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Chest pain and tightness eating a bunch of fruit ... what do I do ???

Fellow Vegans,

I am 6 days into this lifestyle.  I love how clean I feel.  I don't have the energy that I read about but it may be because I don't sleep well ... I am sleeping better than before so I'm thinking and hoping it is the diet change and ALL the carbs.  This diet is a happy diet ... Fruit is happy food. That is why...

I am so discouraged that most every time I eat a bunch of fruit ... any kind ... whole, in smoothies and/or juiced ... mono or mixed ... I feel pain and tightness in my chest and it hurts from shoulder to shoulder.  I feel like if I could just take a deep enough breath to stretch it out it would go away but it doesn't.  It lasts about 30 minutes.  When it happens ... it is so uncomfortable and I feel like it is never going to stop.  I tried vegan in August of 2013 for two months and stopped because I wasn't eating enough but the fruit was giving me the same problem.

I drink 3-5 liters of water a day.  I have been eating at least 10 bananas and other fruits to equal 1500-2000+ cals/day until 4:00. I do 100 squats a day !!! I am 53 and I weigh about 50 kilos.  I eat cooked at night: potatoes, yams, squashes, cauliflower and lettuce greens  (1-2 heads/day).  I am definitely getting the calories in.  Veggies do not cause this reaction.  I don't know if this is some form of detox or if anyone has ever experienced this but please, if someone has any information on this or has experienced this symptom, I would appreciate your comments !!! Thanks !!!

I am not giving up.  I am eating the fruit even though I know it is going to make my chest hurt.  I might be insane but I just don't want to go back to the fat.

Love to all,


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Do you have anxiety attacks ever?

Sorry for getting to this sooooo late and thanks for asking.  No but I have experienced this all my life with fruit.  I have tried everything eating a little bit here and there but that doesn't serve the purpose for a mono meal !!!  My husband suggested that it acid indigestion but, with a gallon of water a day and nothing but raw24 and potatoes, or corn pasta at night, I don't see how it is possible.  I am ruling it out by using antiacids even though I don't want to.  Do you have any suggestion that are along the vegan line for to much acid ???

You can drink pure organic aloe vera juice. It is awesome at getting rid of acid indigestion!!! Drink two tablespoons before each meal. 

I will try that ... thanks :)  

Also, before I eat, I have to drink water 30 minutes prior otherwise everything just seems to stay in my esophagus. You might try that to see if it helps.

I am not getting any relief from this pain ... I don't know what to do.  It doesn't matter what kind of fruit I eat.  If i want to eat enough fruit to get the calories, I have to eat enough to sustain me and that is at least 7-10 bananas. I have tried eating 4-5 but then I when I layer the rest ... I get the pain in my chest from shoulder to shoulder and the back of my neck.  Could this be some form of indigestion?

Well ... I have been pain free from eating fruit for about three days.  I was really discouraged and quit because the pain was so bad and eating fruit seemed like torture when I knew it was going to hurt to eat it.

I rededicated myself about 4 weeks ago and was determined to overcome this problem.  I reduced the bananas by one until I got to an amount that didn't cause pain.  It was three which is hardly enough calories.  I have slowly increased it and can eat 5 or 6 without pain.  I am thinking it just takes time.  I hope it is working out for you.  Let me know.

By the way ... you are the only other person that has been able to identify with me on this.  I am wondering if it is an allergy to something in fruit like fructose?

It happens with strawberries, grapes, apples, bananas, pineapple, fruit smoothies.

I would recommend pacing yourself while eating.  Pulse instead of blending your smoothie to a liquid.  Allow enough chewing time for the amylase to aid in digesting instead of whopping all that sugar straight to your gut.  It may sound gross but I swish my nanner smoothies before swallowing because.  Basically, eat your smoothies.  The idea of a "meal" is a human invention so don't feel a need to get it all down in such a short time period.  If I eat watermelon too quick I get the chest/shoulder pain.  Word is some people have had success with eliminating the pain with chromium supps but I'm not saying to rush out and grab a year supply of the stuff. 

I used to, but wouldn't dare put 10 nanners in a smoothie.  It's way too much for me.  5 is about tops for me these days and I drink that really slow over the course of a half hour or so if I feel the need to.  If I have the whole shabang with nanners, berries, and coco water then I may even take longer to consume it.  I also take the rawtill4 approach and usually catch up on cals if necessary with cooked starches/veggies.  To be fair I believe all the years of eating junk has completely screwed my body's digestive system.  Even after a year of being nice to myself I still think I have room for improvement/recovery.  These kinds of lifestyle changes don't happen overnight for everyone.

Also, fructose malabsorption is recognized, but I don't see it as incurable.  Some of us may take longer to adjust, but in the end I'm not comparing myself to anyone.  If I'm happy and healthy then I'm not competing to eat more fruit than the next person...only what I need.

Thanks Matty ... 

I have often thought the pain was a reaction to the fructose because it is really the only thing that I have added to my diet.  I NEVER ate fruit before starting this diet.  I recall not liking to eat fruit as a child because it sometimes made me feel bad.
I have started eating in a way that makes me feel good.  I don't eat as much at time ... three bananas at first and now I can eat five.  I cut them up in to bite size pieces and eat them slowly.  I don't feel like I have failed if I don't eat as many calories as I should.  I am still in the learning curve.  If it's plant based, I can eat it and if it's not, I don't.  If I don't get 3000 calories ... I'm not going to die !!! I just have to lighten up and enjoy it !!!
I don't like going out to eat though. I have sat in a restaurant and watched my husband eat while I sipped on water and then ate when we got home.  Sometimes it's as late as 10:00pm but I will not cave.

Have a great day !!!
Sandra Mazy

Following up I wanted to say I was checking out a bottle of chromium at the stores yesterday, and it specifically is labeled as a glucose metabolizer.

Because I am not ever going to give up on this diet ...

I was researching this condition I have with pain in my chest after eating fruit and I found a video of a girl who has the same problem. She heard all the same things from people and doctors as I have.  But like me, didn't have enough of any of the symptoms to warrant the diagnoses.  

She discovered that eating greens before she eats fruit eliminates the pain.  Greens such as lettuce, celery, spinach, kale, etc.

I tried it this morning with about 4 leafs of Romaine and did not get the pain and tightness in my chest.  I even ate 8 bananas !!! Usually I get the pain with 5.  

She also mentioned that she has to mix the greens up like lettuce today, celery tomorrow and spinach the next day ... I have not gotten that far.  I will try lettuce until it doesn't work to see how long I have till I have to switch to another green veggie.  

It was awesome not having that horrible feeling this morning !!!  It's even better now because I know that I will eat my bananas and feel good afterward instead of dreading that pain and tightness !!!

Yay !!!



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