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Hey everyone hope youre having as magnificent of a day as I am!

I recently saw a youtube video Freelee posted about this girl talking about Chipotle and how a bunch of vegans were outside protesting.

I have been doing raw til 4 very consistently lately and one thing that I have been doing for my last meal is going to chipotle and getting two burritos (white rice, pinto beans, mild salsa, corn salsa, and lettuce).  It very delicious.

Ive been wanting to stop RT4 and just go raw for at least a whole month but these burritos are just soo good.. (lots of salt though..)  

The video made me think.. should I even be supporting chipotle??

I know that it would be better to put my money into vegan restaurants but there really arent that many.. maybe one.. in a 30 mile radius of me.  

Id like to hear your guys' thoughts on this. Thanks.


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This is up to you and how far you would like to take animal rights morality.  

I did not see Freelee's video on the topic, and or know why those vegans were protesting.  

One thought I do have is that I personally would never be able to shop or eat anywhere if I made shopping at 100% vegan venues my top priority.  

Questions I like to ask myself are:  Are my personal earnings ethical and cause minimal harm?  

Are the things I spend my money on ethical and cause minimal harm?  (To animals, planet, humans etc)

Then, I look at it like voting with my money.  Markets and store owners are in it to win it financially, and will provide what their clients demand.  If we all bombard stores tomorrow with fruity demans, and their meat goes rotten, and their cookies expire, I can bet there will be a change up in their logistics:-D

Peace, PK


I want to take animal rights very far.  I started being vegan for the most selfish reason of all.. my own health (which is not a bad reason at all theres no bad reason to go vegan :) but over time I find myself focusing more on the ecological and ethical reasons.  

Now imstarting to think chipotle every once in a while is okay but not as much as Ive been going lately.

Thanks for the reply 

Hey Aaron! just my personal opinion but i really like chipotle and even though it is high in salt its a nice treat every once in a while if you're keeping it completely vegan! one thing i do know though is that the pinto beans used to not be vegan, i don't know if they are vegan now but check this out! http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/09/24/chipotle-pinto-beans_n_398...

Thanks Alex thats a good point!

Just FYI every time i eat there they tell me the pinto beans are cooked with pork.  Its not listed as an ingredient on the website but if thats important to you and you're not sure, I would ask at the store. They are also unfortunately not HCLF because of the oils they use to make the rice and the tortillas, but I agree, it sure is tasty.

The pinto beans no longer have pig.  Nationwide (USA) they are vegan.  

The burrito I get Nutrition facts:

Calories 705

Total fat : 16.5 

Sodium: 2195

Carbs: 122

Protein: 20.5

If I eat 25 bananas during the day and eat a burrito in the evening its still 80/10/10.  But yea its not something I want to do every day thats for sure..

I think whoever told you this was misinformed (I seriously hope!). Chipotle let it be widely known in Fall of 2013 that they changed the pinto beans to be vegan. http://consumerist.com/2013/09/23/chipotle-debuts-new-bacon-free-pi...

Yes Angelica, you are right. My boyfriend works at Chipotle and he is 150% sure that all beans are totally vegan. :)

I had it a couple of times this summer. White rice, black beans, triple letuce, guac and some pico. It's too salty for me now, and I have been told that they put ALOT of oil in their rice. :( No wonder it gave me headaches....

Chipotle sucks...

They add salt or something to their rice and beans...the homemade stuff doesn't make me feel as crappy as their stuff...

Plus they slaughter too many animals.

I might eat there again at some point...its just not a place I feel comfortable at....I take my friends and family to vegan restaurants...even when it means riding 50 miles on my bike when I'd rather be in bed sleeping....

I eat at home a lot. But people love coming over to eat with me because I'm always super "in my zone" when I bust the fruit out.

Yeah thats true very true. 



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