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If you haven't seen the documentary "What In The World Are They Spraying?" then please do. It is about Chemical Trails, namely aluminum, barium, and strontium being sprayed in the air by various governments for questionable reasons. This is extremely important to know! I think that it is also important that we keep our bodies clean and strong to help us resist the chemical pollution...as well as maybe move to cleaner countries or learn ways to protect ourselves.

Here's a link to the full-length documentary:


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In my opinion chemtrails is a HOAX.

Lots of good debunk links and comments here:


Hmmmm....oh boy. Thanks for this. I always love to read the research from conflicting sources. It makes me all the more able to make an informed decision.

Interesting article!   It's common knowledge here in St. Louis that the city was tested on in the 50s by airplane spraying of radioactive particles.  Incidentally my mother had to have her thyroid removed at the age of 18.



Here is a short list of other known U.S. government "testing" on citizens:

Yes, it is actually very easy to debunk anything if you use certain sources and emphasize on particular points. But once you compile all the available information, the truth becomes clear. That article did nothing for me because I have personal experience with chemtrails, know people who have had professions directly involving this issues (people who flew the aircrafts, worked for government agencies, journalists, etc.) Here in Santa Cruz, CA, people are well aware of this issues. My friends and I notice the chemtrails all the time. We are heavily sprayed here. I honestly believe that, because Santa Cruz is full of many "awake" people who are activists and see beyond corruption, we are being sprayed to death to dumb us down. Also because we are a concentrated population of independent farmers, organic farmers, permaculturists, "live off the land-ers" and of course this is a threat to big business. But then again, I can believe some pretty far out things. It's not hard to put two and two together. 

You're right, Peter. There is A TON of UNDISPUTABLE and primary information regarding spraying of aluminum, barium, and strontium, or the dreaded term "Chemtrails."

Los Angeles is heavily sprayed too : (

You are absolutely right!

Hey Peter,

I did a bit of research on the chemtrails subject and came to the conclusion that it's nothing more than a conspiracy theory.

I'm not saying you should all come to the same conclusion though.. everyone can research it and decide for themselves..

Now I'm not saying that they never sprayed anything or never will for weather control or whatever reason.. they did spray some stuff before to experiment as you said it's not like it was a secret..  but it's quite silly to call the everyday condense marks (contrails) on the sky chemtails..

Contrails are easily distinguishable from chemtrails. Contrails disappear and do not spread out. I am well aware of the difference when I look up at a plane in the sky. Also, chemtrails are usually found very early in the morning, when the spraying is typically done (or at night, but you can't see them being made at night). Also, chemtrails have distinct patterns that don't behave like particles of vapor. They spread and remain in the air all day. I look up and see them all the time, lingering. 

the way contrails spread, and how long they persist is dependent on weather conditions like humidity, temperature, and pressure.  Regular contrails most certainly do persist for a very long time sometimes, and even seed clouds when weather conditions are right.  I'm not passing judgment on whether chemtrails exist or not, but calling something a chemtrail just because it persists is very misguided.

Can contrails also spread out over a period of hours, depending on weather conditions?

Yup.  That's exactly what they do.  It's a process very similar to seeding clouds, as the tiny ice particles created by the contrail cause the water vapor naturally existing in the air to crystallize.  In essence, when you see a big spread out contrail that has been hanging out for a long time, you're seeing a new cloud that has formed around the original contrail, which has formed in the shape of a "widened" contrail.

INTERESTING. Thanks for this information. I'm glad to learn from friends. 



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