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I'd love to go to Thailand, I've seen photos on this forum and it looks beautiful. I was talking to my cousin about it and she said 'well what about the tsunami, those places are really dangerous'. I felt a bit annoyed that these beautiful places are being destroyed by climate change and my cousin who eats meat and I don't blame her but thats a huge part of the problem. I was watching the news and the newsreader was like; 'So what are we going to have to do - radically change our lives?' and the other guy starts spouting about turbines which are great and needed but he didnt even mention meat. Is it just me or is this like watching a train wreck and theres nothing you can do to stop it?

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i'm sorry but that's complete b.s.

and even if you do believe that, please explain to me how it is advantageous to go around telling people that climate change is false. people already treat the environment like crap, tell them this and they'll never make an effort to change, even in the slightest.

kt live it up and go to thailand. would you not travel to california because of the earthquakes? or florida because of the hurricanes? you only live once!
I think global warming is a whole bunch of bullshite.

If the earth were really getting warmer, then I should be able to comfortably wear a bikini in December and head to the nearest Jersey Shore beach!

Right now it's barely 40 degrees in "The Garden State."

Take a trip to Thailand and enjoy yourself.

I'm looking forward to Panama myself ...

Enjoy life and don't get caught up in the hype.

All the best,


P.S. About Al Gore and his "Inconvenient Truth." The truth is he lives in a HUGE mansion that uses more energy than most houses in Tennessee do. He also flies in private jets.

I have nothing against those things, except for those who make movies about environmentalism, but who don't live what they teach.

He would have had much more credibility if he at least lived like he gave a shite about the environment!

Maybe he figured that so long as most people changed he wouldn't have to ...
I understand your argument but I do not understand the last line. Climate change by definition is the distribution of weather over time. How is a tsunami not a weather related natural disaster?
Oh, I know it's natural, my point was that I don't understand how a tsunami has nothing to do with climate change.
Seems to be a lot of confusion regarding what's what regarding "global warming".

Yes, there is climate change. There has always been climate change and will always be climate change. This correlates to sun-cycles. Sometimes the sun gives off more radiation, sometimes less. As a result temperature on earth varies.

Btw, if CO2 was the worst environmental "pollutant" from humans, we'd be living in a beautiful, prestine world. CO2 should be on the absolute bottom of the priority list. There are far bigger concerns we should be dealing with.
I heard Al Gore was killed immediately after losing the election and the guy that appears in the movie an 'Inconvenient Truth' is a 'look a like' Al Gore.
If you don't like the planet warming? Try the planet cooling, that even more disastrous!
The sad thing is that we live in a time where we can't trust the information that we are given, at least not mainstream, and this includes "science." "Science" is now brought and paid for by those with financial interest in getting a certain set of results. Most of us know this when it come to matters of health but some may not realize that this is true for almost every other field as well.

Al Gore Admits CO2 Does Not Cause Majority Of Global Warming

Not only is there no consensus that man-made CO2 causes climate change but there is now proof that there has been a consorted effort to silence and\or discredit dissenting science as well as proof that they have been purposely tampering with climate data in order to sell us a bill of goods.

If everyone of us going off grid and achieving carbon neutrality then this may give us a cleaner place to live but will probably do nothing to regulate global climate. Like a fever or cough, everything has its place. The earth NATURALLY cycles though temperature and because of that life on earth stays dynamic. Humans tend to want control but will that be a good or bad thing.
There are obviously VERY bad things happening to the planet. All the hype about CO2 footprint and carbon taxes and Kyoto Accord, though, do nothing to address the real problems and environmental atrocities, but rather go a long way to lining the pockets of those in charge of selling us on the idea. I think Anthropogenic Global Warming is a farce, and any true look at the actual science will show this. One of the problems is that Global warming has become synonymous in people's minds with enviromnentalism, but the truth is that regulating CO2 emissions does nothing to curb our destructinon of the planet.

This is a good presentation showing some of the facts that the media never shows.

Hmmm, what could this be causing?
Excellent News - global warming is Called Off!! now the planet is cooling, like expected:



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