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Hello! :)

I have heard that when we use body moisturisers full of chemicals, it absorbs to

the blood stream and is toxic to our bodies. What about the fat of coconut oil

when you cover whole body to moisturise the skill? Will the fat also goes to blood stream?

Thanks :)

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Sometimes when I have cracked, dry lipps or elbows, a apply some coconut oil. Works.

But I wouldn't recommend it on a large surface since it is pure oil...I suppose it would prevent your skin from breathing...which wouldn't be beneficial xD

Thanks for reply :)
Do you use something else then?

Fat/oil applied topically will not get into your bloodstream.

Great! Thanks :)

I was worrying about this too! You don't absorb the fat because it's not being metabolized in your mouth/stomach. I see a lot of people saying you won't need moisturizer with this lifestyle...I still haven't got to that point so I use a lot of coconut oil on my skin. I started dry skin brushing a couple months ago and my skin has gotten much less dry :)

Coconut oil is my favorite moisturizer, but be careful!  On this diet, your skin and hair start to produce a healthy amount of oil again and it can be easy to start overdoing it on the moisturizers without realizing it.  So just feel your skin and then use only what you need. 



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