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Coconut fat... do they move through the blood as fast as sugar?

I haven't been able to find this answer anywhere yet.

Since Coconuts are a Medium Chain Triglyceride (MCT), they move through the blood VERY quickly. Does this type of fat NOT make the blood sluggish and hold sugar in (like Long Chain Triglycerides, which include all nut fats, avocado, and most oils including olive oil, NOT including palm oil, which is also an MCT).

I want to know if coconut oil and ANYTHING coconut is okay (the exception) to add more than %10 on a LFRV diet because the fat is a MCT.

Where are my coconut experts!! :)

Thank you!


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True good point, although because Coconuts are made up of an MCT, I was hoping that eating a bunch of coconuts would be okay, kind of like the (coconuts are the exception, and you can eat as many as you like). but Doug did mention in 80-10-10 that only %10 of even Coconut fat should be consumed and I think he hopefully knows of the MCT factor. Likely!

one day i had to eat all my coconut meats and it did seem to not be much of an issue .  idk that is my experience.

Didn't Doug say in 80-10-10 that since coconut is a saturated fat, it's not used very well by the body?  That its a food to be used only occasionally...

it was just one day i didn't want to waste.  but normally i divide that stuff up and add it to diff stuff at high vol or sell it to people who don't do 811

Coconut is both a saturated fat and an MCT (medium-chain-triglyceride).  The magic of MCTs is that the liver is happy to store a certain amount of them directly (ie, without sending them out to the bloodstream to be stored in a fat cell somewhere) and then use them directly for energy.  So it's a very special kind of saturated fat that is much better than other saturated fats due to this property.  BUT the liver is only going to want a modest amount of MCT's; after all, it is capacity constrained and can only store a certain amount.  This amount may vary by person, but it is probably somewhere in the range of 1 teaspoon a day up to a max of 2 tablespoons a day, depending on the person - and for people on 80-10-10 who are getting plenty of carbs and whose livers are therefore storing plenty of glycogen for fuel, I don't think the liver would have any desire for more than 1 teaspoon a day max (and maybe even less if one getting enough calories from other sources, or more if one is not getting enough calories from other sources).

I think you are right in the sense that if you eat more coconut fat than the liver wants to store directly as MCTs as a source of energy, then that extra saturated fat is not used very well by the body.  Dr. Brian Clement of Hippocrates Institute said in a talk once that I went to, in response to a question about coconut oil, that he found that there were some raw vegans who had high cholesterol, and they tended to be the ones who were eating a lot of coconut oil, so his advice was to be careful not to over-eat coconut oil because it can have negative effects if taken in excess - and this is coming from a guy who is not LFRV or 80-10-10, and who is not opposed to consuming oils in general.

My personal experience with this is that it is still a fat, requiring more digestive effort than fruit, but it is easier to digest than most fats, and, if taken in a modest amount, seems to provide more energy than other fat, but one has to be careful not to take too much and not to eat it with a lot of other fat.  As I understand it, normally the body will store fat in the liver or in fat cells, but mostly in the fat cells. 

The medium-chain triglycerides are for some reason most easily converted into energy by the body, and the body is therefore quite happy to store these in the liver where they can be quickly accessed for energy (as opposed to fat that is stored in fat cells, which is not accessed quite as quickly since the body has to first break down the fat cell, or at least take the fat out from it).  But this is only true up to a point - beyond that, if you take more coconut oil, it will be stored as fat and it will slow you down just like other fats. 

My feeling, based on my own experience, is that if you are getting enough carbs, then the liver will have plenty of glycogen (sugar) stored up, so it won't want or need to be storin a lot of medium-chain triglycerides for energy; therefore, if you are on 80-10-10 and eating enough to be at a stable weight (or an increasing weight), then adding coconut oil would not be needed - or rather the amount that you would need in order to get the alleged health benefits of coconut oil should be very small. 

Also, if you experiment with this, I think you will notice, as I did, that you feel a lot better having a coconut shake made from real coconut meat (from a fresh coconut, or frozen coconut meat that was taken from a fresh coconut) than you do from just taking coconut oil or dried coconut flakes. 

Lastly, you should also notice that as you transition further in the direction of LCRV, you'll have less and less of a need or desire for coconut oil or coconut shakes, although certainly it can be satisfying to have a little bit from time to time.

Great reply Martin! This has been the most informative yet :)

Thank you!

Again, what a great response Martin! I think you've officially answered my question!

what if you were to use the coconut oil to fry something? I am not 100% raw yet.. I have days where I eat all fruit and veg and then others, maybe 1 -3 times a week where I will have a cooked meal for dinner (like brown rice, spelt pasta or homemade saltless bread) ... I find at the moment I feel better when I stick exactly to the fat ratio for 80/10/10... and not too much less so I have been having avocado. But tonight when I have dinner I am having pasta and want to fry onion off for a tomato sauce....

In all... my question is, would the properties of the coconut oil change when it is heated?

thanks chris =) that info is great to know! i ended up cooking a bucket load of veggies in 10g of coconut oil (and later on water when i needed more moisture to fry in).... then divided it up into different containers and frooze it for whenever i need a base for a pasta sauce or something. i know it isn't optimal... but it's getting much colder and I am really sensitive to cold unfortunatley (something i am hoping to 'reverse'... i didn't used to be, but i had my gallstones taken out and ever since then i've had really weird sensititivities and digestion)... so anywhoo, raw food isn't that appealing to me at night... especially when i have come home from school at around 8pm and have just spent over 1.5 hours on the cold  bus =(  

coconut oil is not a health food but, it is better than butter believe me I used to eat all the time. My health improved so much not eating any oils.Don't fall in to this trap!



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