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       Before I discovered the raw vegan diet I had some chronic gas. Both belching and farting. After discovering the raw vegan diet I found that bananas caused me to belch and apples to fart more than most foods. The gas is unpleasant and I get yelled sometimes by strangers.

       For example, I ate 8-10 raw small apples and got some annoying gas that lasted 2-3 hours. Couldn't sleep or sit still had to walk it off. Later, I would eat a couple bananas and belch loudly. I know it may sound funny, but this is becoming a problem and a major obstacle to me consuming additional fruit.

       Cherries and watermelon not so much. Yet, now days any food seems to set off my gas. Salty food, raw fruit, oatmeal, water, and green smoothies. It can take hours before the gas simmers down enough for me to be comfortable. I rarely can sleep when I have this gas.

       I asked Arnold, from Arnold's Way and he said "bad food combining." Yet, when drinking water alone sets off the gas, I'm not sure what to do. I found drinking water, small amounts of oatmeal, and fruit seems to work well enough. Yet, I can only keep up a low-calorie diet for so long before I get weak.

       I'm so proud of myself sometimes. I pack a bunch of bananas and I think I'm going to eat both healthy, cheaply, and in public. Then, blam the gas comes and I panic and go back to eating the standard American diet.

       The gas interferes with my sleep, being out in public, my eating habits, and overall happiness. I don't know what to do. Seems like a lose / lose situation. If I eat unhealthy I get gas, if I eat healthy I get gas, I drink only water I get gas. There seems to be no escape. I cannot run from myself.

        I used to think the gas was a detox reaction. Therefore, I saw it as a signal to transition more slowly. Yet, after over 4 years of transitioning slowly to the high carb raw vegan lifestyle I'm having my doubts. I know about two years before I discovered the raw vegan diet I had some very unpleasant diarrhea off on for at least a week.

        I know that a Burger King whooper with cheese made me so nauseated I spat out the first bite before I could swallow it.

        Before that chili with even the slightest amount of spice would cause my stomach to go into convulsions. I can only conclude that this gas is not a normal detox reaction. Instead, it is the symptom of some sort of chronic illness. Either way its both hindering my approach to transition to a HCRV lifestyle and motivating me, since I want to get rid of this illness.

        I know this is a lot for one post. Yet, not everyone comes to this website as healthy as a horse. Does anyone have a similar problem? Any advice? Is high carb raw vegan not for me? I might sound like a scardey cat, but I often stop eating my mono meal of raw fruit due to this gas.

        I can't hold the gas in, even if I try it just makes the pain increase. People think I'm just making noise, they don't understand and ask me to leave various establishments and even hint that this belching is an act of aggression.

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          Here's my best guess for foods and activities. It seems there are two categories, A activities that create the gas, and B actions that cause the gas to move outwardly and expel the gas.  Drinking water, walking, and sleeping fit in category B. Surely, they aren't causing the gas, but they do seem to move the gas further along. Foods is the hard part, they could fit in A, B, or both.

          Does a banana simply move preexisting gas along? Or, does it create gas? Or both? In general if an activity causes my gas to increase in the short term but continuing the activity results in diminishing returns, I conclude category B expelling gas. If the activity causes gas in the short term and the gas only seems to accumulate and get worse the more I perform the deed, I conclude the activity causes gas, or category A.

          For example, when I walk I might get some gas, but after a while I expel less and less gas. Also the unreleased and often painful gas in my stomach, intestines, and chest diminishes. Clearly, walking releases the accumulates gas not creates. Yet, what is causes so much gas to accumulate?

         Here's where fruit seems to be a culprit. The more apples and bananas I eat the more unreleased gas in my stomach. Sure, I might release more, but overall more gas is accumulating inside me then being released. If I try to force myself to continue eating these foods, I eventually get nausea to the point I am physically unable to eat apples and bananas.

         Delay reactions and food. Here's what really confuses me. Some foods seem to have a delayed reaction. With apples and bananas its real easy, the gas comes almost immediately and I start expelling the gas loudly and immediately. With such a short time frame between cause and effect its obvious that the apples and bananas are causing gas and bloating.

          Yet, not all foods are this way. Some seem sneaky. I sometimes go several days without eating apples and bananas, and yet have bad gas. Since I don't know the cause, and eating is necessary to live, it can be very difficult to isolate the variables.

          At first, I thought the bananas and apples were good. They were simply helping expel the gas. Yet, they seem to fit in both category A and B. Causing the gas and helping release the gas. Anyone know any fruit that causes the least amount of gas?

      I'm trying eating plain white rice with filtered water. I still belch while eating the white rice and posting this post directly after eating. I'm pretty sure white rice fits in the diminishing returns category and the rice is just pushing out existing gas. White rice most likely category B.

      At the very least I want to figure out what causes this gas so if I go to an important event like a wedding, I'm not belching and farting up a storm.

       BTW, I inquired about belching when eating apples and bananas with several random people. None of them reported gas when eating these two fruits. Again, I just figured this was normal, since hardly anyone eats fruit in public. I am becoming increasingly convinced that most people do not suffer from loud and persistent gas after eating apples and bananas. I've had this as long as I can remember, I just figured it was normal.

      Can any other member of this website verify either way if apples and bananas cause loud and persistent gas? Thank you in advance.

         I've been thinking about my past diets. I tried gluten free, no noticeable detox symptoms. Then, paleo again no noticeable detox. Surprisingly my diet was almost paleo before hand, took very little change. This also might explain why I'm having so much trouble transitioning to raw vegan. Surely if I was almost paleo all my life, I would have a harder time adjusting. 

          Anyways, now I've changed to vegetarian. I did get a small amount of detox reaction that might be a coincidence. Yet, why is it that if I eat lots of fruit in a day I'm practically guaranteed a strong detox reaction?

          When I went paleo and cut out dairy, no problem, purely felt better. You would think this would be a major dietary change and I would feel some adverse affects, but I didn't. Yet, two bananas, yes only two has a high chance of setting off my gas. I just don't understand, eliminate all dairy, no effects, add two bananas get a fairly intense detox reaction.

   Anyways, I'm going to continue to change my diet around and try to figure out what is going on. Note, this may be hereditary, a family member would take one bite out of a banana and begin belching, one bite. Most people get lots of gas from beans, I can eat a lot of beans and get some gas. Yet, 2-4 bananas will give me much more gas than beans. Again, I thought this was normal detox symptoms.

    I would think it would be the stress of a major dietary change. Yet, I can eat lots and lots of oatmeal and white rice. So, its not the fiber nor plant based diet in general. I plan to lay off the raw foods. Instead, I'm thinking of trying the FoK (Forks over Knives) diet. Perhaps for whatever reason raw food doesn't agree with me.

   Then, if I can handle the FoK diet with little to no detox symptoms, then I can safely declare raw foods are the problem. Next, I'll start figuring out if only certain raw foods trigger my gas, or if all. I'm curious if raw romaine lettuce and spring mix sets me off. Anyways, a lot of variables to eliminate. Once I have the trigger food isolated for my bloating, I'll decide if I want to simply avoid the food, or force my body to accept the food. 

      Also, I'll want to see if the raw and cooked version of the food triggers my gas, or just the cooked.

          I tried a fruit smoothie + filtered water. Ingredients one banana, about 4 cups of filtered water, and about 1 1/2 cups of mixed fruit. The mixed fruit had pineapple, strawberries, peaches, and mango. I got the gas again, not too bad since the low quantity of fruit. I did get a short burst of energy.

         I was surprised since I have a high quality blender, Vitamix. I've had fruit smoothies before and haven't had this gas. Seems to be some sort of cumulative effect. Now I have to figure out if raw lettuce w/o fruit sets off the gas and confirm that fruit smoothies trigger my gas.

        Note, its not just gas, its a special kind of gas that begins with pain in my mid left chest. Then, a series of unique, loud, and long belches. Followed, by a feeling of itchiness in my lower intestine and often flatulence. What makes me so sure that the fruit is causing the gas is the unique symptoms.

          If I ate beans, I would feel gas but the symptoms would be different, little to no belching and no chest pain. Beans only seem to give me flatulence.    

         I also want to test if its all fruit, or only certain fruits.

Hi again RawVeganGamer :)

You said "I am becoming increasingly convinced that most people do not suffer from loud and persistent gas after eating apples and bananas. I've had this as long as I can remember, I just figured it was normal."
Yes, I do not think the symptoms you are describing is what people normally experience. I haven't heard about this before, and I do not experience this myself. Curious huh? :)

I can relate to you in your failing motivation towards eating healthy, when heading into a wall of negative symptoms when you try. As you know, I have my own stuff, and I am not out of the waters there yet either.

When I read your descriptions of your symptoms, what I am thinking is that the only thing that can create gas and all that out of food items, any food items, is bacteria and/or yeast. So it seems to me that you have a bacteria flora in your stomach and gut that.. well, is a little strange and also well established.

Have you tried probiotics? What is your relationship to probiotics?

If you haven't tried that before, or if you haven't tried a good probiotic yet, then I am thinking that is something that can help you create a healthy gut flora. Bacterias that behaves good.

But I am also thinking that your current microflora is well established, and that it might be a process to shift your microflora. Maybe especially if it is yeast overgrowth you have. But I am no expert, I am just thinking out loud here. In either way, one or two broad spectrum, high quality, strong probiotics might give you very interesting and promising results, no? I actually can't imagine your problem is anything but a microflora issue.

And since you have had this for such a long time, maybe you were born with this microflora, if your mother had it, or maybe you got antibiotics as a child etc (which would leave your body open to other less good bacterias establishing themselves in your system).

Yes, I would be very curious to see your experience when you try probiotics. Or to hear your pre-existing experience, if you have any.

There is also another kind of bacteria supplement that you can take, that isn't based on lactic acid bacterias, but on soil bacterias. I have also tried this. They don't establish themselves in your system, they can only live there for a few days, but they help fight any unhealthy microflora that you might have. As I understand it, they can even fight parasites. Which might actually be an alternative culprit to your troubles. This is something you can take together with the high quality probiotics.
If you are interested, we can talk further about this :)

I just saw your last comment in my thread. Candida, yes. That might as well be your cause, a yeast. A high carb raw vegan diet, a diet low in fats, should be a good solution for candida overgrowth, but maybe it is helpful to kick it off with probiotics and soil bacteria. Of course, any biological issue is multifaceted and complex, but still, I am very curious to what will happen when you try a good probiotic :)

And also. If this is as I think it is, it won't help much to test different food items for check if they trigger your symptoms. Of course, I am not saying you should stop testing and exploring, I am just saying that as long as your microflora is the way it is, if it is the way I propose, then your symptoms will stay the same. I don't think this is a food issue, as it is a internal bodily issue, right? It is how your body treats the food, not the food itself, that is the problem.

For example. 

In your case, if that was me, I would take a capsule of a good probiotic with absolutely every meal. And also one capsule between meals. In the beginning.

Unless, well, the probiotic can cause detox symptoms as they are killing of the bad microflora and changing the internal landscape. So of course, I would moderate the intake of the probiotics if/when I get detox symptoms.
But I would aim for taking capsules that often, as first stated. Lets call it a therapeutic dosage.
It might be needed to start off with just one capsule a day, though. It all depends on how your system responds.

My reasoning is, if bad microflora is well established, then that bad microflora will fight with the lactic acid bacterias, and in the beginning, they will win the fights, while the lactic acid bacterias will diminish the bad microflora. Since the probiotic bacteria will loose in the beginning, they will have to be replenished. And I think they will loose quickly in the beginning too. So a stead stream of new bacterias will have the most effect, I think. To create a strong foundation.
You will not have to take probiotics for a long time, I think. Not if you stay with healthy food, of course. Only until and little beyond the time it takes for your belching etc symptoms to stop, if probiotics will help with that. Which I do think, honestly. At least if you make sure to replenish them often enough to weaken the bad microflora regularly, until the probiotics begin to dominate. When they begin to dominate, I believe the symptoms that the probiotics make, will lessen and disappear. When things stabilize, that is when they begin to dominate. It might be a little turbulence until then, more or less. Maybe not noticeable. But in your case, with seemingly such an aggressive microflora, i.e probably candida, I guess the fight will be good :) Hehe.

What ever you do, you have to do it enough to cause a change.

What do you think?

Another thing.
The more different kinds of foods we combine in our meals, the harder it is for our body to digest the food. The less efficient the digestion is.

This is what good food combining is about. 
That is why we have mono-meals, they allow for the most efficient digestion.

Melons and avocados do not mix well, because their makeup and consistency is so different, they digest at completely different speeds. Melons and melons on the other hand, go well. Actually, melons shouldn't be mixed with anything other than other melons, if mixed at all.

Cooked food together with raw fruit is also a horrible mix, worse than melons and avocados, in my understanding. I never mix fruit with anything other than fruit. And even then, I eat the most watery and light fruit at the beginning of the day, and gradually eat the heavier towards the end. If I eat cooked food, it is the last meal of the day. On its own.

I do allow myself to mix bananas and strawberries in smoothies. But I always keep the number of different ingredients low, to two-three. And I use as compatible foods as possible.

I look at how watery the fruit is, and range their compatibility based on that, based on their consistency. if they have similar consistency, I am more permissive to mix them. But I believe mixing is not the best thing, andoften eat one fruit at a time.

      I've heard about food combining. This is what perplexes everyone at Arnold's Way.

I mention: "I have gas"

response: "bad food combining"

me: "but I'm eating mono meals of fruit"

response: "that's impossible"

me: "but I'm telling the truth"

response "I dunno, you shouldn't have gas with mono meals"

      Yes, I'll eat a mono meal of several bananas and receive lots of gas. To the point where even I tried to press on eventually I would lose my appetite and then if I continued further I would get nausea and would be forced to stop.

     Apples on the other hand I don't get nausea, instead I can eat to my heart's content, until about an hour later when I pay for it. I'll be up all night trying to walk off the painful gas if I eat to my heart's content on apples.

      As for probiotics I used to eat FAGE greek yogurt. Now that I've given up yogurt, I don't eat any more probiotic food.


Yes, I understand, you get the bad reaction even from mono-meals. I am sorry if I offended you.

About probiotics. I am absolutely not talking about yoghurts, I don't believe they have almost any probiotic value at all. You know, any liquid sold from stores are pasteurized, except for water, meaning, living organisms are killed off. That includes yoghurts. Besides, the original quality of the microbes in yoghurts are not the same as a good quality probiotic supplement. The probiotic association we have to yoghurts, I believe, is mostly just marketing.

Here is an example of what I think is a good quality probiotic: http://www.iherb.com/Renew-Life-Ultimate-Flora-Critical-Care-50-Bil...

Taking something like that, compared to a yoghurt, is two completely different things. They are not the same topic, not the same product. They can't produce the same results. And also, that probiotic supplement is vegan.

Are you willing to try something like that? You could go to your local health food store and find a different probiotic of course. I recommend finding one with a broad range of bacteria strains and a high count of them. 
I really think this can help you. It would be so awesome if you tried it.

By the way. I get that it is horrible when people aren't taking you seriously or believing what you say. Don't waste your time on them, not because they are acting badly, but because they act badly because they have no solution for you, because your issue falls outside of their knowledgebase. That is why they give you a bad response, because they want to help, but they can't, so they just pretend that they actually can help. It is a form of self-deception on their part, just ignore them. They wouldn't be able to provide anything of value to your case even if they took you seriously, which is why they are seemingly not listening to you.

      Thanks for the replies. You didn't offend me. Good point about falling outside their knowledge base.


      Btw, I just fried up a banana and had no problems. Rofl, I added olive oil, honey, and cinnamon and no gas.

      Raw banana: Gas

      Raw banana in smoothie: Gas

      Fried banana: No gas

I will cook a few more bananas since they are delicious to verify this.

Good, good :)

Ok, so, hehe.. You don't get gas when you eat vegetarian, high-fat and high-carb and cooked. But you get gas when you eat healthy.

Seems like the candida is happy with you are eating like that, and gets upset when you don't, huh? ;) hehe.

Alright, so well. Good luck to you :)



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