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Just curious where one could live cheaply and be HCRV?

This is just a day-dreaming post, as I don't think I could ever get my husband to live HCRV or move out of the country anywhere 'hot'.

But, if it were my wildest dreams coming true, and I could live simply on a HCRV diet, where could that be?

I'd want to be safe (no civil unrest or where Christianity is outlawed), cheaply meet my basic needs (shelter, clothing, etc.), accessible and cheap fruit, and I can find employment enough to meet these needs.

Just thinking! Thanks for all responses!

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Singapore is a great place!

Mercer's cost of living survey in 2011 showed Singapore moved up three ranks to become the 8th most expensive city in the world, for expatriates.

So, that seems out of the question.

But, thanks for your input!

The lower south of the United States, think Missouri, Arkansas, and Texas region, is one of the cheapest in the USA, warmest, and very temperate for growing a variety of fruits. 

South American has some good places like Brazil.  Chile is good, but that is starting to get more into a cold region again. 

Some of our members have enjoyed Tawain.  Rural India may have some cheap places to live. India is very hot in the summer time!

What some people have to consider is getting along in another culture.  The safe touristy places tend to be more expensive.  In the rural places, foreigners may not necessarily be welcome or safe.

The Philippines may be a hot and cheap place to live too.

Peace, PK


Thanks for your suggestions. In fact, I live in Texas. It is pretty cheap where I live now, I'll have to admit. But, living in a big city like Houston was NOT cheap.

However, I am truly thinking of an even simpler life. I heard Brazil was pretty inexpensive, but I'm getting mixed reports of safety. I've read that Sri Lanka is pretty cheap and very friendly...Land of Smiles! I might have to travel there soon to find out! Thailand is also a very friendly place and pretty cheap. But, I haven't read about the availability of fruit...I'm gonna keep checking.

Thanks again,


think chod buri thailand is one of the most fruity places in the world, I'm thinking about that or hawaii long term, not a lot of sun or good quality fruit here in Norway unfortunately.

Thanks Brian. I saw a video recently by DR about Chod Buri Thailand and it looks pretty cool. I know what you mean about good quality fruit availability. If I drove 2 hours, I could get some great options. But, I can't. I take what I can get locally.

You are welcome Rachel.

My Mom and My Aunt relocated to Missouri and  they each found 5 acre lots in the country that were only around 25k each.   My Mom's lot had a small cottage type of house and some out buildings, and city water, but she needs a septic system. 

My Aunt is building up from scratch.  I will share my Aunt's link.  I think I have seen a few members think they have to do something like uproot and move across the world and or to the tropics to live a frugal fruity lifestyle, but do not realize what they have in their own back yard so to speak.  A few of them have run out of money and or got homesick and had to return and start over.  I think in some cases, having family and friendship ties can be just as healthy as moving to a place where tropical fruit grows. 

Here is the discussion and it starts on page four and finishes on page four of this I think:


Anyways, these are just thoughts, and ultimately, the decision is up to you and you have to do what is best in your situation. 

Peace, PK

Thanks PK.

That is a great link. I dream of such an adventure. In fact, I do believe my husband would be more willing to do something like that than move to Thailand. (At least from what I've learned from our Zombie Apocalypse discussions.) I wanna walk the walk. So, this would definitely fit into my idea of doing so.

I'm bookmarking that link!


I vote for the Philippines. Very safe, friendly people who almost all speak english and love America, the Philippines was owned by America until the 1940's so their culture is very similar to ours. Fruit is fantastic, including durian August-September and everything is very cheap - we rented a room for $40/month.

I have been considering Thailand or Indonesia. I've heard that you can rent a house for $300-$500 USD per month. And, lots of fruit of course!

I thought everyone knew already it is Chanthaburi,Thailand. Check out Harley's videos.



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