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Chest Pain - could it be artery clogging caused by high fat diet?

My husband woke me up in the middle of the night yesterday because he was having a severe sharp chest pain. This is not the first time. He has these pains occasionally. Mostly at night. Maybe once a month or once in several months.

He did go for a full check up some time ago and they didn't find anything wrong with him whatsoever.

He is 52. He was on a very clean vegan diet for many years with lots of raw fruits and vegetables, and he has been raw for almost a year now. He exercises on a regular basis.  However the fat content in his diet was pretty high, mostly coming from hemp seeds, nuts  and avocados. Recently he reduced the fat content, but I think that after all these years, it would take total elimination of all fat for several months for the blood to clear up.

If anyone has any thoughts or similar experiences, please share!

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It could quite well be a build up of fat. But if the pain is severe enough to wake him up, and he's worried enough to wake you up as well, then I'd call an ambulance the next time it happens. Other people on here might disagree, but I value my husband's health to much to 'just wait & see'. I know that you said that he went for a full check up & they didn't find anything wrong, but if you take him to the ER then they'll do a much more in-depth & thorough investigation. I really don't think a full check up is enough, chest pain (and ones as severe as it sounds like your husband's having) is serious. I'm not in any way saying that you're taking it lightly, but that's what I'd do, call an ambulance. Even if they prescribe medication, you don't have to get the prescription filled (I think that's the word), you can look more into changing lifestyle etc. Please let us know how things go. xx
i've experienced sharp chest pains that sound the same as yours.
i used to get them after eating a meal of hot chips!
so i put it down to fatty meals.
but after not eating food like that for over a year, and LFRV 100% for 3 months, i got a couple last week.
weird stuff hey.
i like the thought that it is just chest muscles cramping.
I've heard of people waking up with panic/anxiety attacks, they can mimic a heart attack. If he has some stress going on in his life, this is possible.
This happened to me last year and I thought I was having a heart attack.. Went to ER and got checked out and they said it was just anxiety. I was really stressed out, and unhealthy. Glad for it though because it spurred me back to a raw diet..
You know, generally you can't feel problems like arteries clogging, or even heart problems, which is why people never know they are at risk for a heart attack (without having a warning from the doctor). What it might be is that he's having some bad digestive problems and what he might be feeling is food coming out of the stomach with all of the acid, breaking through the lower esophageal sphincter and entering the esophagus. This causes chest pain and people commonly mistake it for heart problems. This is also known as "heart burn", although many people don't realize that this is what heart burn is, and it can actually be fairly painful. Fat, in general, is pretty difficult to break down, and it's not actually digested until it reaches the small intestine, so your husband may be having difficultly getting all that fat through the stomach, and it might be preventing the breakdown of other foods, causing it to come back up.

Just a thought.
Just a comment on heart burn. I know you (Yuliya Yakhontova)said he's been for a check up. Great. Everyone else. If you or anyone you know suffers from severe heartburn. Especially if you're passed the age of 40 (maybe 30 even these days)and it's strong enough to wake you up. THIS CAN BE HEART RELATED. I know this because I lost someone close to me down to coronary heart disease. Also I'm related to another person who almost lost their life to a heart attack. The second time he seeked help and they told him he had one before. They know because they found scarring on the heart. He didn't even know but he remembered a time of having severe heartburn. Story goes something like that. Doesn't really matter. Point is heartburn can be a serious symptom of a heart disease. Not always though of course. Make sure you know for sure what's causing it. Get checked out

20-30-40 years of eating animal products will do its damage and then going vegan and slapp'n in the fat sure wont help either..

Thats why we want to do the best in the present so we dont let our past catch up..

Id go get some check ups..hopefully they find something that gives hubby some extra motivation to keep it low fat, no oil, low sodium etc.

Ive got 4 mates age under 30 that were in the cycling scene and died from heart disease. Sad.
I just need to mention that my husband stopped eating meat when he was around 20 years old. Unfortunately he didn't give up cheese until he was 30. But still he is 52 now.

I do think that it might have smth to do with high fat raw vegan foods.

Does your husband snore?

Is he tired during the day?

Do you ever notice that he stops breathing in his sleep?

Does he dream regularly?

What is the circumference of his neck?

Some people who have obstructive sleep apnea will awake from their sleep with their heart pounding and/or racing, sometimes gasping for breath. Someone is trying to choke them to death in their sleep--it's the them. If you restrict one's airflow for 10, 20, 30 seconds or more, then the heart has to work harder. If there is a blockage in a vessel(s) then that can lead to angina (heart pain).

If the angina only occurs during his sleep, then maybe apnea is an issue.

If you have any further questions, please let me know.

Peace Be With You,

Friend's kid has sleep apnea, do you have advice about it? The mother is mostly organic 811 but cooks for the child.

What is causing the chest pains? To some tests and find out.


Ive had 4 cycling friends dead from heart attack and under age 35. All were ripped and lean. None ate healthy by our standards unfortunately.

Actually I have a great update for this post: my husband significantly reduced the fat content in his diet to probably well below 10% of his calories, eating mostly fruit, greens smoothies, and salads with no or little fat. Since then he never had a chest pain again - not even once. This of course gives him even greater motivation and confidence to keep it low fat. I am very grateful.



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