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Hello everyone,

For the last 6 years I have been struggling with a mystery illness but I guess I have been in denial about it for most of those years. I ended up dropping out of university twice during which i had 'ibs' for a year of which would lead to me being in complete agony and sometimes puking whenever I ate anything with fat in. I then tried working full time which ended in me having a emotional breakdown because I was getting aches all over my body, started muddling my sentences up and was just collapsing on my bed after every shift. Fast forward to now I'm getting regular vitamin deficencies, blood count abnormality and i have a abnormal brain scan result with new symptoms seeming to appear every few months. I just turned 25 and I really want to get better. The doctors I have seen so far have not helped me at all- this whole time the only 'treatment' I've gotten is antidepressants and a diagnosis of fibromyalgia.. I now believe this has all stemmed from a EM rash I got in some remote parts of Malaysia in 2010. I had a negative Lyme disease result in 2014 on the NHS, but I've heard these tests aren't great as there are different strains of Lyme disease and the tick can also infect you with other bacteria as well. I would travel to the other side of the world to see a Lyme expert but I just don't have the money.
All I really know is my body is going through hell and I'm looking for any advice and guidance from someone who has been through something similar and healed. I have been vegan for years now but with the fatigue and lows i had all but given up on trying to be healthy which won't have helped me. I recently started taking some strong probiotics, take NT factor and I'm currently eating hclf, as much raw food as I can get but I have struggled to find good quality fruit so far. I bought a exercise bike which I have been using almost daily the last week but I have started feeling worse/crashing so I think I need to listen to my body and scale it back.

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You need to follow a RT4 LIFESTYLE 100%.

Probiotics are a waste of $

Doctors are a waste of time.

Buy CTFU and the RT4 ebook and read it today. 

Sleep by 8

Enough water to be peeing clear roughly 8-12 times per day. 800-1000ML before each meal, before bed, and first thing in the morning

Exercise daily at least 1 hour

High carb low fat Vegan no oil, nuts, etc and try to eat some leafy greens daily.

In your situation doing Fruitarian for a while would be a good idea but not necessary if you can't afford it and/or don't have access to good quality fruit. 

I'm not sure if Jacobs advice is sufficient, but it is the very fundamental you need to do.

Exercise puts strain on your body, so even though it is healthy, it is only healthy if you give your body recovery time. So give it resting periods that are sufficient :) And in the beginning of exercise, you are putting your body in transition and you can't demand too much of it. Gradual increase over several weeks, with enough resting to let the body recover all the time.

Do you have a good social bonds and relationships? The biggest health indicator is our social life, how positive, how supportive, how healthy it is. How loving it is.To not feel alone, to feel seen and heard, and connected. Being part of a whole.

And if you don't have this, that is an important avenue to becoming healthy again. Absolutely.

Beyond all this, to speed up and enable your healing and recovery from your disease and pain and suffering, I highly suggest progressive water fasting. E.g you start by fasting 1 day, or even less, half a day. Then eat as usual for several days, up to a week. Then fast again, longer than the last time, eg 2 days or 1,5 day. Then eat as usual for a bit more than a week.  Continue increasing both the fasting duration and the no-fasting duration, lets call this a fasting cycle. When you get a feeling for this, you can mix it up according to your own sense and impulses.
You will gain loads of insight into your health, and yourself, lots of clarity, and you will receive loads of effects from this. One of which is pain relief and disease-relief.
You can of course go cold turkey with fasting, meaning doing a long fast as your first, if you NEED! quicker results. But it takes a much more concentrated effort and responsibility, and it is more superficial in a sense. Progressive fasting is very deep, thorough and safe and easy. You condition yourself and your body to handle the next fasting cycle, with the previous. It is like walking up a staircase, one step gets you higher, but you only go one step at a time no matter how high you go, even when you are 10 steps up.

Expect results with your chronic illness!
And of course, you can do two identical fasting cycles after each others, e.g 1 day fasting and 1 week non-fasting, and then 1 day fasting again with 1 week resting. You can do 10 identical fasting cycles if you want to. So listen to your body and your sense of direction. And when you want to get bigger results, increase the cycle length, e.g 2 days and about 1 week resting. Or 3 days, or 4 days etc, depending on how much experience and conditioning you have now gained with fasting.

I would really really advise you doing this progressive fasting. And spend the fasting periods going easy on yourself, going slow, being close to yourself, resting, taking care of you. Use it as a blessed time. Observe the experience, observe yourself, be still and present. Give yourself love, and loving attention. But don't try too hard!

And please PM me if you feel like it at any point. Like now, or later. I care about you succeeding with your situation! And I will support you in any way I can. And I completely believe in your ability to succeed!

And, do you meditate? If not, pick that up too. It will help you connect with yourself, and you need the support of yourself to guide you.

You might not see much of a correlation between your illness and friendships or meditation, I get that. At least the fasting part is quite concrete. But they are all connected and in support of each others. Helping making you better choices, clearer choices and gain deeper results. Sometimes the devil is in the details, you know :) And meditation brings the details to the front. You make it easier for yourself. And each of these three areas; food/no-food, social and meditation, all bleed into each others, increasing the quality of the two other areas. Helping you become the person without this illness and problem. Free of it, free to live your life the way you want to <3

Hi Svein, the progressive water fasting sounds promising. I want to get better but I don't want to rush it either(I think I would find this too difficult). I'm not sure what to do about exercise while fasting(and not)? I don't want to stress myself by putting too much pressure on myself but I don't want to do too little either. Should I just rest during a fast? sorry, I dont know a thing about fasting.

 Thank you for your kindness, I will contact you again.    

Trust the impulses that makes you generate these questions :)It is your body wisdom. Let yourself relax into this wisdom.

As Jacob said, rest when you fast. It is a time for regeneration. Exercise will take energy away from the regeneration. Your body will never the less automatically take the energy it normally gives to your muscles, and give it to your immune system. So you will naturally be physically weaker strength wise, and cellularly stronger. If those words make sense. So you won't have impulses to exercise. It is your body wisdom.

I really like that you say you don't want to rush. That is important. Nature moves at a certain slow pace. That is the beneficial pace to follow :)

And you are not doing too little while fasting. It might not seem like much before you try, but you will experience that it is more than enough of an effort.

Meditation, resting, contemplation, reflection, appreciation of what is, are all friends of fasting. It is a time to be still and close to yourself. It is an internal journey of rejuvenation and self discovery. While not a lot happens outside, on the inside things will happen more than usual.
Fasting is the process of dealing with the old, what is already within you. Not about dealing with new things, or changing things, or acting on things.

Yes, please contact me again when you want to. I appreciate that.

I should have mentioned in your situation you should build up the exercise very slowly 10-30 mins per day.

Fasting is not in the 30BAD guidelines and you should NOT fast. 

In addition to my last comment get off any drugs like birth control, coffee, prescription "meds", etc. 

And make sure you're eating enough calories. 2500-6000

Haha, just because fasting is not in 30BAD guidelines, does not mean fasting is not therapeutic and wonderful, and healing, and natural and beautiful and real. It just means that 30BAD is not in the business of therapy and deep healing.
Anyone and everyone SHOULD fast, it is natural, it is part of our physiology, it is an essential part of healing and health. Depending on what kind of health people seek. When ever people say 'don't fast', they are speaking out of fear and lack of appreciation for our biology. It is pure fear and lack of understanding. And I am fine with that, personally. I am just telling it as I see it.
Man, if people don't fast when they are sick, they are missing out on a huuuuuuuuuuuuuge resource. I just want what is best for others, that is why I talk about.
Telling her not to fast is possibly liken to telling her to live with the disease. I want her to be healed and healthy.

And I am not a follower of other people or others ideologies. I follow my own truth and create my own system and understanding of life and health and everything. That is what I share with others.
And it is not dangerous to fast, when done progressively. IT IS stupid to fast just to loose weight though, and out of a desperation and aversion towards how our body looks, and 30BAD is very heavily on the whole anti-anorexia and to loose weight in an healthy way etc. Which I support. It is just more to health than our weight, and not everyone is anorexia-prone like certain others.
It would be too bad if people who come here to heal, couldn't learn about therapeutic things to do also. Diet and exercise and sleep, and hydration is not the end all, be all. There is another dimension to health beyond that.
And I will tell people to fast, when they are sick. Nothing could heal them better and faster.
And DON'T fast to loose weight. Fasting is much more than that. Only fast to improve your life, to improve yourself, to take more responsibility of who you are and your health, in an holistic way. When you are ready and need to be well. When you do it from your heart, because you need better health.

Fruitarian > Fasting 

Fasting = starving 

Starving = mental insanity in my personal experience and I have witnessed this in others as well.

No one is starving when fasting and having caloric and nutritious resources stored in the body. That is a state of regeneration and healing.
Unless they enter the fasting in a state of stress and psychological impairment. The mental insanity in this case you are talking about, does not come from the fasting, it is already in the person to begin with. The fasting, my friend, sheds light on this issue so that the mentally insane person can heal themselves. Don't kill the messenger, just because in your experience no one took the opportunity to grow beyond their limitations.

Obviously you have yet to experience people consciously choosing to abstain from eating for a period, out of self love and mental clarity, and responsibility for their life. In your experience, people only do it when they are in a state of mental imbalance, so of course you have no other reference to speak of and thus you put an equal sign between fasting and starving. Because you know no better.  I get that. Because you have yet to imagine using fasting for something good. You have yet to imagine using the issues that arise from the hyper acute mental clarity that comes with fasting.

You see, when we don't eat food, our mind becomes much clearer. We can see our internal landscape better than ever before. Just like when we go from meat and cooked to raw fruit, we gain this increase in presence.
But fasting takes it much further.
What you are talking about, the mental insanity you have seen in yourself and in others when fasting, is EXACTLY the reason why you should fast. Because only by becoming conscious of that insanity you carry all the time, can you deal with it.

Only by making space for what is already there, can we deal with it. Only by giving space to our immune system, can it deal with illness.
Realize and know that you have misinterpreted what you have seen happening during fasting. Don't mix the messenger with the letter.
Sooooo many people do this, when it comes to fasting. They kill the messenger of their turmoil that they carry inside and suppress all the time, since fasting is the only thing that allows them to make that conscious. They kill the messenger left and right. It is the same as taking pain killers when dealing with pain. It is the whole symptom treating mentality.

Obviously, people need to be ready and willing to take responsibility for their imbalances, when they fast. Otherwise, it is no good. You can only lead the horse to the water, but not make it drink.

Fasting = starving WHEN people lack sufficient responsibility for themselves.

Fasting = healing WHEN people seize the opportunities and learn from their past mistakes, that the fasting shows them.

We are coming from two different worlds when we talk about fasting my friend, Jacob.

There is another world of this out there.

Meat eaters could easily say exactly! what you are saying about fasting, they could easily say that about fruitarianism. Think about it. How often do people not change their life style in what seems like radical ways for others, then treat people that change their life style even more, just the same way as those they themselves left behind. It is all the same presumptions and fear of the unknown again and again. Lack of appreciation for what is real. As I said.

You bring out a good and important point.
But contrary to you and your witnessing, this girl is really wanting to heal and to  take responsibility for her situation, because it is so acute and real to her. And unwanted. That is my interpretation. She is willing to use fasting for what it can do for her. She has a specific issue that she longs for being free of.

And even if she don't want to do that, to seize the opportunity, fasting progressively is very safe and she will be able to discover this fact long before she is 'STARVING'.

And what is starving anyway? People can go for a month without food before it is a problem. 30 day fasts was normalcy in many old cultures. Someone we did to increase our awareness and become more whole, and more connected to life. And more balanced.

And yes, shit might seep out of our body when we fast. Is that because fasting is dangerous? No! It is because the fasting is letting our body expel the dangerous stuff! Finally the body is strong enough to rid itself of the rotting and cancerous and poisonous stuff that it had to store inside when we were stuffing our face daily and non-ending.

So should we become afraid when fasting lets issues surface? Each to their own.

It can be used consciously for healing, when we are willing to change and willing to grow. But if we are not, then absolutely it is a dead end to fast.
But no one will die, unless they want to.

Fasting should be done in a relaxed manner. As I said. Not out of neurosis, like you say.
But out of a sense of love for one self. Out of nurturing. It should be done with a relaxing mind set. With an open mind. With calmness and presence. With patience.
Not out of desperation and resistance towards something bad, in fear or out of trauma. But out of a journey towards something good, with trust and belief in oneself.
Many people don't know the difference, and by default most of society is driven by fear and not self-love. So of course many develop bad experiences with that which shows the truth, when they are not ready.

Fruitarian = healthy food and sustenance
Fasting = deep physical and psychological healing therapy and regeneration

Mental insanity + fasting = unpleasant experience, but an opportunity to become sane by facing ones self negative mind set through self love and fasting

Self love + fasting = healing and transformation of ailments, disease, suffering and pain

Personally I have been following the vegan lifestyle since 2011 and have just taken to fasting once a week. I feel so much better for it as a mature female going through change of life. Since taking up fasting every Saturday suddenly the urge to be out walking every day, for more than an hour has kicked in. Before no desire for movement beyond working a job and carrying out the most basic chores. Fasting I believe is healthy when you feel unwell. Possibly the first line of defensive action one should take - animals do it when unwell.



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