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Meet roger haeske. long time 100% raw vegan and low fat advocate.

check out his youtube vid with his anti aging secrets...

harley said roger is a single man and looking for that special raw vegan gal..

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Wow this is great Rog, I would really love to look into this more. It really vibes with my own journey

Which is simply chanting a highly charged spiritual word. Also simply knowing for sure that you are a spiritual being I think could help. Makes one realize that you are truly immortal and that there's really very little to worry about in life.

When you live and radiate in God's love and beauty, then I think it naturally tends to keep you young. The body loves joy and that vibration can only be good.

...this is beautiful thankyou Rog.

Isn't it amazing what enters our awareness when we are open to receive?

Thanks for sharing.
I love to share Freelea. I'll be interested to see what you think about the book and about what you read. Unfortunately it doesn't give too much in the way of detail of what to do.

For that I think we need to look mostly elsewhere. But the book is inspiring.


I just finished last night rereading "Autobiography of a Yogi" through for the second time. The first time I read it was as an actual physical book from the library at least 10 years ago. Actually probably around the time I first started going raw. This online version is the original version which hasn't been altered by other authors.

I have a friend of mine who is in communication with Babaji daily. This friend has really developed his spiritual vision and senses. He now makes his living teaching people how to develop themselves energetically. Just to give you an idea, whenever I talk or even think about him, he knows it.

That means he knows that I'm typing this right now. I don't know if he knows exactly what I'm thinking and writing. It seems from my discussions with him that he has at least a general idea of what is going on in the discussion or thinking. Fascinating what we are capable of.

He also says that Babaji is the reincarnation of Lord Krishna. I have no idea if this is common knowledge or not. Nor whether or not it is true.

In case anyone hasn't figured it out, here's a link to the table of contents of the online version of the book.


Also do me a favor and take a look or gaze at this illustration of Babaji.

If you take your time and look as if you're trying to communicate with him you may feel his incredibly powerful spiritual presence. It doesn't happen to me every time. But when it does it can be quite overpowering. Like looking at God.

Once I went to my friends house and saw a drawing of Krishna and another person. I didn't know who it was at first. Then my friend casually said that I should recognize my old friend or something along those lines regarding the drawing.

When I looked back at the picture the second time it was blowing me away with it's vibrations. I couldn't believe how powerful it was. And it was only toward the person in the drawing who was Krishna.

I don't know if I felt this way from psychological influence (self-fulfilling prophecy) or if it was some form of communication or awareness of the saint. Yet my friend didn't tell me who that person was or what to expect. I'm not too visual in my spiritual awareness. But I can feel energies fairly well.

In any case, I'm now fascinated by this information due to my relationship with this new friend of mine. According to him we are not new friends at all. He recognizes many people and long time friends from past lives. He also remembers much about those past lives.

He tells me that I had actually immortalized my physical body in previous incarnations amongst many other spiritual skills. Unfortunately I haven't verified this myself in my own memories. But I tend to believe it for reasons I can't get into here in public.

So of course, since I tend to believe this and since I've been into anti-aging since I've been a teenager, I'm looking into ways to infuse my consciousness and atoms with the light and love of the Divine. I don't just want to look young and be healthy throughout my life, I want to be in absolute control of every atom of my being. Of course, this is much more than just about anti-aging but a spiritual quest and mission at the same time.

I am however far from the point of immortalizing my body just yet. Or at least it appears that way to me. Maybe someday I'll just remember how I did it in the past. :-)

Cheers, Roger
Regarding immortality & a whole lot more, check out something called Merkaba meditation -extremely powerful & life changing! Also the books: "The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life", by Drunvalo Mechizedek.
Thanks for the compliment Rawgreengoddess. You make me blush.


Wow Roger! You look awesome! Very inspirational! Thanks so much for sharing. It is true, staying raw and on mostly fruit is so amazing for staying young. The other night I had a young man in his early twenties hitting on me and refusing to believe that I am 39! I had to pull out my ID to prove it to him. He thought I was no more than 25 years old, tops. It was so flattering. :-)

I totally agree with you about the importance of inner work and spirituality too!

I'm going to check out your fitness program. I'm interested in adding more muscle.


Hi Audrey,

That's a great story. Hopefully you'll have many more such similar stories of your perpetual youth. I think many of us are having these kinds of experiences who eat raw and are into it for health and fitness as well.

Cheers, Roger

Sure genetics are a big factor. But it doesn't explain why I looked even younger and better when I went raw. First time I went raw I noticed that all of my skin got tighter. It was a whole body facelift so to speak. That was after only 3 days of eating fruit.

But without question I've noticed that most of the raw foodists I know tend to look quite young for their age. Especially the ones who are physically active and doing a low fat raw type of diet.

Cheers, Roger
good to see roger on board.
another example that fruit helps make us fit rather than fat.
another example that hard efforts produce hard results.

i recomend rogers programs.
But Harley, eating fruit is effortless hee-hee! :)))
Thanks Harley,

I really appreciate it and your invites to come and join you in your community of raw friends.

Keep on being yourself and spreading the raw truth with your blunt boldness.


Good to see you here, Roger, thanks for the inspiration! All the best in your teachings to the world, I hope you will inspire many more people.

I too feel like a teenager! And I can't live without fruit, I love it too much.

I will check our your exercise program, I am back to exercising after my long recovery from back injury (and going with it emotional meltdown), I subscribed to your emails for that purpose.

I like your thoughts on spirituality. Perhaps the top secret number zero is having an open third eye? I had some powerful experiences after being hugged by Amma (Mata Amritanandamayi), I asked her for a mantra and also for a new spiritual name.

sweet fruity regards,



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