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I'm not saying that you are wrong about the vegan stuff. I've been vegan for over a year  , but I am starting to not care if I am healthy or not. it's too exhausting. I ate 8 apples for breakfast and it's just not fun anymore. Do you ever feel the need to indulge your self on dairy products or cheese?

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What about refined carbs,  like table sugar? Are those the same as fruit?

Hi Zachary!

If you're not enjoying this diet you are probably seriously undercarbed. 8 apples isn't enough calories to make a meal, especially for breakfast which should be the biggest meal of the day. Add more dense fruits to your diet like bananas and dates, and make sure you're well hydrated and getting enough sleep too. This should give you more energy and get you back on track with this lifestyle.

Dairy products aren't something to 'indulge in' as eating these products is both bad for the health and of course harmful to animals.

All the best,


I'd be lying if I said that some animal products still didn't hold appeal for me (mentally or especially if it grabs my nose).  

But that's one big reason I've found it useful to cultivate knowledge of veganism benefits both for my own personal health, that of our animal friends and that of the planet.  While any one of these mindsets alone are useful, combined they support a far stronger position for me to stay true to my convictions.

Some sources that have proved most helpful to me include:


www.earthlings.com (a free movie)

Also, in case you haven't seen it before, here's the "why" reasoning as to why 30B does not support the consumption of animal products in any form:


Finally, Zachary, I encourage you to look for some variety in your diet.  Personally, I'm not a fan of apples most of the time.  I'd get tired of them real quick.  Perhaps you love them.  But even the tastiest fruity treat can get stale over time.  Shake it up with different types and combinations.  Even those that don't turn out quite right will still stoke your creative juices.

So...after reading what you wrote, I thought, hey a free movie, sounds cool.

So I clicked the link for Earthlings. Then I saw it was narrated by Joaquin Phoenix so I thought : great !

Then I watched the movie...and I'm still in shock.

I mean, I watched other videos before. I thought I knew. But I really didn't.

I still can't really assimilate it all. So much pain, suffering, torture, horror, fear and death. It's completely insane. We live in a scary world.

Anyway, thanks for the link. It was a shock, and I didn't believe it would, but it has opened my eyes even more.

And to answer the original question : do I ever think of cheating ? No. I haven't been a vegan for very long (5 months), but I'm not ever going back. Especially not afterwatching Earthlings.

agree with windlord apples do not work for me as they are hopeless in terms of calories .
tropical fruits work best such as the organic ripe banana.
this diet is not for everyone only those who want fantastic health

Do you have to be healthy to be happy? And has anyone heard of CapriSun fruit juice blend?( It's made with table sugar,  and fruit "concentrates")

There needs to a balance. In a world where everyone is fighting you  to be paleo  ( the majority of people aren't vegan ) , it's like  a constant battle. How do you deal with that ***** manee?

You carb up dude!!! :D

SAD isn't paleo. McD isn't paleo, Oreos aren't either paleo or healthy vegan (they're vegan)

They are not vegan in the UK (oreos)!

I never feel the need to indulge on non-vegan foods, but I do have the urge to indulge. Lucky for us there are so many yummy vegan foods out there that there’s no need to eat dairy products or cheese.

I understand what you are saying, humans need variety in their diet. I think this need helps us get a good variety of vitamins and minerals.

You can only eat 8 Apples a meal for so long.  Just try something new and different there's a whole world of yummy fresh juicy plant based foods out there... many 1000's of them.

I never ever feel the need to eat animal products . I realize that even if I ever ate animal products again as a 'cheat' - 1. I would not be a vegan. 2. I would be putting my pleasure as something more important than the unnecessary suffering of other sentient beings (which is not cool!).
And I agree with some other posters saying that you are undercarbed - eat some bananas, dates, oranges, pineapple, any other fruit ! Or you could eat those 8 apples with some dates made into a 'caramel sauce' !! If it's not fun anymore try and put the fun back in ! Think of how you could make your food more interesting to you.
I recommend watching some of Kristina Carillo-Bucaram's videos, she always makes things fun :)

Peace and Love ! <3



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