lol!

I use organic coconut sugar and love it.  Tastes like maple sugar to me, rich and dark. 

Would love to try it

Coconut sugar is traditionally produced with great care intensively by farmers. Coconut sugar is made from the sweet sap of coconut flowers. Sugar contains natural vitamins and minerals that support a healthy lifestyle for people who are active. 

I'm personally against it, I am in favour of a whole foods diet. No isolated foods were found truly in nature and were given to us - man found them by way of processing and denaturalising plants. I don't consume oil(isolated fat) or sugar(isolated carbohydrate) or protein powders(isolated protein). I would pick a veg and starch meal over this. 

Organics Coconut Sugar is an organic nutritious sweetener, used to prevent diebetes when replaced with white sugar. It is a ready-use dust free powder widely known for its medicinal properties used in ayurvedic and home remedies. Its 23 nutrients and chocolate-like flavor makes it a natural alternative for health drink fit for new born to aged people. Contact us to buy bulk wholesale organic coconut sugar at affordable prices.

One thing that we have been hearing a lot about lately is Organic C.... It contains trace minerals like iron, zinc, calcium and potassium. It also has antioxidants and a fiber called inulin. Inulin can slow glucose absorption. Pure Coconut Sugar tastes like brown sugar. This can be used for baking. A lot of bakers love coconut sugar because it does not affect the consistency of the final product. The Glycemic Index gives coconut sugar a low rating. It has a GI of 35, which is lower than that of table sugar. But many people do not find it sweet enough for tea or coffee, and end up adding more on their drink. and the solution is by using alternative organic coconut sugar for healthy living.

Based on research, excessive amounts of fructose elevate blood pressure, triglycerides, and LDL (or low-density lipoprotein, commonly referred to as ‘bad’ cholesterol). They also deplete vitamins and minerals; raise insulin resistance and obesity; and contribute to cardiovascular disease, liver disease, cancer, arthritis and gout.

Therefore, coconut sugar is not the sweetener that you can liberally add to your drinks, pastries or any food. It is, however, a better alternative to table sugar because of its lower glycemic index, slightly lower amount of fructose and trace minerals.for further information read this article: http://www.sweetcocodreams.com/sugar-alternatives-101-organic-cocon...



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