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Yoo all so i'm 21, female, living in the Northeast US.  I've been vegan since Sept. 2011 and HCRV for ~1 month now.  I am extremely aware of my health and take every measure to nourish my body properly and get plenty of exercise including strength training, you know I like to think I could kick a grown man's bum, but I have one problem:  I've been smoking since I was 15/16 and I'm having a really hard time quitting, which is ridiculous considering how bad they are for your health.  I can't wrap my head around why I still do it.  Anyone else here having the same problem?  I know I need to suck it up and quit bein a baby ultimately, but I wanted to see what other people thought.

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Hi, AJ. First of all, it is pretty great you have the motivation to quit. So congrats for that. It sounds like you just need to take action.

I was a pack a day smoker for about 8 years and haven't had a smoke in just over 3 years, now.

I loved smoking, and I am sure I would enjoying smoking today or tomorrow if I decided to do so.

I went cold turkey and have never really looked back. 

I might be helpful to try to quit for just 3 days and see how that feels. When I was first quit, It was helpful to remind myself of all the downsides to smoking: the cost, the many, many harms it does to the body, the way non smokers think you smell when you come into a room after a smoke.

When my friends have a smoke then come and talk to me, I think to myself, damn, was by breath that foul too?

Good luck.

Thanks guys!  Definitely good suggestions, and regardless it helps knowing I am not alone in this boat.  I'd say I smoke anywhere from 1/2 a pack to a pack a day.  I tried quitting a couple years ago cold turkey and I was *language warning* a raaaaging biotch until I broke down and just had a smoke.  I've been too nervous to try quitting again since.  I also live with 5 other girls who smoke which I know would make it a big pain every time I saw them having one.  Perhaps I should just eat a big banana and go for a walk whenever they do that!

And Charlotte- Singing definitely sounds like a good idea!  I like that a lot because I sing, too, and I play guitar.  There's another outlet for the impending frustration that quitting would (temporarily) cause me.

G Popp- Thanks for sharing, hearing your story also helps put it in perspective.  It's good to have hope that 3 years down the line I could be an ex-smoker, or even just 3 days down the line haha.  Congrats to you on that =]

25 years of smoking - i quit cold tofurkey 01 dec 2010 - i am now studying immunology and if i had known then what i know now i would never EVER have picked it up.

2 out of 3 of your most important cancer killing lyphycytes are matured in the thymus 

take a look where your thymus is located 

smoking murders your cancer killing lymphocytes - those lymphocytes kill cancer cells and they are the only things on the plaent that can kill actualy cancer cells so you want as many as you can get and healhty intelligent ones - sooooo ditch the smokes

how are actually nicotine patches?

not i ideal i know but at least you would get away from all the cigarette smoke which is the main problem... just brainstorming here :D

Ohhh veganwitch, you got me there.  I know an embarrassingly limited amount about anatomy, that picture/explanation legitimately pushed me a lot closer into "scared straight" territory.  And ghul- I will research nicotine patches!  I feel like given the amount I smoke with how long I've been a smoker, I might need some sort of aid like that.  But I do want to at least TRY going cold turkey, unassisted, before surrendering to any sort of cheats.  Thanks again!  This is all really helpful.

I'm going to be frank. You smell like a disgusting ashtray to anyone you are attracted to and to those that love you (I guess unless they are smoking too!).  Until you stop smoking you have no idea how bad this smell is.  You have burned the membranes in your nose so you can't smell properly and burned the cilia in your throat so you can't cough up the toxic mess your lungs are right now.  You can do this!!!! 

 (I am 45 now and smoked from age 17 to 25 - i gave up when the 3 year old girl I was nannying for wouldn't get in my car because it stunk so bad).

Don't make me show you the pictures of a smoker's lung......

And honestly?  If you're going to live with 5 smokers, you might as well be smoking yourself.

Alison you made it! Congratulations!!

AJ: Read the book by Allan Carr, It helped so many (including me, a 15year long heavy smoker. Stopped over night, no problem, never looked back.). xx 

Jeepers, I think we have different definitions of frank, Mary, but I do appreciate that you're trying to help so thanks. 

Alison, as Olive said, congrats!!  And Olive, great suggestion!  I have to run out now but I will give a more thorough response when I'm back.  Also I'm pretty new to this site so if anyone wants to shoot a friend request my way that'd be pretty sweet, I want to be as involved in this community as I can.... Thanks again, later!

congrats i thought of you as an example

sorry i've been MIA from a discussion i started, myself, so busy!  still smoking unfortunately, though i've been cutting down significantly.  electroash- i like your suggestion!  see, i've also avoided quitting because of that whole oral fixation thing.  i've never been an emotional eater but i was really worried that if i quit smoking, i might start.  therein lies the beauty of HCRV!  i can eat for whatever reason, whenever, and not have to worry about that =]

and nancy, i SO understand.  i know this is very taboo, but i like cigarettes.  i don't like what they do to my body and the air, but i just like them.  i like watching other people smoke them, i like sitting in the sun and enjoying them, i like watching mad men and lighting one up whenever don draper does.  i also know that that would all sound RIDICULOUS to a non-smoker.  anyways, what exactly are herbal cigarettes?  i can imagine, but it'd be interesting to hear from someone with experience.  thanks!

i will get around to answering more soon but before i leave i wanna say, roxanne- i have a feeling that after i check out those links i will want to quit immediately, given charlotte's response.

Hey this might help.. figured I'd throw it out there. The two of you (or more) that do still smoke, make it a competition each day to see who can smoke less. Email, text, etc each other every day saying how many, and how you feel, etc. It's like having a buddy doing it with you. Whoever smokes less every day wins! Haha, I'm not doctor, but that might help! Good luck. My brother gave up smoking after years just by sheer knowledge. He and I began studying healthy living and when he really understood the way things effect his body he dropped it easy. Science is your friend. Facts and little sayings are your friend (like write on your pack, "Do you want to be healthy?" or something like that...) Good luck!

Hey AJ,

I smoked on and off since I was 13.  I quit when I was 21 when I was on the mission to be as healthy as possible.  Since I was 21 I started going to see a naturopath.  I get him to check my nicotine levels in my body every appt.  Your body stores nicotine.  I am now 26 and still have nicotine in my system.  It freaks me out.  Nicotine causes cancers.  Six years after quitting I still have that shit in me.  I avoid the smoke from others smoking.  I've been eating "extremely" healthy these last 6 six years as well as exercising.  I choose life and not a slow suicide.  I support positive, healthy, earth/animals/human friendly companies, not the opposite.  Can't wait for the day I have zero nicotine in my machine!



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